Emily of New Moon

1998, TV Show

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Latest Episode: The Sound of Silence

Apr 19, 1998 Season 1 Episode 13 watch on (Paid)

Aunt Elizabeth find Emily's treasured 'Letter Bills' hidden in the attic. Laura announces her engagement to the rest of New Moon.

A Winter's Tale

Apr 12, 1998 Season 1 Episode 12

When a raccoon savages Emily's cat Pandora, Aunt Laura takes the cat to Dr. Burnley where they share a bitter-sweet moment. When Ian Bowles asks Laura to marry him, she says yes, but not with her whole heart.
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A Child Shall Lead Them

Apr 12, 1998 Season 1 Episode 11

Emily decides to find out the truth about Ilse's mother. Cousin Jimmy and Perry, along with Ilse, break into a warehouse trying to find out if she sailed away or stayed in Blair Water. During a faver the truth is finally reveled.
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The Ghost of Whyther Grange

Apr 05, 1998 Season 1 Episode 10

Ilse wants to learn about her mother because her father never talks about her. Emily feels sympathy for her and wants to help find some information. While visiting her Great Aunts they tell her what has happened to Ilse's mother.
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The Wild Rover

Mar 29, 1998 Season 1 Episode 9

Miss Brownell leaves her post as teacher and marries the school inspector. Mr. Carpenter, her replacement, encourages the children to find their talents. The only problem is he drinks and has to get clean for his final evaluation.
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The Tale of Duncan McHugh

Mar 22, 1998 Season 1 Episode 8

Young Duncan McHugh blames himself for his mother's poverty and depression. After an embarrassing incident at school, Emily befriends Duncan and brings him to New Moon, but Aunt Elizabeth finds out who he is sends him packing.
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Falling Angels

Mar 15, 1998 Season 1 Episode 7

Oliver, Emily's cousin, announces that New Moon belongs to his father. His girlfriend Maida is pregnant and destitute. After Maida has her baby in the Disappointed House, she leaves and Oliver takes responsibility for his child.
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The Enchanted Doll

Mar 08, 1998 Season 1 Episode 6

While searching through the attic Emily comes across her mother's doll and Aunt Laura restores it for her. Aunt Laura meets Ian Bowles and falls in love with him...until she finds out the truth which sends her back home in tears.
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Paradise Lost

Feb 01, 1998 Season 1 Episode 5

Emily and Ilse are curious about Lofty John and go searching on his property to find out more. After catching Emily he forces her to eat a 'poison' apple. Despite trying her best to be brave she prays to her father in heaven.
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The Disappointed House

Jan 25, 1998 Season 1 Episode 4

Emily discovers the "Disappointed House". A carpenter was building it for his wife-to-be when she called off the wedding just days prior. Both now dead, Emily must help the ghosts to see the truth so they can be together.
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The Book of Yesterday

Jan 18, 1998 Season 1 Episode 3

Emily is horrified when Aunt Elizabeth informs her that she must attend school. After a first day of being teased by the other students and meeting the mean teacher Miss Brownell, she meets Ilse Burnley and they become friends.
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Storms of the Heart

Jan 11, 1998 Season 1 Episode 2

At New Moon, Aunt Elizabeth forbids Emily to read or write fiction. Pandora, Emily's cat, is left on the side of the road by Aunt Elizabeth. After finding some old 'Letter Bills', Emily uses them to write letters to her father.
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Eye of Heaven

Jan 04, 1998 Season 1 Episode 1

When her father dies leaving Emily all alone, she has to be raised by one of her relatives who resort to drawing lots to see who will have to raise her. Aunt Elizabeth is drawn and Emily is sent to live with her at New Moon.
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