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I like Eli Stone, both the ...

Question: I like Eli Stone, both the character and the actor (Jonny Lee Miller) who portrays him. I also enjoy his interactions with his acupuncturist and his boss. However, unlike some, I am beginning to find the musical interludes annoying. Last episode, I fast-forwarded through them without losing anything of substance. I also grow weary of the constant anti-business stereotypes that are so prevalent in TV and movies, where the vast majority of "evildoers" are in business. Characterizing Eli's own firm as "evil" and the "dark side" is also extremely one-dimensional. (Eli's boss seems like basically a decent guy. And in the SUV case, sans the contrived and clichéd "hide the whistle-blower" twist, I think the drunk, speeding, emotionally overwrought driver should have lost the case.) There are lots of people from all walks of life who do wrong. The baby custody subplot in the last episode was at least heading in a better direction. But regardless of how much I enjoy Eli, his humor and ... read more

After my initial reservation ...

Question: After my initial reservation about watching Eli Stone — most of the buzz I heard made it sound kind of like Ally McBeal — I decided to sit down and watch it and have fallen in love! (I am guilty of not having read your review, which I just did and agree with wholeheartedly.) Jonny Lee Miller leads a fabulous cast in this smart, funny and sometimes sobering show. Have you heard anything about its future? I understand that there are only two new episodes left, and I'm hoping you might have some good news about when we might see some more! Answer: First off, I'm pretty sure there are plenty more than two episodes left. According to my and ABC's current calendar, Eli Stone is scheduled to air on Thursdays up to the time Grey's Anatomy returns April 24, moving Lost into Eli's slot. I'm glad you're enjoying it and I hope more people discover its charms in the next month or so. But it's a little early just yet for ABC to be deciding its future. I'm sorry it won't get a chance to ride ... read more

I'm really perplexed that ...

Question: I'm really perplexed that there are no new episodes of my favorite new shows of this season, Pushing Daisies and Chuck, expected until the fall. What's the reasoning behind that decision? They've both been renewed, haven't they? Why would they leave fans hanging when a number of other shows are getting back to the grind after the writers' strike? On another subject, you gave a good review to Eli Stone, and I have to say I enjoyed the first episodes myself, especially the reappearance of Victor Garber (my favorite spy-daddy), but there is no mention of it among the shows ABC has announced it will bring back in the fall. It's not doomed already, is it? Answer: Yes, both Pushing Daisies and Chuck were renewed for next season. But in the wake of the disruption of the strike, the way the networks and studios looked at most of their freshman hopefuls was that it didn't make much sense, economically or creatively, to put these shows back into production for just a handful of episodes ... read more

I need scoop about what else ...

Question: I need scoop about what else we can expect from Eli Stone!

Answer: You can expect an unbilled cameo from a certain Melrose Place icon (hint: it's not a person, but a thing). And you thought Eli's George Michael hallucinations were out there: Tomorrow night, he gets a ringside seat to a Broadway-esque musical and World War II.

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Ratings: Lost! Supernatural! And More!

Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki in Supernatural by Sergei Bachlakov/The CW

Thursday, super-quickly:• The first new Smallville since Dec. 13 delivered 3.82 million total viewers, matching the last episode's audience. • Supernatural, also MIA for seven weeks, did 2.99 mil, down 200K.• Lost returned to an audience of 16.07 mil, a 13 percent drop from the Season 3 opener but a huge improvement over last May's finale (13.65 mil). It also dominated in the demos.• ABC's Eli Stone was sampled by 11.62 mil. read more

Eli Stone Premieres Tonight after Lost

Eli Stone courtesy Richard Cartwright/ABC

Eli’s a big wig lawyer who takes pride in screwing people over—that is until he starts having a series of visions that turn is life upside down. We’re talking anything from planes chasing him down in the city to our personal favorite, a “Faith”-singing George Michaels rockin’ out on top of his living room coffee table. Sounds a bit quirky, but we’re not gonna lie to you—we’re intrigued. Watch it now! | More online videos read more

Eli Stone: Jonny Lee Miller Takes a Leap of Faith

Jonny Lee Miller, Eli Stone

The British actor plays an attorney who has visions of George Michael on tonight's premiere of Eli Stone (10 pm/ET, ABC). "I used to be able to fill places like this!" shouts George Michael as he looks out at the middling crowd inside the Wil­tern Theatre in Los Angeles. In fact, there's not a single paying customer in the house: The people here are extras, crew members on the new ABC series Eli Stone and connected folks who've wrangled an invite. (Yep, that's Bo Derek sitting in a chair by the railing.) But this afternoon's shoot, one of several appearances Michael will make during the season, centers less on the singer on stage than the guy in a dark suit who sits at a table watching him. Eli Stone, played by British actor Jonny Lee Miller, is an ethically challenged San Francisco lawyer who's told he has a brai read more

ABC's New Legal Drama Courts Controversy

Jonny Lee Miller in Eli Stone by Richard Cartwright/ABC

ABC plans to go ahead and air Eli Stone, despite the medical community's passionate protest of a plotline in Thursday's premiere episode that draws a link between vaccination and autism. As the controversial storyline goes, lawyer Eli Stone (played by Jonny Lee Miller) argues that a mercury-based preservative in a pharmaceutical company's vaccine caused a child's autism. Dr. Renee R. Jenkins, the president of the American Academy of Pediatrics, tells the New York Times she worries that the implication "could lead to a tragic decline in immunization rates."In response, ABC said it would run a disclaimer stating: "The following story is fictional and does not portray any actual persons, companies, products or events." They will also direct viewers to the Center for Disease Control's autism website. – Mickey O'Connor read more

Based on the previews, Eli ...

Jonny Lee Miller, Eli Stone

Question: Based on the previews, Eli Stone appears to be nothing more than a male version of Ally McBeal. Courtroom drama, production numbers, fantasies, even a famous singer (George Michael instead of Al Green) whom only the lead can see. How does Stone hold up against the Emmy-winning McBeal? Also, a completely unrelated observation: Have you noticed that in the new Lost promos, when the word "Lost" comes on-screen at the end, we get our normal greenish view of the island, but if you look in the reflection of the water, you can actually see a city skyline?! Quite cool. Answer: This is the danger of basing a first impression solely on network teasers. Yes, superficial comparisons can be made to Ally McBeal, but as I note in my review of Eli Stone, which premieres this Thursday after Lost (at last! and yes, that is a cool image in the promos), I see Eli as being a little closer to the Pushing Daisies model, in the way that it imposes life-affirming fantasy onto a shopworn genre (here, ... read more

A Lawyer With Vision(s), Eli Stone's a Charmer

Adorably quirky and emotionally surprising, Eli Stone is a legal drama the same way Pushing Daisies (how I miss it) is a mere whodunit. Yes, Eli is a lawyer who can wow 'em in the courtroom. But his entertaining story is one of puzzling, fanciful and often musical hallucinations that propel this ambitious corporate attorney into a new career path: as a crusading do-gooder who just might be a modern prophet. It makes sense that his late father's ashes are in a Chock Full o' Nuts coffee can. Eli may have inherited his fine madness, which is diagnosed as an inoperable brain aneurysm. His bizarre symptoms — lavish production numbers in his head, a buzzing biplane only he can see — are making him a better, if stranger, person. Jonny Lee Miller is perfectly charming as Eli, juggling smarts and silliness with a wide-eyed wonder as he bumbles helplessly through his visions of George Michael in his living room and boardroom, eventually learning to believe in read more

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Premise: A lawyer's hallucinations may be linked to a medical condition or the chance that he's a prophet.



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