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The life strategist offers advice on a wide range of topics, including marital, financial and self-image issues. Phil McGraw began his own show after he became a popular recurring guest on `The Oprah Winfrey Show.'

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They Dropped Him Off At My Door,’ Says Woman Claiming Her Son’s Dad And Adoptive Mom Told Her ‘They Couldn’t Deal With Him Anymo
01:22 — Recovering addict Jerica says she relapsed after a confrontation with Kim, her little boy’s adoptive mother. She claims the child was returned to her (more…)
‘I Went Off The Deep End,’ Says Recovering-Addict Mom Whose Parental Rights Were Terminated
01:24 — Jerica admits she lost custody of her son several years ago, because of her issues with drug addiction. Four years after her ex-husband’s new wife ado (more…)
Birth Mom Whose Parental Rights Were Terminated Expresses Surprise At Being Invited Back Into Her Son’s Life
03:28 — Jerica says she was surprised when her ex-husband, Kody and his new wife, Kim, invited her back into her son’s life after having her parental rights t (more…)
Top Five Warning Signs that Your Child is in Trouble
01:10 — Top Five Warning Signs That Your Child is in Trouble
The Burke Ramsey Interviews: Your Questions Answered
00:43 — JonBenet Ramsey’s murder is one of the most notorious cold cases in America. As the 20-year anniversary approaches, Burke Ramsey, JonBenet’s older bro (more…)
“Fat Guy” Bikes Cross Country: To Save His Life or to Scam America?
00:30 — Self-proclaimed “fat guy” Eric says he was 560 pounds and unhappy with his weight, so he decided to do something unexpected -- go on an epic bike rid (more…)
Missing Erica Parsons’ Adopted Siblings Taken Out Of Family Home
02:12 — Missing Erica Parsons’ younger siblings were taken out of the family home after her parents sought a lawyer during the disappearance investigation.
Advice For Parents In Conflict Over How To Raise Intersex Child
02:25 — Dr. Phil offers advice to exes who are at odds over which gender their 4-year-old identifies with on how they can help their child thrive.
Multiple Restraining Orders and Fake Births: What’s Next?
00:43 — Brittany says she wrote to Dr. Phil devastated, after finding out that her boyfriend, the man she loved and with whom she is having a baby, was leadin (more…)
Mom In Conflict With Ex Over How To Raise Intersex Child Says She Has Proof Child Wants To Be As A Boy
02:21 — A woman at odds with her ex over which gender their 4-year-old intersex child identifies with says her recorded conversations prove the child wants to (more…)
10 Key Signs of Addiction
01:07 — Whether it’s drug use, sex, or overspending, do you wonder if your behavior is crossing the line into addiction? Dr. Gary Stollman, Ph.D., is a psycho (more…)
‘It Was Worse Than Anything I’ve Ever Seen In Any Horror Movie,’ Says Mom On Fighting Off Her Child’s Attacker
01:54 — Allison details fighting off her (then) boyfriend, David, as the man repeatedly attacked her 6-year-old daughter, Lauren, stabbing the child more than (more…)
Woman Says Boyfriend Wasn’t Violent Or Aggressive Before He Killed Her Child ‘He Never Even Raised His Voice’
01:51 — Six-year-old Lauren was fatally stabbed by her mother, Allison’s, (then) boyfriend, David in July 2011. Allison says though she had no indication tha (more…)
Guest Claims His Wife Poisoned Him With Borax, But Reported Symptoms Don’t Match The Medical Literature
01:52 — Jeremy says he’s been sick for more than a year and claims his wife, Kelly, has been lacing his food and drinks with borax. Are his symptoms consisten (more…)
Why A Man Says He Wants His Wife Put In Prison
01:36 — Jeremy claims his wife, Kelly, is trying to poison him by lacing his food and drinks with borax. He also claims she has cheated on him with multiple (more…)
How 23-Year-Old Rationalizes Being Unemployed, Living With Parents And ‘Smoking Weed’ Every Day
03:16 — A 23-year-old who is jobless and lives at home with his parents -- who provide for his family's basic needs -- says his mom and dad are to blame for h (more…)
Woman Claims Mother Has Never Liked Her, Has Told Her ‘I’m Not Your Mom’
04:09 — A woman explains why she questions whether her mom is really her biological mother.
Woman Calls Sister ‘Selfish,’ Claims She's Been A ‘Horrible’ Mother
01:37 — A woman whose mother is currently caring for her niece and nephew explains why she claims her sister is ‘selfish’ and has been a ‘horrible mother.’
Dr. Phil Apologizes To Guest For ‘Having To Hear The Words That You Wanted Your Son Dead’
03:43 — Dr. Phil offers words of comfort to Pamela who is mourning the death of her son, Peter Jr., by suicide after hearing her ex-husband say that he believ (more…)
Dr. Phil To 18-Year-Old Sex Offender: 'You Need To Start Pulling Your Head Out And Learn Something'
01:55 — Dr. Phil offers advice to a family that has been deeply affected by sexual molestation between siblings.
Homeless, Pregnant, And Hooked On Heroin, Admitted Addict Says: ‘I Definitely Blame Myself For The Way I’m Living Now’
04:02 — Niki, a pregnant admitted heroin addict, is reunited with her mother and sister who she hasn’t seen in over a year.
Dr. Phil To Guest Who Says She’s Pregnant, Homeless And Addicted To Heroin: ‘You Are Circling The Drain’
02:46 — Niki admits that she and her fiancé, Jessey, occasionally sleep in their van; and she sometimes prostitutes herself to earn money for drugs. Now eight (more…)
Mother of Admitted Heroin Addict Claims Her Daughter Turned To Drugs After Her Father ‘Drank Himself To Death’
04:33 — Sharon says her daughter, Niki, never came to terms with her father’s death and claims she turned to drugs at the age of 19 to deal with the pain of l (more…)
Why A Pregnant, Self-Confessed Heroin Addict Says She Hasn’t Had Any Prenatal Care
03:00 — Niki, who says she is addicted to heroin and eight months’ pregnant, says she never planned on having kids and wishes she’d found out about her pregn (more…)
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  • Premise: The life strategist offers advice on a wide range of topics, including marital, financial and self-image issues. Phil McGraw began his own show after he became a popular recurring guest on `The Oprah Winfrey Show.' (more)

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