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Man Says Son Who Claims He Believes He’s Jesus Is ‘Completely Lost In A Fantasy World’
02:31 — Willie claims his son, Joshua, is delusional. Joshua says he feels like when he told his family he was Jesus, they weren’t ready for that message.
‘I Am A True Prophet Of The Lord’ Claims Homeless Veteran Whose Ex Alleges He Used God To Manipulate Her
02:55 — Former National Guardsman, Joshua who served in Iraq seven years ago, claims that’s where he began having spiritual visions. Now claiming to be a “tru (more…)
Why Parents Say They Had To Make Rules For 35-Year-Old Son
02:53 — Parents say they had to implement rules when they let their 35-year-old move back in their house. Did he follow them?
‘You’re Just Avoiding, Deflecting And Filibustering’ Says Dr. Phil When Guest Won’t Answer His Question
03:50 — Joshua says it is “God’s Will” that he lives his life on the streets as a homeless “Apostle” for the Lord. His dad, Willie, says he thinks Josh “is u (more…)
Unemployed 35-Year-Old: ‘I Don’t Know How To Fix A Lot Of Things That I Believe Are Broken Inside Of Me’
03:51 — A man who says his mind “overpowers” him reaches out to Dr. Phil for help.
Dr. Phil To Guest: ‘It’s Offensive To My Sensibilities For Someone To Use Jesus Christ, The Lord, The Holy Spirit To Justify Rid
01:59 — Joshua says he regrets his ex-girlfriend, Jem, was hurt when she was with him, but it wasn’t his fault; he was in “spiritual warfare” during the time (more…)
‘I Was Ignorant. I Didn’t Know What I Was Doing,’ Says Man Whose Ex Claims He Used God To Justify Manipulating Her
04:00 — Jem claims ex-boyfriend, Joshua, told her he believed he was Jesus Christ and used that to justify manipulating her, starving her (he says they were f (more…)
Parents Say 35-Year-Old Son Wears Superhero Costumes, Goes On Nighttime Vigilante Missions
02:09 — Parents say their 35-year-old son is lazy, a mooch who has caused $15,000 of damage to their home. They also say he likes to wear superhero costumes a (more…)
Sibling Of Man Who's Claimed He’s Jesus Says His Brother Is Ripping Their Family Apart
03:21 — Joshua’s family says he’s told them he believes he is the second coming of Jesus, and younger brother Tommy says that’s ripped their family apart. Tom (more…)
35-Year-Old Claims To Be Rapper On The Level Of Kanye And Eminem
01:43 — A grown man who likes to wear superhero costumes describes how he created his alter ego rap persona Ceeza Caprice.
He Tried To Get Me To Give Up Food And Live On God’s Energy,’ Says Woman Who Claims Ex-Boyfriend Has A ‘Messiah Complex’
01:24 — Jem claims ex-boyfriend, Joshua, is “a dangerous man with a Messiah complex.”
Woman Claims Ex Who Told Her He Believes He’s Jesus Would Lecture Her ‘For Hours On-End - Until I Was Drained Mentally’
05:00 — Jem claims ex-boyfriend, Joshua, believes he’s Jesus. She says he manipulated her into following him, then tortured her by making her take scorching (more…)
How You Can Help To Diminish Visible Signs Of Aging
01:19 — Learn how you can help to diminish signs of aging.
‘You Said You’d Had Her In Ways That I As A Husband Never Will,’ Claims Man To Wife’s Alleged Abuser
04:53 — Angie’s husband, Rich, claims that before he married her, Ralph, Angie’s former stepfather, bragged to him about having his way with her. Ralph adaman (more…)
Man Accused Of Sexual Abuse Agrees To Take Polygraph Exam: His Results Revealed
03:45 — Ralph’s polygraph test indicates he was being deceptive when he said he didn’t molest his former stepdaughter Angie or her daughter Hannah. He profess (more…)
Why Hector Campos Says Shooting Ana Weed Was Self-Defense
05:03 — In an exclusive interview with Dr. Phil, Hector Campos recalls what he says happened the day he shot his neighbor, Ana Weed, to death and why he’s cla (more…)
How Man Learned His Wife Had Been Shot And Killed By Neighbor On Their Front Lawn
00:47 — The husband of Ana Weed, who was shot to death by Hector Campos, describes how he says he learned his wife was lying dead in their front yard.
Woman Claims Former Stepdad Wanted Custody Of Her Daughter So He Tried To Scare Off Her Future Husband
05:06 — Angie claims her former stepdad, Ralph, started mentally terrorizing her after she and her daughter, Hannah, moved out and he divorced her mother, Let (more…)
‘Whatever Else, I Would Like To Be Able To Walk Out Of Here And Say I’m Done,’ Says Man Who Denies Molesting Former Stepdaughter
03:58 — Dr. Phil offers Ralph, who is accused of sexual abuse of his former step-granddaughter, Hannah, the opportunity to take a polygraph exam to clear his (more…)
Neighbor Shooting: Self-Defense or An Angry Husband Out For Revenge?
00:30 — A deadly neighborhood shooting stuns a quiet Texas suburb. Hector Campos fatally shot his neighbor Ana Weed, a mother and grandmother, after an alterc (more…)
“My Entitled, Lazy, Adult Rapper Son is Sinking This Family!”
00:30 — Cindy and Jim say they are fed up with their 35-year-old son, Brandon. They say he’s a moocher who refuses to get job, wears superhero costumes on a d (more…)
“My Ex-Boyfriend Believes He is Jesus and Scolded, Starved and Tortured Me”
00:47 — Jem says she believes her ex-boyfriend is dangerous and delusional. Jem says during their relationship, Joshua told her he was Jesus, Gilgamesh and li (more…)
Woman Claims Her Former Stepfather Pressured Her Into Putting His Name On Her Child’s Birth Certificate
03:50 — Angie claims her mom, Leta, and stepfather, Ralph, pressured her to put his name on her child’s birth certificate. After that, she claims, Ralph rampe (more…)
‘I Can’t Say I’ve Seen Something I Haven’t Seen,’ Says Woman Whose Daughter And Granddaughter Claim She Witnessed Her Husband Mo
04:03 — Angie and Hannah claim they were both molested by Angie’s former stepfather, Ralph, and say Angie’s mom, Leta, was a witness to it. Ralph denies abusi (more…)
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