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Mar 22, 1989 Season 9 Episode 16 watch on VUDU (Paid)

Alexis gets her revenge on Sable when she tells her that the tankers have sunk; Alexis is devastated when she discovers Dex slept with Sable; as Sammy Jo becomes increasingly fond of Tanner McBride, she is unaware that he is married; Blake is crushed when he finds the picture Zorelli left for Fallon; a witness steps forward and tells Alexis he saw Blake kill Roger Grimes.


May 04, 1982 Season 2 Episode 22

Middle Eastern oilman Farouk, anxious for vengeance against Blake, tells Nick that Carrington is responsible for the death of his brother. Nick attacks Blake, who is left unconscious at the bottom of a deep ravin; Cecil suffers a heart attack in Alexis' apartment.
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Dynasty: The Gun

Mar 24, 1982 Season 2 Episode 18

A blood test proves that Blake is Fallon's true father; Steven travels to Hollywood in search of his wife; Claudia learns her husband and daughter are believed to be dead; Krystle struggles with an armed Claudia.
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Mother and Son

Mar 10, 1982 Season 2 Episode 17

Upon learning he is not her true father, Fallon refuses to see Blake; Jeff falls in love with Claudia, who is caught stealing from Denver-Carrington; Fallon's baby undergoes emergency surgery; Claudia's husband and daughter are believed dead.
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The Baby

Mar 03, 1982 Season 2 Episode 16

Fallon gives birth to a son; Alexis offers Sammy Jo $25,000 to leave Denver; Jeff and Claudia make love; Krystle accuses Alexis of killing her baby; Alexis learns Krystle and Blake are not legally married.
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The Iago Syndrome

Feb 17, 1982 Season 2 Episode 14

Krystle says goodbye to Nick and leaves Denver; Blake offers to adopt Jeff; Cecil blackmails Claudia; Nick accepts Blake's explanation of his brother's death.
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Dynasty: Blake's Blindness

Feb 03, 1982 Season 2 Episode 12

Blake remains blinded following the explosion; Nick asks Krystle to divorce her husband and marry him; Blake investigates Nick's past; Alexis is determined to drive Krystle from Denver.
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The Car Explosion

Jan 27, 1982 Season 2 Episode 11

Nick persuades Krystle to leave Blake; Steven and Sammy Jo announce they are married; Blake is attacked by gangsters and blinded when his car is bombed.
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Dynasty: The Psychiatrist

Jan 13, 1982 Season 2 Episode 9

Alexis tricks Blake into coming to Rome and further traps him by hiring a gossip photographer to snap suggestive photos of the two; Jeff begs Fallon to cancel her abortion; as Nick confronts Krystle, his consolation gives way to passion.
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Dynasty: Mid-East Wedding

Jan 06, 1982 Season 2 Episode 8

Fallon learns she is pregnant and tells Jeff she is having an abortion; he agrees to divorce her but only if she bears the child. Krystle remains despondent over the loss of her baby; Claudia takes a job with Denver-Carrington; Alexis lures Blake to Rome under the guise of a business deal.
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Viva Las Vegas

Dec 16, 1981 Season 2 Episode 7

Nick reveals to his sister that Blake is responsible for the death of their younger brother; Sammy Jo and Steven spend the night together; Alexis shoots at Krystle's horse, causing her to be thrown to the ground and hospitalized, her baby's life in danger.
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