Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

1993, TV Show

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Latest Episode: Portraits

May 15, 1993 Season 1 Episode 17 watch on (Paid)

A famous civil war photographer realizes he may be taking his last picture after Dr. Mike discovers that he is going blind.

The Secret

May 08, 1993 Season 1 Episode 16

Dr. Mike discovers Hank's dark secret -- an illegitimate son.
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The Operation

May 01, 1993 Season 1 Episode 15

Dr. Mike faces the most difficult challenge of her career when she is forced to operate on Brian after he suffers a brain injury.
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Apr 10, 1993 Season 1 Episode 14

Influenced by the pulp romance novels she loves, Colleen develops her first crush -- on Sully -- and schemes a way for him to rescue her from danger.
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Rite of Passage

Mar 27, 1993 Season 1 Episode 13

Matthew and Michaela are at odds over his future when he sets out to prove to others -- and to himself -- that he's a grown man ready to take on life -- and decides to marry Ingrid.
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Happy Birthday

Mar 13, 1993 Season 1 Episode 12

As Dr. Mike's birthday approaches, the kids decide to do something about her unmarried status
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The Prisoner

Feb 27, 1993 Season 1 Episode 11

When Cheyenne medicine man Cloud Dancing is wounded by General Custer, who intends to hang him, Sully and Dr. Mike join forces to help him escape.
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Running Ghost

Feb 20, 1993 Season 1 Episode 10

"Progress" comes to Colorado Springs, and Sully pays the price.
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A Cowboy's Lyllaby

Feb 13, 1993 Season 1 Episode 9

A wandering cowboy abandons his baby boy and leaves him in Dr. Mike's care.
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Great American Medicine Show

Feb 06, 1993 Season 1 Episode 8

When Doc Eli, a medicine-show man, arrives in town professing to have created the perfect bottled elixir, Mike sets out to call his bluff, especially when her children's health becomes jeopardized.
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Bad Water

Jan 30, 1993 Season 1 Episode 7

When the town's water supply is tainted with mercury by a wealthy mining baron, many people become sick and Dr. Mike threatens the miner to clean it up or have his land taken away.
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Father's Day

Jan 23, 1993 Season 1 Episode 6

Michaela worries when Charlotte's husband, Ethan Cooper, comes back to the family he abandoned, convincing almost everyone of his newfound ways.
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The Healing

Jan 16, 1993 Season 1 Episode 5

Loren, the unforgiving father-in-law, threatens to take back Sully's homestead.
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Law of the Land

Jan 09, 1993 Season 1 Episode 4

When a starving orphaned immigrant takes desperate measures to feed his siblings, the only thing standing between him and a noose is Kid Cole, the new sheriff.
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The Visitor

Jan 02, 1993 Season 1 Episode 3

Mike's stoic, disapproving Bostonian mother, Elizabeth, who, after years of estrangement, visits her daughter in Colorado Springs but finds her unconventional life on the frontier difficult to accept.
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