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Ellen Pays Tribute to Heath Ledger

After learning about the untimely death of Heath Ledger just hours before taping of her Wednesday show, Ellen DeGeneres decided to pay tribute to the Oscar nominee in the last few minutes of the episode. After a few touching words about Ledger, she proceeded to show Ledger’s humorous side with a clip from when the actor visited her show in 2006. Rather than a typical Q & A, they did a skit where Ellen and Ledger showed their amazing bob-sledding skills (in front of a green screen that is!). Watch it now! | More online videos read more

Dark Knight Trailer & Ellen Demonstrates Doggie-Style

The Dark Knight TrailerOne of the most anticipated movies of the year has finally released a decent-length trailer — and what a trailer it is. In the latest installment of the Batman franchise, Christian Bale is back as the Caped Crusader. And as for the bad guy? The new Joker is played by none other than heartthrob Heath Ledger (who does the laugh so well it’s just plain scary). Rumor is there’s a whole mess of upgrades in the works, including a new and improved Batsuit, Batpod and some IMAX-filmed scenes thrown in for good times. How good does this movie look?! More online videosCarmen Electra Teaches Ellen Doggie-styleNever thought you’d see the day when someone could actually make talk-show host Ellen blush? On a recent appearance on Ellen, super-sexy Carmen Electra taught Ellen a few sexy moves for between the sheets — for workout purposes, of course. The two got down on all fours to work up a sweat — Electra in her leopard-print vixen bed and Elle... read more

Tina Fey in Playboy, Bush on Ellen & More!

Tina Fey doesn't hold back for Playboy.

Tina Fey Does PlayboySettle down, it’s not what you think. Yes, the 30 Rock star will be in January’s issue of the risqué magazine, but the most this gal is taking off for the cameras is her glasses. In her sharp-tongued interview, Fey didn't hold back about her show and her fellow celebs — she even called Paris a “terrible role model” and “terrible young woman.” Wow, no mercy! Watch it now! | More online videosJenna Bush Calls Daddy on EllenOh, Dubya, you never cease to entertain us (and the same goes for his family). In a recent interview on the Ellen show, Jenna Bush proved to the host that her dad is always a mere phone call away for her — by calling him live on national television, that is! As much as Jenna thought she would be in deep doo-doo for this little stunt, Papa Bush seemed thrilled to hear from his little girl. Aw.More online videosThe Devastation Continues on Grey’s Between the deadly ambulance crash and the patient... read more

Ellen Apologizes to Bachelor

After blatantly calling this season's Bachelor, Brad Womack, a jerk and commitmentphobe on her show because he chose none of the bachelorettes, Ellen decided to invite the reality star as a guest not only to apologize for her "jerk" tangent (and being a little too emotionally involved in a stranger's life), but to let him explain his side of the story. What do you guys think about Brad's decision to remain solo after stringing along dozens of ladies? read more

Kellie Pickler, Paris & More!

Pickler: "But like...I thought Europe was a country."

Is Kellie Pickler Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?Unless she's really good playing dumb, we're gonna have to say no, she's not. In a recent appearance on the hit game show, the country singer was asked what European country Budapest was capital of (which, mind you, left her baffled, considering she thought Europe was a country). When she found out the correct answer, she didn't even, like, know Hungary was a country. Turkey she's heard of, but Hungary, not so much. Good thing for her charity, she trusted her fifth-grade teammate.Watch it now!Paris Hilton Wants to be a Mommy?During a recent one-on-one interview with Ellen, Paris Hilton revealed her secret desire on national television. And what could the girl with everything under the sun possibly want? Try a baby! Now that BFF Nicole Richie is ready to pop, the heiress wants a little nugget of her own. Watch it now!Chris Brown's New Music VideoHe's been the talk of the town with his sick dance moves that give even old pros like JT a run... read more

What kind of chance do you ...

