Emergency Vets Episodes

1998, TV Show

Episodes: Emergency Vets (121)

11/16/2005: Into the Swim; Preston Stubbs DVM
7/10/2004: Most Unusual Cases
1/5/2004: Good Samaritans Help Strays
1/3/2004: Rottweiler Hit by Car; Australian Shepherd Swallows Fishing Line
12/30/2003: Airedale Terrier; Great Dane in Pain
12/18/2002: After Hours
12/18/2001: Not a Leg to Stand On
11/24/2001: Fitz's Date
11/24/2001: When Pugs Fly
9/3/2001: Happy Feet
9/3/2001: Puppy, Interrupted
9/1/2001: Tristan the Night Away
8/18/2001: Deux at the Zoo/Not a Leg to Stand On
8/11/2001: Abby & Neil
7/28/2001: New Yorkie State of Mind
7/21/2001: Blind Man's Bluff
7/14/2001: Preston Stubbs DVM
7/7/2001: Teamwork
6/30/2001: Into the Swim
3/7/2001: There They Go
2/7/2001: A Boxer & a Fighter
1/31/2001: Stray Cat with Lockjaw Rescued, Iguana Liver, Prescription Pets
1/17/2001: Fitz's Gallbladder
1/16/2001: Road Warriors
1/16/2001: Saving Missy
1/12/2001: Holly's Triple Bypass
1/12/2001: Pick Your Poison
1/11/2001: Look Before You Leap
1/11/2001: Mommy Dearest
1/8/2001: Mr. Fancy Pants
1/4/2001: The Healer's Heeler
1/2/2001: Shiri's Assignment
12/13/2000: Fetch
12/8/2000: Elderly Greyhound Put Down, Puppy Heart Murmur, Cornea Surgery, Turtle
12/6/2000: Fitz's Anniversary
12/4/2000: GDV Case Dies, Terrier Swallows Ball, Owner Hits Dog with Car, Toad
12/2/2000: Valedictorian
9/13/2000: Locks of Love
9/6/2000: Frankenkitty
8/16/2000: Adipsy Doodle
8/9/2000: Battle Scars
8/2/2000: Food Chain
7/19/2000: Disappearing Act
7/12/2000: Rocky & Carrie
7/5/2000: Time Bomb
6/28/2000: Self-Serve Window
5/17/2000: Outward Bound
5/10/2000: The Crusher
5/8/2000: Snake Has Broken Heart; Puppy Sleeps Too Much
2/28/2000: Lhaso Apso Ipso Facto
2/19/2000: Unexpected Twists
2/15/2000: Passing the Torch
2/9/2000: Victory Lap
2/2/2000: The Premiere
1/21/2000: Fast Friends
1/19/2000: Bellyaches
1/18/2000: Knocked Senseless
12/11/1999: Racing Home
12/10/1999: Repeat Customer
12/9/1999: Peycke's Peak
10/30/1999: Mother's Day
10/29/1999: Trevor's Crisis
10/13/1999: A Hero's Welcome
9/25/1999: Doctor's Orders
9/24/1999: Prairie Wind
9/23/1999: Resisting Arrest
9/22/1999: Life Sentence
9/21/1999: A Wing and a Prayer
9/18/1999: Iron Bonds
9/17/1999: Painful Lessons
9/16/1999: Partial Victories
9/15/1999: Thunderbolts
9/14/1999: Tough Decisions
9/11/1999: Race Against Time
9/11/1999: Perfectly Imperfect
9/6/1999: Two Hip to Ignore
1/2/1999: The Bon Appetit Episode
Poodle with Collapsed Trachea, Pig Tooth Abscess, Rat Nail Trim, Snake Bite
Hip Dysplasia, Family Dog Turns Violent, Cat Tortured During Break In
Twisted Stomach, Pregnant Lab Poisoned, Pig Pedicure
Pekinese Falls off Roof, Pet Rat with Lymph Cancer, Dog with Whiplash
Lab Hit by Train, Dog Paralyzed, Husky Hit by Car, Hedgehog Manicure
Miracles Happen
New Intern Grads Arrive, Poodle with Bloat Dies, GDV
Alpha Wolf Loses a Leg, Dog, Cat Tortoise
Dog Bladder Rupture, Siamese Blood Clot, Cop Dog Training
Dog Poisoned by Antifreeze, Sharpei Goes Violent
Elderly Collie, Puppy Eats Chocolate, Dog Shot by Police
Sport Needs Pelvic Surgery, Dalton the Dane Dies
A Stone's Throw
Estrada's Storm
Great Lengths
The Doctor's Doctor
Helping Hands
The Initiation
New Tricks
Perils of Puppyhood
The Janice Episode
Profile of Dr. Taylor, Puppy Swallows Fish Hook, Dane with Diabetes
Rottweiler Lung Cancer, Pekapoo Hit by Car, Turtle Jaw, Lizard
Retriever Heart Attack, Puppy with Liver Disease, Dog Eats Sock
Terrier Concussion, Husky Has Cancer, Bird Rescuer
Terrier's Eyeball Out of Socket, Overgrown Turtle Jaw
The Quick and the Dead
Crime & Punishment
Changing of the Guard
Chance Encounters
The Alternative Episode
Mama's Girl
The Classified Episode
Maltese, Shepard, Python, Cat Swallows Nickel
Pekinese Hit-n-Run, Obese Basset Hound
The Jensen Episode
A Waiting Game
Rottweiler Stabbed by Owner, Deaf Puppy, Dog Eats Artichoke
Sharpei Hit by Car, Doberman with Advanced Cancer
Running on Empty
Petersen's Day
Skin & Bones
Attitude Adjustment
Stray Cat with Compound Fractures, Stray Dog Hit by Two Cars

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Premiered: August 01, 1998, on Animal Planet
Rating: TV-PG
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Premise: Observing staffers at Denver's Alameda East Veterinary Hospital.


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