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Episodes: Dr. Laura (133)

12/12/2001: When Enough Is Enough
11/6/2001: Nurture or Overprotection
10/15/2001: Standing Up for What's Right
9/19/2001: Death and Dying
7/23/2001: When Is a Father a Father?
7/23/2001: The Bottom Line of Medicine
7/23/2001: Is It a Bad Time to Be a Boy?
7/23/2001: Putting the Jail in Jail Bait
7/16/2001: Parental Consent
7/16/2001: Whose Body Is It Anyway?
7/16/2001: I Know What's Best for My Child
7/16/2001: Mandatory Drug Testing
7/16/2001: How to Become Your Kid's Parent
7/9/2001: Spare the Rod
7/9/2001: Kids & Cash
7/9/2001: Little Kids, Big Problems
7/9/2001: Messing with Mother Nature
7/9/2001: Bite Your Tongue & Child Free
7/2/2001: Is It All Black and White?
7/2/2001: Organ Ethics
5/21/2001: Against All Odds
5/21/2001: Get Real
5/21/2001: Lies and Liars
5/14/2001: Be My Sibling, Not My Rival
5/14/2001: Loose Lips
5/14/2001: Family Matters
5/14/2001: Do Right by Your Kids
5/14/2001: How Much Is Too Much?
5/7/2001: For the Love of Money
5/7/2001: Facing Responsibility
5/7/2001: I Won't Grow Up
5/7/2001: When Work Gets in Your Moral Way
5/7/2001: Thinking Impaired
4/30/2001: Tough Choices (Update Show)
4/30/2001: Truth Be Told
4/30/2001: Should I Say Something?
4/30/2001: Life Is an Illusion
4/30/2001: High Tech...Too Tech!
4/27/2001: Keeping Secrets
4/26/2001: Sticky Sibling Situations
4/10/2001: Guilt Tripping
4/9/2001: Too Much to Ask?
4/3/2001: When Love Hurts
4/2/2001: Following Your Heart
3/27/2001: A House Divided
3/26/2001: Pressures of Love
2/28/2001: Pick Your Battles
2/27/2001: Parenting 101
2/26/2001: Money...Is It the Root of All Evil?
2/23/2001: All in the Family
2/22/2001: Good Intentions
2/21/2001: Tough Choices
2/20/2001: Kids Come First
2/19/2001: Whatever It Takes
2/16/2001: Beyond Your Control
2/15/2001: I've Got a Secret
2/14/2001: Dealing with Terrible Teens
2/13/2001: Standing Your Ground
2/12/2001: Going Too Far?
2/9/2001: Letting Go!
2/8/2001: Sibling Perks and Pitfalls
2/7/2001: Breaking Up Is Hard to Do
2/6/2001: Up Against the Wall
2/5/2001: The Things We Do for Love
2/2/2001: Under Pressure
2/1/2001: Honor Thy Parents
1/31/2001: Is Honesty Always the Best Policy?
1/30/2001: Baby on Board
1/29/2001: When to Tell It Like It Is
1/19/2001: Being Taken for Granted
1/18/2001: Standing Up for Yourself
1/16/2001: Losing Trust
1/15/2001: Love & Friendship at What Price?
12/6/2000: Home Sweet Home?
12/5/2000: Keeping the Peace
12/4/2000: Standoffs, Showdowns & Stalemates
11/29/2000: Holiday Blues
11/28/2000: Doing Right When a Family Member Does Wrong
11/27/2000: Tampa & the Sunshine State
11/24/2000: Living with Disappointment
11/22/2000: When Should You Break the Rules?
11/21/2000: Victims of Crimes ask Dr. Laura
11/20/2000: Mothers in Prison Reach Out
11/17/2000: Take Control of Your Marriage
11/16/2000: Out of Control: Money
11/15/2000: When Food Is Out of Control
11/14/2000: Kids Lives Out of Control
11/13/2000: When Anger or Emotion Take Control
11/10/2000: Baltimore
11/9/2000: Indianapolis
11/8/2000: Atlanta
11/7/2000: Seattle
11/6/2000: Dallas
11/3/2000: Knowing When to Let Go
11/2/2000: Family Feuds
11/1/2000: What's Your Responsibility?
10/31/2000: Setting Limits
10/30/2000: Parent's Obligations & Kid's Rights
10/27/2000: To Tell the Truth
10/26/2000: Should We Forgive?
10/25/2000: Forgive or Forget
10/24/2000: Breaking Bonds
10/23/2000: Coming to Terms with Your Parents
10/20/2000: I'm Losing My Child
10/19/2000: Betrayal
10/18/2000: You Can...But Should You?
10/17/2000: Overcoming Doubts
10/16/2000: Setting Boundaries
10/13/2000: Should You Stay Together for the Kids?
10/12/2000: How Much Is Too Much?
10/11/2000: Keeping Old Ties
10/10/2000: What Age Is the Right Age?
10/9/2000: What's a Parent to Do?
10/6/2000: When Push Comes to Shove
10/5/2000: It's Hard to Do the Right Thing for Your Kids
10/4/2000: Tough Love
10/3/2000: Am I Being Selfish?
10/2/2000: Family Obligations & Real Solutions
9/29/2000: Beauty: In the Eye of the Beholder
9/28/2000: Is This All There Is?
9/27/2000: Kids & Sex: Too Much, Too Soon?
9/26/2000: Getting to the Altar
9/25/2000: Readin', Writin' and Cheatin'!
9/22/2000: School Daze
9/21/2000: Kids and Alcohol
9/20/2000: Peer Pressure: Fitting In or Falling Out?
9/19/2000: Parenthood by Adoption: Rewards & Risks
9/18/2000: From Diapers to Drugs?
9/15/2000: Lewd Libraries
9/14/2000: What's the Right Thing to Do?
9/13/2000: Are You Your Kid's Parent?
9/12/2000: When Is an Affair an Affair?
9/11/2000: Teens and Drugs: What to Do?

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Rating: TV-14
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Premise: Controversial talk-radio personality Laura Schlessinger takes her no-nonsense style to TV, addressing topics such as parenting, religion and spirituality, and encouraging audience participation through Internet chats, e-mails and faxes. When ratings declined, the show was moved from daytime to late night in many major markets before it was canceled altogether.



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