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Apr 02, 1970 Season 4 Episode 24 watch on

Sgt. Friday (Jack Webb) and Officer Gannon (Harry Morgan) investigate several robberies which an angry wife (Peggy Webber) blames on her ex-convict husband (Herb Ellis).

The Big Problem

Mar 28, 1968 Season 2 Episode 28

While speaking at a town hall meeting on community cooperation with the LAPD, Friday and Gannon discuss the issue of police brutality. Their comments arouse hostility in a young African-American man who faces the cops the day after the meeting.
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The Gambler

Mar 21, 1968 Season 2 Episode 27

A small industrial firm reports that $100,000 has been embezzled.
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The Big Departure

Mar 07, 1968 Season 2 Episode 25

Hippies claiming to be self-sufficient burglarize a grocery store.
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The Big Amateur

Jan 25, 1968 Season 2 Episode 19

A mysterious "Officer Dengle" wins a businessman club's "411 American Policeman" Award.
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The Christmas Story

Dec 21, 1967 Season 2 Episode 15

A Christ-child statue is stolen from the old San Fernando Mission Church.
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The Trail Board

Dec 14, 1967 Season 2 Episode 14

Eyewitnesses claim they saw a police officer accept money from a known bookie.
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The Big Neighbor

Oct 12, 1967 Season 2 Episode 5

Friday's evening at Gannon's home is disrupted by a string of neighbors seeking Gannon's advice. While most of the issues are trivial, a woman fleeing an abusive husband and a home invasion spurs both men to action.
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