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Los pasteles de la chilindrina Season 1, Episode 262 Subscription

Chilindrina proposes a game to Chavo and Popis: they'll make pies with her father's shaving cream. Chavo and Popis eat them anyway.

El Chavo lava coches Season 1, Episode 259 Subscription

Mr. Barriga gives Chavo a peso to watch his car. Chavo asks for two pesos to wash the car. Everyone gets wet and gets a cold except Chavo and Ramón.

Los astronautas Season 1, Episode 258 Subscription

The kids play with the fuse switch flipping it on and off. Don Ramón can't iron and goes to investigate but comes back to find his clothing burned.

El bano del Chavo Season 1, Episode 255 Subscription

In the classroom the kids and Mr. Jirafales talk about hygiene. The neighbors want to give Chavo a bath. Jirafales throws water into his barrel.