DIY Survival: Water You Can Drink Without Boiling
00:53 — Did you know that moss contains small traces of iodine, which kills off bacteria? In a survival situation, if you can't get a fire started, you could (more…)
Escape and Evasion
01:38 — When faced with a tough choice in the borderland between Mexico and Texas, Matt and Joe decide to split up.
DIY Survival: Setting a Spring Trap
02:54 — Joe demonstrates how to make and set a spring trap to catch medium-sized game like porcupines.
DIY Survival: Make a Crossbow from Scratch
01:25 — Joe Teti demonstrates step-by-step how to build a crossbow from bamboo in order to hunt in the wild.
Joe Teti and Matt Graham Chased Down by Baboons
01:35 — In Namibia, Matt and Joe have to think fast to get away from a troop of angry baboons.
DIY Survival: Make a Compass
02:21 — Joe Teti demonstrates step-by-step how to make a compass using basic items you can find at home: a string, a paperclip, and magnetite.
DIY Survival: Preventing Hypothermia
03:11 — In the damp mountains of New Zealand, it is a life-or-death challenge to stay warm and prevent hypothermia. Matt Graham and Joe Teti demonstrate how t (more…)
DIY Survival: Unclogging a Gun Barrel
01:34 — Joe Teti explains how to clean your gun barrel and avoid a catastrophic failure of the weapon. Learn how to clean your rifle barrel efficiently and re (more…)
Surviving Namibia
02:22 — Find out how intense the Namibia environment and experience was for Joe Teti and Matt Graham.
Using Plants for Both Food and Shelter
01:16 — Stranded on a tropical island, Matt and Joe split up in search of the supplies they will need to survive.
Survival 101: Nature's Survival Knife
01:01 — Knives are one of the handiest tools to have in a survival situation-- Matt Graham shows us how to make one in a pinch.
Injury in the Wild Means a Struggle for Survival
01:21 — After Joe Teti injures his knee, it is up to Matt Graham to guide the duo through the thick jungle of Belize.
DIY Survival: Navigating by Stars and Moonlight
01:50 — Survival experts Cody Lundin and Joe Teti demonstrate how to navigate through the desert at night using the sky as a guide.
Survival 101: Building a Simple Shelter
01:14 — In cooler temperatures, it's a good idea to collect lots of natural insulation.
Going Fishing
01:48 — Cody and Joe struggle to haul in a very feisty sharp-toothed tiger fish while they paddle down the river in a small canoe.
DIY Survival: Fire-Starting With a Fire Piston
03:07 — Cody Lundin shows how to make and use a fire piston to start a fire in a survival situation.
Treacherous River King
02:14 — Cody and Joe must cross a deadly river in California to continue their search for safety.
Even Ninjas Fall Sometimes
01:12 — The terrain in Nepal is proving to be tricky even for the master Matt Graham.
Survival 101: Three Things to Look for in Firewood
02:08 — Matt's firestarting techniques may seem magical, but with his advice, you too can find the ideal wood to start a fire.
DIY Survival: Build a Bow Drill
02:34 — Matt demonstrates step-by-step how to make a bow drill and use it to create an ember and start a fire in the wild.
Takeaways: Surviving the Himalayas
02:27 — Find out what made Nepal a truly special place for both Joe Teti and Matt Graham.
DIY Survival: Using Glasses and Jean Shorts to Make Fire
03:50 — If you're stranded and need a fire, did you know you could use your glasses lenses and lint from your pants plus natural sunlight to get a fire burnin (more…)
Leave It to Beaver
02:06 — Cody finds a frozen beaver and decides to make a meal of it.
Scuba Gear Desalination
02:43 — Cody Lundin desalinates salt water from the Pacific Ocean using scuba gear. Watch and learn how!
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  • Premiered: June 11, 2010
  • Rating: TV-14
  • Premise: Two survival experts share tips for weathering wild locales. (more)

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