Question: What kind of chance do you think the CW's Reaper has to survive? I really loved the pilot. It was clever and witty, and I found myself laughing out loud more than a few times. And I adore Ray Wise. Kudos to the casting director on that one. Last time I saw him, he was an expensive attorney helping Brenda out on The Closer. He was wickedly charming in that role, too. I'm just thinking about my beloved Veronica Mars, which was also clever and witty, with awesome casting, but sadly could not grab enough viewers. I hope the same doesn't happen to Reaper. Answer: As I suggested in the earlier answer to the Gossip Girl question, I'm reasonably confident the CW will give Reaper and the other promising newbies a fair chance to catch on. The network rarely gets reviews as positive as those for Reaper. And while I felt the second episode was a lot more sluggish, there was still enough fun in the premise and in the characters (especially Tyler Labine's Sock and Ray Wise's devil, wondering ... read more

Bob Barker: The Attitude Is Right

Bob Barker by Gregg DeGuire/WireImage.com

What becomes a living legend most? Modesty, grace and good humor. Such were the virtues on display throughout Bob Barker’s official last day (and night)on Friday as a revered, iconic game-show host.It started with his last-ever day hosting CBS’ The Price Is Right after 35 years, capping a 50-year career in broadcasting. (I remember growing up watching him on the slapstick game show Truth or Consequences before he landed the Price gig.) Despite the confetti, the standing ovations, and the prime-time replay just before the Daytime Emmys telecast (where he also cleaned up), it was mostly just another hour of Price Is Right merriment, albeit with the audience frenzy a bit more amped up given the nature of the day — and the fact that many audience members had camped out for days to be there (including the worshipful Patrick, who “came on down” as the show began but didn’t make it up on stage until the very last game).Bob Barker, ever the pro, wasted no time... read more

Mighty Mouth Leaves The View

The View by Heidi Gutman/ABC

The View is going to miss Rosie O’Donnell a lot more than I will. That's a minority viewpoint in this office and elsewhere, I’m sure, although there’s no question she is a polarizing figure for many: personally and politically, she’s all about ruffling feathers. This can make for good, or at least provocative, TV, which is why The View will miss her... a point made quite clear Wednesday morning, when Rosie announced she wasn’t able to work out a deal with ABC Daytime to continue beyond her one-year contract negotiations that Barbara Walters pointedly insisted did not not involve her; “This was not my doing and not my choice,” she said.Rosie tried to cushion the blow right off the bat, upon reflecting on the “breaking news” (as she put it ironically) by saying her association with The View is not altogether over. She promises to continue to guest-host, to do hourlong specials on issues that matter to her, and otherwise remain a part of the... read more

October 19, 2006: Oh, the Guilt

As the episode's title hinted, overcoming guilt was certainly the ongoing theme tonight. The person most affected by her surrounding friends and fellow doctors was Izzie. My favorite two "Izzie influencers" were Burke and Webber. They both FTF'd her (Friends Tell Friends) — first Burke told her: "You quit. You quit being a surgeon. You have two good hands and you aren't using them. Feel guilty about that." And then I thought it was quite effective when Webber, trying to make Izzie feel better about the Denny incident, told her that way back when he was an intern, he too made a fatal mistake. But he stayed and he worked and he never made that mistake again: "Every day I get to save lives." Excitingly watching Cristina do the running whip stitch on a heart was the other turning point for Izzie. If only she'd frickin' deposit that $8,700,000 check! Cute and quick George-Meredith moment by the refrigerator at the end, by the way. (If you blinked, you might've missed Meredith go to ... read more

In Justice Star to Keep Entourage?

Constance Zimmer, In Justice

Constance Zimmer has played the hippest nun we've ever seen (on Joan of Arcadia) and has held her own when trading caustic barbs with Jeremy Piven on Entourage. So who better to fight the good fight in getting wrongfully incarcerated folk out of the clink on ABC's In Justice (Fridays at 10 pm/ET)? The Queen of Acerbic (our words) postponed her lunch date with a bowl of Peanut Butter Puffins long enough to speak with TVGuide.com about her wide and wild array of roles. TVGuide.com: As I said to your cast mate Jason O'Mara a few weeks ago, I love In Justice and& read more

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