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Latest Episode: I.A.D. - The Receipt

Mar 26, 1970 Season 4 Episode 23 watch on (Paid)

Friday and Gannon investigate two fellow detectives accused of stealing $800 from a dead man.

Auto Theft - Dognappers

Feb 26, 1970 Season 4 Episode 19

A pair of dognappers steal dogs out of parked cars and then collect high rewards by returning them to their rightful owners.
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Dragnet '70: Season 4: Narco - Pill Maker

Feb 19, 1970 Season 4 Episode 18

A routine raid on a drug dealer leads to the discovery of an amphetamine lab. Friday and Gannon comb the city to find the man behind this ugly operation, but it looks like he might just stay a step ahead of the law.
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Dragnet '70: Season 4: Narco - Missing Hype

Jan 08, 1970 Season 4 Episode 13

A promising college student spirals out of control when his permissive professor leads him down a path straight to heroin. But Friday's got a lesson for the kid's professor and his parents: Drug education begins at home.
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Homicide - Cigarette Butt

Oct 30, 1969 Season 4 Episode 7

A homicide suspect is nabbed when the smoking habits of his victim reveal an important clue.
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Homicide - The Student

Sep 25, 1969 Season 4 Episode 2

Sergeant Friday (Jack Webb) and Officer Gannon (Harry Morgan) discover that their suspect in a double slaying is an ardent reader of stories about strange attitudes toward death.
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Dragnet '70: Season 4: Personnel - The Shooting

Sep 18, 1969 Season 4 Episode 1

Friday and Gannon deal with the fallout from an officer-involved shooting when a seasoned cop and his rookie partner are gunned down in cold blood by a common street thug. Will one of the cops leave a widow behind?
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