Eleventh Hour

  • 2006
  • TV Show
  • TV-14

A former physics professor helps authorities solve scientific mysteries.

Resurrection Trailer
01:11 — Nicknamed "Gepetto," a rogue scientist has left a trail of deformed fetuses across Easter Europe- rejects from failed experiments at human cloning. Sh (more…)
Containment Trailer
01:43 — When a worker exhuming bodies from a church dies a gruesome death from a pox-like disease, Hood joins an emergency medical team to trace and chase a v (more…)
Kryptos Trailer
01:09 — Hood's former classmate, the renowned climatologist Richard Adams, may have suffered a breakdown. Fired from his job at an environmental think tank, A (more…)
Miracle Trailer
01:03 — After a child's kidney tumor disappears, his father credits the cure to water from a particular spring. Hood and Rachel rush to the scene to investiga (more…)