DIY Survival: Water You Can Drink Without Boiling
00:53 — Did you know that moss contains small traces of iodine, which kills off bacteria? In a survival situation, if you can't get a fire started, you could (more…)
Escape and Evasion
01:38 — When faced with a tough choice in the borderland between Mexico and Texas, Matt and Joe decide to split up.
DIY Survival: Setting a Spring Trap
02:54 — Joe demonstrates how to make and set a spring trap to catch medium-sized game like porcupines.
DIY Survival: Make a Crossbow from Scratch
01:25 — Joe Teti demonstrates step-by-step how to build a crossbow from bamboo in order to hunt in the wild.
DIY Survival: Make a Compass
02:21 — Joe Teti demonstrates step-by-step how to make a compass using basic items you can find at home: a string, a paperclip, and magnetite.
DIY Survival: Preventing Hypothermia
03:11 — In the damp mountains of New Zealand, it is a life-or-death challenge to stay warm and prevent hypothermia. Matt Graham and Joe Teti demonstrate how t (more…)
DIY Survival: Unclogging a Gun Barrel
01:34 — Joe Teti explains how to clean your gun barrel and avoid a catastrophic failure of the weapon. Learn how to clean your rifle barrel efficiently and re (more…)
Using Plants for Both Food and Shelter
01:16 — Stranded on a tropical island, Matt and Joe split up in search of the supplies they will need to survive.
Survival 101: Nature's Survival Knife
01:01 — Knives are one of the handiest tools to have in a survival situation-- Matt Graham shows us how to make one in a pinch.
Injury in the Wild Means a Struggle for Survival
01:21 — After Joe Teti injures his knee, it is up to Matt Graham to guide the duo through the thick jungle of Belize.
DIY Survival: Navigating by Stars and Moonlight
01:50 — Survival experts Cody Lundin and Joe Teti demonstrate how to navigate through the desert at night using the sky as a guide.
Going Fishing
01:48 — Cody and Joe struggle to haul in a very feisty sharp-toothed tiger fish while they paddle down the river in a small canoe.
DIY Survival: Fire-Starting With a Fire Piston
03:07 — Cody Lundin shows how to make and use a fire piston to start a fire in a survival situation.
Treacherous River King
02:14 — Cody and Joe must cross a deadly river in California to continue their search for safety.
DIY Survival: Build a Bow Drill
02:34 — Matt demonstrates step-by-step how to make a bow drill and use it to create an ember and start a fire in the wild.
DIY Survival: Using Glasses and Jean Shorts to Make Fire
03:50 — If you're stranded and need a fire, did you know you could use your glasses lenses and lint from your pants plus natural sunlight to get a fire burnin (more…)
Leave It to Beaver
02:06 — Cody finds a frozen beaver and decides to make a meal of it.
Scuba Gear Desalination
02:43 — Cody Lundin desalinates salt water from the Pacific Ocean using scuba gear. Watch and learn how!
DIY Survival: Make Fire from Dung
01:59 — Survival expert Cody Lundin demonstrates how to make fire from camel dung.
Tree Climbing With Jumar Technique
02:17 — To get a better viewpoint of the landscape, Grady prepares the single rope he has to climb this grandmother tree with the Jumar Tecnique.
Single Match Gas Test for CO2
03:00 — The cave that could be the perfect shelter could also be filled with carbon dioxide. Bill knows he can test if there's poisonous gas, but it will requ (more…)
Making an Obsidian Spear Tip
01:17 — Bill McConnell skillfully fashions a spearhead from obsidian. His last strike is critical in forming a sharp weapon instead of a broken rock.
Stop Hugging Trees
01:25 — After a serious hunt for water, Bill recognizes a key indicator of a water source. But is his hippie attitude is starting to be too much for Grady?
Rejuvenated by Amazonian Rain
01:40 — Rain can often be a hindrance. But in the Amazon, Bill and Grady are soaking it in...literally.
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  • Premiered: June 11, 2010
  • Rating: TV-14
  • Premise: Two survival experts share tips for weathering wild locales. (more)

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