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2006, TV Show

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Latest Episode: The Red Dragon

Dec 31, 2010 Season 6 Episode 10 watch on (Paid)

Gwizdo has been kidnapped by the mysterious Red Dragon and Lian Chu embarks on a treacherous journey to save him.

Collywoble Water

Mar 11, 2007 Season 1 Episode 26

Gwizdo discovers the existence of an island where the inhabitants are extremely rich. Unfortunately, the place has never been infested by any dragon and our heroes' services are redundant there.
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Child's Play

Mar 04, 2007 Season 1 Episode 25

A client at the tavern talks about the island where he lives and the dragon terrorizing it. Zaza decides to take advantage of our heroes' absence to offer her services as dragon hunter on the island in question.
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The Orphan Farm

Jan 21, 2007 Season 1 Episode 24

Returning from a hunt, Gwizdo and Lian Chu decide to go via the Orphan farm, the home where they were fostered by Mother Hubbard. When they arrive they are surprised to find that the farm is in ruins.
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For a Few Veggies More

Jan 14, 2007 Season 1 Episode 23

The Zimbrenelle dwarves have set a price on the heads of Gwizdo and Lian Chu. Rather than letting bounty hunters grow fat on their misfortune, Gwizdo decides our buddies are going to disguise themselves as bounty hunters and set out hunting themselves.
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Unwelcome Guests

Jan 07, 2007 Season 1 Episode 22

Wealthy merchant, Otis Criblecrocker, is staying at the Inn and Jeanneline has taken quite a liking to him. It looks like Otis might be moving in and taking over. Then Gwizdo, Lian Chu and Hector would be out on their ears, looking for new lodgings.
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Don't Look Now

Dec 31, 2006 Season 1 Episode 21

The Dragons Hunters return from a successful hunt to find everyone at the Inn in a kind of suspended animation, frozen like statues. What can have caused this strange malady?
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The Conjunction of the Three Moons…

Dec 24, 2001 Season 1 Episode 20

Lian Chu disappears one morning, without so much as a word (seeing that he can't actually write, it's not so surprising). Things aren't helped when a rich client arrives with a once-in-a-lifetime contract to offer our hunters.
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There's No Place Like Home!

Dec 17, 2006 Season 1 Episode 19

A noble lord hires Jeanneline to prepare the feast at his daughter's wedding. Only problem – she has to provide the dragon herself, a species of beast that can only be cooked just after being captured.
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Billy Toughnut

Dec 10, 2006 Season 1 Episode 18

A new client turns up at the tavern and Gwizdo and Lian Chu are surprised to see that it's Billy Toughnut, an old buddy from the orphanage. He hires our friends to defend his adopted village, where his fiancé, the beautiful Gwendoline, lives.
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The Deep North Dragon

Jan 13, 2011 Season 1 Episode 17

Jeanneline throws Gwizdo out of the tavern. He can only return when he has earned enough to settle his tab which is longer than a very long thing. Gwizdo takes umbrage. His is annoyed at the lack of respect shown for a heroic hunter of his caliber.
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A Fistful of Veggies

Jan 11, 2011 Season 1 Episode 16

The Zimbrenelle dwarves have run out of food. All their reserves have been stolen by a vicious dragon that only comes out at night. They launch a bottle into space containing a distress message.
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Little Rumble On the Prairie

Nov 19, 2006 Season 1 Episode 15

In a crate full of corn on the cob, Zaza finds a reward offer with a map indicating the location of the dragon that is to be killed. She keeps half of the map to herself so to force Gwizdo to take her along in his hunt.
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The Return of Roger

Nov 12, 2006 Season 1 Episode 14

Jeanneline's ex-husband, Zaza's father, whom everyone believed was gone for good, reappears one day at the tavern to our heroes' great surprise.
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Desperately Seeking Zoria

Nov 05, 2006 Season 1 Episode 13

A traveler arrives at The Dragon Inn. He is carrying Zoria’s bag; Jeanneline’s other daughter who became a dragon hunter. He found the young girl’s belongings near a heap of bones.
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It's a Dragon's Life

Oct 28, 2006 Season 1 Episode 12

Hector, who is fed up of being exploited by Gwizdo, decides to run away and go back to the wild life that a real dragon ought to be living. Lian Chu is very saddened by the dragon’s departure while Gwizdo, is unaware of the dragon’s importance.
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The Name Is Dragon

Oct 24, 2006 Season 1 Episode 11

One night, a mother dragon settles down with her three youngsters on the roof of Jeanneline’s inn. Gwizdo and Lian Chu, who were supposed to leave to honor a juicy contract, are stuck in the inn by the dragon protecting its youngsters.
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Who's Lost Their Head Now?

Oct 13, 2006 Season 1 Episode 10

Gwizdo and Lian Chu bring a magnificent trophy back from their hunt – the head of a Sizzler dragon. Jeanneline has no intention of hanging it on the walls of her tavern because it is particularly hideous, but Gwizdo insists.
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Baby-Love, Oh Baby-Love?

Oct 07, 2006 Season 1 Episode 9

A pretty young redhead turns up at the tavern with a baby dragon. Gwizdo is instantly love struck. He falls hopelessly head-over-heels with the ditsy carrot-top.
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Prince Charming!

Sep 15, 2006 Season 1 Episode 8

Our heroes return home empty handed once more from their hunt to discover that the Prince Charming invested their room at the Snoring Dragon Tavern. Obviously, he actually pays for bed and board and Jeanneline's got to live somehow.
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The Family Fortune

Sep 09, 2006 Season 1 Episode 7

A mega-rich family is looking for their son with whom they were forced to separate at birth.
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Can I See Your License Please?

Feb 17, 2006 Season 1 Episode 6

After a successful hunt, Gwizdo tries to claim his dues from the client, brandishing the contract they had previously signed. The client, a pernickety provost, disputes the agreement, arguing that the service providers, namely, Gwizdo and Lian Chu.
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The Kiwajel Thrust

Feb 11, 2006 Season 1 Episode 5

For weeks, a mysterious rival has been stealing contracts from under our heroes' noses, pipping them to the post at the scene of the hunt. Gwizdo is furious and is determined to get his hands on the mystery mustachioed colossus.
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The Isle of Mist

Feb 04, 2006 Season 1 Episode 4

Gwizdo and Lian Chu are hired by an order of monks to do away with a dangerous dragon. The animal is preventing the monks from reaching the Isle of Mist, an island, they say, accommodates their rutabaga plantations.
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Gland of the Mimikar

Jan 27, 2006 Season 1 Episode 3

Lian Chu is seriously wounded by a dragon. He is contaminated by a deadly poison for which the only antidote is the gland of a Mimikar, a species of dragon of which there is only one last surviving specimen on the island of Unimak.
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Dead Dragon Walking

Jan 21, 2006 Season 1 Episode 2

Hector hears a howl for help reverberating through the skies. Our heroes are needed in Amazoomia, a land run by women who are frightened of nothing – except Dragons. They are being terrorized by a monstrous beast which is stealing their children.
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The Strange Taste of Cocomak

Jan 14, 2006 Season 1 Episode 1

Being trapped on an island at the mercy of a chameleon dragon that blends perfectly with the vegetation is never great fun, especially when it coincides with a sudden attack of the blues.
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