Dual Survival Season 8
Two of the world's toughest survival experts are forging a partnership to champion some of the most challenging environments. Relying solely on the ba (more…)
Dual Survival Season 8
Two of the world's toughest survival experts are forging a partnership to champion some of the most challenging environments. Relying solely on the ba (more…)
Surviving Maine
01:32 — Exposure is the biggest threat in an environment like this, so having proper attire is key for survival success. Find out what else Bill and Grady lea (more…)
Pulling the Plug?
02:37 — Dramatically fluctuating temperatures causes dire situations while on location, causing one survivalist to become violently ill.
Surviving the Namib Desert
02:31 — After going through their survival scenario, Bill and Grady admit that you cannot train hard enough. But preparedness and sourcing as many supplies as (more…)
My Survival Inspiration: Maine
01:09 — In the North Woods, Bill and Grady faced worst-case-conditions for hypothermia. This is what inspired them to go past their edges and persevere.
Looking Out for the 'Umbles'
01:23 — While surviving in Maine, getting hypothermia is a major concern for Bill and Grady. They need to be on the look out for the umbles - stumbles, mumble (more…)
The Life Stealing Ground
02:30 — As Grady and Bill begin their challenge in the below freezing temperatures of Maine, they debate over what type of shelter would best protect them fro (more…)
My Survival Inspiration: Cuba
01:27 — Dual perspectives on swamps show the same survival scenario in two ways. See how Bill and Grady approached Cuba with two mindsets but got through it (more…)
Trench Foot Trouble
01:17 — Grady and Bill struggle to dry their extremities after traveling through waist-deep water in Cuba. The last thing Grady wants is to have trench foot.. (more…)
Face to Face With a Cuban Croc
01:19 — As Grady and Bill wade through deep waters in Cuba, they encounter a giant Cuban crocodile. This isn't your ordinary croc.
Takeaways: Surviving Oregon
01:36 — In Oregon, Bill and Grady pushed themselves to the limit and reaped the benefits. Here's their advice for your next adventure and how to make the most (more…)
Navigating a River Canyon
02:07 — Grady and Bill get below the snow line right into the threshold of a rushing water source. Their decision: go around it along a dangerous rock line.
Rock Wind Wall Shelter
01:34 — With no fire, Bill and Grady need a perfectly insolated shelter. They're making the best of a worst-case scenario to avoid hypothermia with a rock win (more…)
Takeaways: Surviving Idaho
01:51 — Mistakes were made and many lessons were learned in Idaho. Watch to see Grady and Bill's major takeaways from their survival scenario in the Sawtooth (more…)
Cold Weather Survival Tactics
03:04 — In cold weather survival, you want to get warm as fast as possible. Insulation is from the the cold ground is key when readying a shelter.
The Science and Art of Terrain Association
02:25 — Once Grady and Bill get to lower elavation, they see a cleraing where they can terrain associate using an old map and compass made from magnet, pen, a (more…)
Abandoned Car a Survival Treasure Trove
02:45 — In this survival scenario, Matt and Grady approach a massive supply pile in the form of a car. In order to make it safely through 72 hours in the wild (more…)
Building a Survival Solar Still
01:52 — To get purified water, Bill creates a solar still that relies on evaporation. After one day, the condensation will be potable.
Rush Hour at the River
01:50 — During the dry season in the Zambezi River Basin, Grady and Bill finally reach water. The problem: they're surrounded by massive predators.
Surrounded by Baboons
02:22 — While Bill and Grady are fashioning spears from sticks, bones, and dental floss, they look up to find they are completely surrounded by baboons.
Rejuvenated by Amazonian Rain
01:40 — Rain can often be a hindrance. But in the Amazon, Bill and Grady are soaking it in...literally.
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  • Premiered: June 11, 2010
  • Rating: TV-14
  • Premise: Two survival experts share tips for weathering wild locales. (more)

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