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Mar 22, 1989 Season 9 Episode 16 watch on VUDU (Paid)

Alexis gets her revenge on Sable when she tells her that the tankers have sunk; Alexis is devastated when she discovers Dex slept with Sable; as Sammy Jo becomes increasingly fond of Tanner McBride, she is unaware that he is married; Blake is crushed when he finds the picture Zorelli left for Fallon; a witness steps forward and tells Alexis he saw Blake kill Roger Grimes.

The Nightmare

May 09, 1984 Season 4 Episode 27

Kirby's attempt to kill Alexis is unsuccessful, and Alexis promises to remain silent if Kirby will leave Adam; Sammy Jo reveals the culprit behind Claudia's mystery calls; Fallon is gripped with a seizure and drives off as her wedding is about to begin; Alexis is arrested for Mark's murder.
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The Check

Apr 11, 1984 Season 4 Episode 24

Blake travels to Hong Kong to patch up the China Seas oil deal and learns Ahmed has left the country; Mark blackmails Alexis for $100,000, and McVane watches as he deposits the check; Kirby attempts to kill Alexis but is unsuccessful.
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The Voice Part 2

Mar 21, 1984 Season 4 Episode 21

Alexis makes plan to upset Blake's business deal with Rashid Ahmed; Tracy attempts to seduce Blake and is fired; Steven grows suspicious of Dex, who places a mysterious phone call to Claudia.
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Mar 07, 1984 Season 4 Episode 19

Alexis attempts to bribe Kirby to prevent her from marrying Adam; Claudia receives another package from her late husband; Fallon remains unable to walk, until her child's life is in danger.
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The Accident

Feb 22, 1984 Season 4 Episode 17

Allegre is returned and Blake's suspicions about Peter's involvement are founded; Tracy orchestrates a press campaign to ruin Krystle; learning her fiance has left the country, Fallon dashes from the hotel and is struck by a truck.
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A Little Girl

Feb 01, 1984 Season 4 Episode 16

Blake grows suspicious of Peter DeVilbis; Claudia receives more violets from 'Lancelot'; Adam tells Blake the truth of the poisoning incident; after suffering a seizure, Kirby undergoes emergency surgery and loses her baby.
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Jan 18, 1984 Season 4 Episode 15

Blake receives a ransom note for the return of his horse; Peter announces Fallon will be his wife; Dex and Alexis mix business with pleasure; Kirby suffers a seizure.
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Dynasty: The Ring

Jan 04, 1984 Season 4 Episode 13

A stranger greets little Danny by name; worried, Claudia moves the family into the mansion; Peter DeVilbis' architect hints at the playboy's drug problem; Kirby's hand swells uncontrollably.
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The Wedding

Dec 28, 1983 Season 4 Episode 12

A stranger greets little Danny by name; worried, Claudia moves the family into the mansion; Peter DeVilbis' architect hints at the playboy's drug problem; Kirby's hand swells uncontrollably.
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The Proposal

Dec 07, 1983 Season 4 Episode 10

Dex beats Alexis to an oil contract; Jeff confronts Adam about Kirby's pregnancy; Krystle accepts Blake's marriage proposal.
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Nov 23, 1983 Season 4 Episode 8

Jeff accuses Alexis of attempting to murder him and reclaims his stock; Mark is hired as Alexis' bodyguard; Dex Dexter, the son of a board member, proposes he and Alexis form a business alliance.
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Dynasty: The Hearing, Part 2

Nov 02, 1983 Season 4 Episode 5

As the custody trial continues, Fallon testifies on her brother's behalf while Sammy Jo defames her ex-husband. Fallon leaves for Montana to investigate Adam's past; Alexis' apartment is ransacked; Claudia hits on the scheme for Steven to retain custody of his son.
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The Bungalow

Oct 05, 1983 Season 4 Episode 2

Mark is charged with attempted murder and arson; Alexis tells Blake and the police his motive was revenge. The other suspects-McVane, Hess and Adam, are questioned and released. After Alexis destroys Fallon's relationship with Mark, Krystle suggests she is seeking revenge because Mark rejected her.
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