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The life strategist offers advice on a wide range of topics, including marital, financial and self-image issues. Phil McGraw began his own show after he became a popular recurring guest on `The Oprah Winfrey Show.'

“Our Son-In-Law’s Lies, Cover Ups and Disturbing Secrets”
00:30 — Chuck and Amanda say their six-year marriage is loud, violent and full of rage. Chuck says they scream and holler in front of their two young children (more…)
Beauty Expert Jamie Krell Reveals Tips For Overcoming Problems with Skin Care
05:22 — For more info about Boots No7 serums, and a special offer, click here: http://bit.ly/Boots_Nov2015
Exes At Odds: Is Their 4-Year-Old Identifying As A Boy Or Girl?
04:44 — Michelle and Kyle's baby, Aubrey, was born intersex, with ambiguous genitalia and chromosomes indicating that she was 70 percent more male than female (more…)
Can You Spot A Narcissist
01:03 — Can You Spot A Narcissist
10 Key Signs of Addiction
01:07 — Whether it’s drug use, sex, or overspending, do you wonder if your behavior is crossing the line into addiction? Dr. Gary Stollman, Ph.D., is a psycho (more…)
From Chance to Hope: “My 22-Year-Old Son Transitioned to a Woman and is Now Living on the Streets of Hollywood!”
00:30 — Janyce says she was shocked when she discovered that her son, Chance, was transitioning to female, going by the name Hope. Now, she says she is fearfu (more…)
Private Planes, Black Tie Parties, Elite Sporting Events: The Shocking Story of One Woman's Life in Sex Trafficking
00:30 — Kendall claims she was sold by her parents at birth to a powerful international sex trafficker. She says when she wasn’t locked in a cage with other k (more…)
Man Who Claims His Wife Poisoned Him: ‘I Went From Being A Totally Healthy Person To Laying On The Couch Sick, Every Day’
03:01 — Jeremy says he’s convinced his wife, Kelly, has been poisoning everything from his soda and donuts to the milk he has on his cereal. Kelly denies try (more…)
Why Dr. Phil Says Mom Fighting About Custody Is Being A ‘Know-It-All Hardhead’
02:06 — Dr. Phil tells a mom in a battle about who should raise her kids what she can do to help her kids.
Dr. Phil To Former Couple Attempting Reconciliation: ‘You’ve Got Nothing To Lose’
02:39 — Exes Jason and Jessica each take some personal responsibility for their turbulent past as a couple. When Dr. Phil offers to get them professional help (more…)
Why A Reality Show Contestant Accused Of Cheating On His Ex Is Claiming She’s ‘Paranoid’
01:41 — Former reality show contestant, Jason “Tank D” Turner, adamantly denies allegations that he cheated on his ex-girlfriend, Jessica, throughout their 18 (more…)
Ex-Girlfriend Of CMT Reality Show Contestant Denies Pointing A Loaded Gun At Him
04:56 — Jessica claims her ex-boyfriend, Jason, became extremely emotionally and verbally abusive a few months after they started dating. Jason admits to call (more…)
Woman Denies Ex-Husband’s Claim That She Vowed To Make Their Teenage Sons Hate Him
01:21 — Pete claims his ex-wife, Pamela, told him she’d do “everything in her power” to turn their boys against him, saying he believes she wanted their 15-ye (more…)
Ex-Wife Of Former Priest Claims He Left Their Family For A Massage Therapist He Met At A Couples’ Retreat
01:35 — Pamela claims her ex-husband, Pete, a former Catholic priest and licensed counselor, divorced her to marry Lori, whom he met on a couples’ retreat - w (more…)
Divorced Parents Each Claim The Other Was Partly to Blame For Teenage Son’s Suicide
02:51 — Pamela claims her ex-husband, Pete, “abandoned” their teenaged sons, Joseph and Peter Jr., when they divorced; which she claims caused both boys to be (more…)
Why A Former Priest Claims His Ex-Wife ‘Turned' Their Sons Against Him
01:53 — Pete’s new wife, Lori, claims his ex-wife, Pamela, has “turned their son”, Joseph, against them to the point that they both fear for their lives. Pet (more…)
Woman Claims Ex-Husband Cheated And Kept Her Living 'Under A Gag Order' To Protect His Business
02:39 — Pamela claims her ex-husband Pete, a counselor and former Catholic priest, confessed to cheating on her throughout their 17-year marriage; but that he (more…)
Why A Pregnant Woman Who Admits She’s Addicted to Heroin Says She Gets High
04:02 — Niki says she gets high because she wants to escape the wreckage of her life. Her sister, Sammantha, says since Niki left town, everyone there hates t (more…)
It Was Like Everything That My Mother Had Ever Warned Me About,’ Says Survivor Of Brutal Assault
01:43 — Abby Honold says she fought back against the man who raped her in the fall of 2014. Honold says even after brutally attacking her - Daniel Drill-Mellu (more…)
Why A Pregnant Woman Who Says She’s Addicted to Heroin Claims She Can’t Quit Using – Yet
02:30 — Niki admits she injects around a gram of heroin a day and says she’s afraid to quit while she’s pregnant. Niki sees her mom, Sharon, and sister, Samma (more…)
How A Detective Who Doggedly Pursued Rape Suspect Describes Christmas Eve Arrest
04:52 — Lieutenant Kevin Randolph, previously of the University of Minnesota Police Department, describes pursuing rape suspect Daniel Drill-Mellum; and the C (more…)
Woman To Pregnant Sister Who Admits Heroin Addiction: ‘Do You Really Want Help?’
01:07 — Niki, who says she is addicted to heroin and pregnant, comes face to face with her younger sister, Sammantha, for the first time in two years. Sammant (more…)
‘Heroin Robbed Her From Me,’ Says Mom Of Admitted Addict
02:18 — Niki says she’s homeless, pregnant and addicted to heroin. Her mother, Sharon, says she’s devastated – but not surprised – to learn that Niki, had bee (more…)
Woman Denies Sister-In-Law’s Allegation That She Had A Feeding Tube Put In To Get Attention
02:24 — Ashleigh says she has a history with eating disorders and recently had a feeding tube put in because she was feeling anxious, angry and hurt by her si (more…)
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  • Premise: The life strategist offers advice on a wide range of topics, including marital, financial and self-image issues. Phil McGraw began his own show after he became a popular recurring guest on `The Oprah Winfrey Show.' (more)

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