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Latest Episode: Emergency!: Season 6: An Ounce of Prevention

Jan 15, 1977 Season 6 Episode 12 watch on (Subscription)

John and Roy appear on television to discuss fire prevention and wind up in the midst of an on-camera medical emergency. Meanwhile, rescue workers attempt to scale a stalled Ferris wheel to save a heart-attack victim.

Emergency!: Season 5: The Tycoons

Jan 24, 1976 Season 5 Episode 17

John wants to use a hot dog stand near the station to get rich. But his dreams of becoming a fast food tycoon hinge on Roy's willingness to participate in his entrepreneurial scheme. Elsewhere, a lawn mower injures its owner.
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Emergency!: Season 5: The Great Crash Diet

Jan 17, 1976 Season 5 Episode 16

While conducting a fire inspection, John and Roy rescue a scuba diver from a fish tank. Meanwhile, Captain Stanley is nearly electrocuted while working near a downed power line, and Chet is obsessed with a nutritionist.
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Emergency!: Season 5: Right at Home

Dec 20, 1975 Season 5 Episode 14

When the paramedics rescue a father and son trapped in a canyon while camping, Roy opens his home to the child, leading to unexpected consequences. Elsewhere, Dr. Early treats a patient with spinal meningitis.
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Emergency!: Season 5: On Camera

Nov 29, 1975 Season 5 Episode 11

A filmmaking team composed of a television news journalist and a cameraman who served in Vietnam shoots documentary footage of John and Roy on the job. The lens follows Squad 51 on missions to help a stuntman and a man pinned below a fuel truck.
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Emergency!: Season 5: Tee Vee

Nov 22, 1975 Season 5 Episode 10

John and Chet demolish Station 51's television. But the paramedics' busy day also involves visiting a man who glued his eyes closed by mistake and rescuing victims of a gas explosion. Back at the hospital, Dr. Brackett is swamped.
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Emergency!: Season 5: One of Those Days

Nov 15, 1975 Season 5 Episode 9

The paramedics respond to an emergency call that leads them to a puzzling scene with two wrecked vehicles but no drivers. They also help a man who slips in the bathtub; a child trapped by a fire; and a drunk.
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Emergency!: Season 5: The Indirect Method

Oct 18, 1975 Season 5 Episode 6

John and Roy meet a paramedic trainee with a chip on her shoulder, much to their distaste. Later on, a suicidal man attempts to kill himself using gas but changes his mind halfway through the procedure.
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Emergency!: Season 5: The Inspection

Oct 11, 1975 Season 5 Episode 5

The wife of a man who received a heart transplant is convinced he doesn't love her anymore. Elsewhere, a parachutist misjudges his landing and ends up hanging from a radio tower, and Squad 51 prepares for a visit from the battalion chief.
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Emergency!: Season 5: Equipment

Oct 04, 1975 Season 5 Episode 4

John puts in overtime at Squad 8 but discovers that the fire captain doesn't have enough equipment, making it impossible to reach every victim in need. Back at Squad 51, Roy responds to an emergency in a fireworks factory.
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Emergency!: Season 5: Election

Sep 27, 1975 Season 5 Episode 3

The plaster cast a sculptress is using on one of her models dries much too quickly and traps the model inside. The bizarre accident would be business as usual for Squad 51 -- except that John and Roy are also up for election to a welfare committee.
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Emergency!: Season 5: The Old Engine Cram

Sep 20, 1975 Season 5 Episode 2

While John and Roy wait to hear whether a buyer is interested in a vintage fire engine they refurbished, Squad 51 rescues a man who fell off a cliff in Catalina Island. Back at the hospital, a mother pesters Dr. Morton to fill out a prescription.
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Emergency!: Season 5: The Stewardess

Sep 13, 1975 Season 5 Episode 1

John gets a chance to impress a lovely stewardess when a passenger on his flight has a heart attack and requires emergency aid. On the ground, the paramedics respond to a critical call involving a chemical fire.
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