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E:60 Backstory Matt Forte: How a kid from Louisiana became the next great Bears running back
In this E:60 excerpt, Lisa Salters takes you through Matt Forte's journey from Slidell, Louisiana to Tulane University, where Forte speaks in depth ab (more…)
E:60 Excerpt - The Turf War
There are over 12,000 synthetic turf fields in the US, most of them contain ground up tires, called crumb rubber. Recently, questions have been raised (more…)
E:60 Extra - According to Edelman, Gronk is a savant
Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman offers insight on teammate Rob Gronkowski in this E:60 Extra.
E:60 Backstory - One relationship paved the way for Edelman's success
In this E:60 excerpt, Jeremy Schaap tells the story of the relationship that forged Patriots WR Julian Edelman's toughness. Watch the entire E:60 Juli (more…)
E:60 Backstory: J.J. Watt's humble beginnings
E:60 profiles J.J. Watt. In this excerpt, reporter Chris Connelly explores the Texans All-Pro DE's humble beginnings in Wisconsin and chronicles Watt' (more…)
Driving with Connor Barwin
While taking E:60 for a drive around his hometown, something unexpected happens to Eagles Linebacker Connor Barwin.
Unique childhood shapes Connor Barwin
Jeremy Schaap tells the story of how a kid from Detroit grew up to become one of the most dominant defensive players in the NFL.
The guiding hand who shaped Steelers All-Pro RB Le'Veon Bell
E60's Lisa Salters tells the story of how a boy from Ohio became the Pittsburgh Steelers next great running back.
E:60 Silent Night Lights
In this excerpt E:60 tells the remarkable story of a deaf high-school football team in Northern California that doesn't just overcome, they overpower (more…)
Le'Veon Bell preview
Le'Veon Bell shares his story about the day that threatened his NFL dream and the mom who showed him how to overcome obstacles
Silent night lights
The remarkable story of a deaf high-school football team in Northern California that doesn't just overcome, they overpower.
The Long Toss
Nick LeGrande wouldn't let a life-threatening illness quell his love of baseball and prevent him from tossing a first pitch from hundreds of miles awa (more…)
E:60 - Deconstructing DeAngelo Hall
When DeAngelo Hall burst onto the scene as a rookie in 2004, he quickly made a name for himself -- 'MeAngelo' -- but off the field, he has endured a l (more…)
E:60 - Love is Stronger
For the first time since the church massacre in Charleston, South Carolina, that claimed his mother's life, Chris Singleton speaks exclusively with E: (more…)
E:60 - Ezekiel Elliott's special relationship with fallen teammate
In this E:60 excerpt, reporter Tom Rinaldi examines the profound impact fallen teammate Kosta Karageorge had on Ohio State RB Ezekiel Elliott.
E:60 - How domestic violence helped define Jason Witten
In this E:60 excerpt, Jeremy Schaap profiles Cowboys tight end Jason Witten. The toughness that defines Witten as a football player wasn't developed o (more…)
E:60 - Message of love from Charleston victim's son
The night after his mother and eight others were killed in a Charleston, South Carolina, church, Chris Singleton, 19, delivered a powerful message to (more…)
E:60 - Ernie Johnson: My story
Most people know TNT's Ernie Johnson as the NBA host trying to keep the outspoken personalities of Charles Barkley and Shaq in line. But as E:60 found (more…)
Part 4: Criticism in the UK
E:60 looks at FIFA's World Cup bidding process and the culture of the executive committee.
Part 3: Controversy surrounds Blatter's reign at FIFA
E:60 discusses the perception of FIFA, beginning with Sepp Blatter being elected president in 1998 amid allegations that his victory had been purchase (more…)
Part 2: Beginnings of the legend of Blatter
Jeremy Schaap visits Sepp Blatter's hometown of Visp, Switzerland to learn more about the most powerful man in sports.
E:60 - A Man Named Suh
E:60's Bob Woodruff got rare access with Suh, from his hometown of Portland, Oregon, to the sandy beaches of Brazil, all in an attempt to find out how (more…)
Part 5: Challenging Blatter's power
E:60 examines the reputation and ethics of FIFA and the men who challenge FIFA president Sepp Blatter's leadership.
E:60 Presents Dream On: Stories of Boston's Strongest - The Karen McWatters story
NFL MVP Tom Brady lends his voice to the unforgettable story of a Boston Marathon bombing survivor's gift to a stranger who lived over 3,000 miles awa (more…)
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