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A Housewife’s Double Life
00:30 — Marcedes, a wife and a mother of two, recently revealed on social media that she was leading a double life as an escort, a secret she even kept from h (more…)
‘I Went Off The Deep End,’ Says Recovering-Addict Mom Whose Parental Rights Were Terminated
01:24 — Jerica admits she lost custody of her son several years ago, because of her issues with drug addiction. Four years after her ex-husband’s new wife ado (more…)
Eight-Year-Old’s Adoptive Mom Claims He Told Her: ‘I Just Really Want To Know What It’s Like To Kill Somebody’
03:14 — A little boy’s parents claim his therapist advised them not to let him back in the house to prevent him harming his baby brother. The child’s adoptive (more…)
‘I’m Really In Over My Head Here,’ Admits Adoptive Mom Who Claims 8-Year-Old Bit His Baby Brother
03:26 — A mom, who claims she had to remove her adopted 8-year-old from the home to protect her younger child, sends him back to his birth mother whose parent (more…)
‘Eight-Year-Old Accused Of Disturbing Behaviors Claims Adoptive Mom Makes Him ‘Admit Stuff That I Don’t Do’
02:30 — An 8-year-old claims his adoptive mother puts words in his mouth, making him “admit stuff that I don’t do.” She claims the boy was coached.
Birth Mom Claims Child’s Adoptive Mom Told Her Their Son Is ‘Out Of Control’
04:01 — Jerica was invited back into her son’s life four years after her parental rights were terminated because of her drug use. Then the child’s adoptive mo (more…)
Entertainment Attorney Weighs In On Woman’s Claim That She Deserves Royalty Rights To Michael Jackson’s ‘Smooth Criminal’
02:03 — Annie claims the Michael Jackson song “Smooth Criminal” was written about her life and she deserves the royalties. Entertainment attorney Chris Chatha (more…)
‘I Believe I Am Annie From Michael Jackson’s Song ‘Smooth Criminal’’
03:03 — Annie says she’s certain that Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” is based on her life – and she wants the royalty rights to the song.
Woman Says Mom Is Convinced Michael Jackson Wrote ‘Smooth Criminal’ About Her
04:19 — A woman says her mother insists Michael Jackson’s song “Smooth Criminal” was written about her. She also describes what she calls her mother’s other “ (more…)
Michael Jackson’s Former Sound/Audio Engineer Reveals Who ‘Annie’ Is From The Song ‘Smooth Criminal’
02:57 — Michael Jackson’s former sound and audio engineer, who worked on the pop star’s record-breaking album Bad, reveals who the real “Annie” is in the hit (more…)
Woman Confronts Heroin-Addicted Brother And Sister-In-Law: ‘Your Kids Are Going To Live The Rest Of Their Lives Without You’
03:02 — A woman who fought for custody of her two young nieces makes an impassioned plea to her brother and sister-in-law about their heroin addiction.
“My Mom is Delusional and Believes She is Annie From Michael Jackson’s ‘Smooth Criminal’”
00:30 — Akeeya claims her mother, Annie, is delusional and believes that Michael Jackson wrote his hit song “Smooth Criminal” about her. Annie, a former model (more…)
Dr. Phil Goes To Capitol Hill To Demand Change To The Foster Care System
05:40 — Watch Dr. Phil address Congress about fixing the foster care system. And, hear from Congresswoman Karen Bass, whose mission is to advocate for and ove (more…)
"My Ex-Husband And His Wife Stole MY Son … And She Coached Him Into Admitting To Killing Animals and Harming His Baby Brother"
00:30 — Jerica says she’s sick and tired of her ex-husband Kody’s new wife, Kim, labeling her 8-year-old son, Michael, as a troubled child with behavioral pro (more…)
Why Parents Addicted To Drugs Say Asking Family Member To Care For Kids Was Big Mistake
01:14 — A couple says that when they were evicted from their apartment, they asked his sister to care for their young daughters. Find out why they say that wa (more…)
Was Her Boyfriend Falsely Convicted of Sexual Assault? Her Parents Want Him Gone
00:30 — Twenty-two-year-old Sara, mom to a 2-year-old daughter, is dating Matt, a registered sex offender. Matt, 34, was convicted of indecent assault and cor (more…)
Police Officer Strives To Practice ‘Patience And Love’ Toward Homeless Population In L.A.’s Skid Row
01:54 — A Police Officer walking the beat in L.A.’s infamous Skid Row works to create meaningful change in the lives of the area’s homeless population.
5 Things All Parents Should Require From Their Children
01:28 — If you require these five things from your child, they will succeed in the world and you will have succeeded as a parent.
What Teen Says Drives Her Rebellious And Self-Destructive Behavior
00:59 — A teen who says she’s the black sheep of her family shares why she began to act out when she was 12 – and what she wants from her mother.
Man Accused of Abuse By Stepdaughter Receives Results Of Polygraph Exam
02:31 — Man accused by his stepdaughter of abuse begs to take a polygraph exam to help prove he is innocent. See the results.
Woman Claims Man Who Pled Guilty To Negligent Homicide In Connection With The Death Of Her Son Is Now Harassing Her
00:52 — A woman who says she believes her son’s friend murdered him claims he’s now harassing her after serving jail time.
Man Claims Mom Of Dead Friend Is Harassing Him On Social Media
01:36 — A young man claims the mom of his deceased friend blames him for the murder and is harassing him on social media.
Discipline Dilemma: How To Help a Shoplifting, Class-Cutting, Sexting 16-Year-Old
00:30 — April and Nate want help for their 16-year-old daughter, Annalisa, who they say they believe is prostituting herself for money and doing drugs. Annali (more…)
‘I 100% Believe That I Was Drugged’ Claims Woman Whose Hypnotist-Lawyer Went To Prison On Kidnapping Charges
03:03 — A woman alleges she was drugged and possibly assaulted by her divorce lawyer. Former Ohio attorney Michael Fine has since gone to prison, admitting he (more…)
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