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Nov 16, 2008 Season 6 Episode 8 watch on (Paid)

The Reys' relationship takes a turn for the worst when their kitchen renovation spirals out of control. Hayley hopes her mother Brenda can help move the project along and invites her to live with them, but her hasty decision only frustrates Robert who doesn't get along with his meddling mother-in-law. Dr. Li must learn to play step mom when Dr. Fulcher's teenage daughter Elyse decides to live with them. But how will she deal with this new full-time addition to the family? Meanwhile, Dr. Rey helps an aspiring actress and model achieve a fuller look up top, while Dr. Li helps a young woman get a new body after her drastic weight loss from gastric bypass surgery. Will she get the results she's looking for? Drop by and see!

New Orleans, New Beginnings & New Horizons

Oct 03, 2004 Season 1 Episode 13

Dr. Rey and his family take a trip to The Big Easy, so the good doc can learn a new facelift procedure. While in New Orleans, the family enjoys some rest and relaxation and Hayley gets a long-awaited evening with her husband. The two dine in a private room at a swanky restaurant in the Ritz Carlton Hotel and Robert Rey III makes his grand entrance.
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Tough Decisions

Sep 26, 2004 Season 1 Episode 12

Four plastic surgery hopefuls look forward to having their cases accepted--and the life changes that come with it. Jill, an actress, was maimed by a previous surgeon after she was wrongly diagnosed with cancer. Larry wants to add a couple more years to his acting career with a facelift. Elza, an R&B singer who has recently lost a lot of weight, visits Dr. Yamini in the hopes of getting an entire body lift. Car accident victim, Shifa, visits Dr. Rey for some new breasts. Also, the time has come for Dr. Rey's tae kwon do exam. Will he pass? But most importantly, will his time away from his family have been worth it?
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Hollywood Pressure

Sep 19, 2004 Season 1 Episode 11

Living up to the beauty standards of Hollywood takes a toll on everyone in the industry. Bethany, a young, attractive producer in Los Angeles is unhappy with her body and is getting liposuction to better fit in with the slim and sexy actresses and models she works with every day. Also, two actress-models speak about Endermology, a cutting edge, quick way to remove cellulite.
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South Central vs. Beverly Hills

Sep 12, 2004 Season 1 Episode 10

Dr. Rey gives back to his community with both reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries. He visits a clinic in Huntington Park where he helps Maria, a woman living in a trailer in South Central, who has four breasts. Dr. Rey removes Maria's extra breasts and gives her a nicer shape. In addition, Dr. Rey's staff plans an extravagant baby shower for his wife, Hayley.
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Self Expression

Sep 05, 2004 Season 1 Episode 9

Malena, a young Middle Eastern woman sees Dr. Matlock about a Hymenoplasty procedure. Malena was raped by an ex-boyfriend years ago and therefore is no longer a virgin. If this were found out by her family, or her fiancé's family, she could face death. So she is sneaking away to Beverly Hills to have this procedure done, which will probably save her life.
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One Small Change Can Make a Big Difference

Aug 29, 2004 Season 1 Episode 8

Dr. Raj Kanodia, also known as "The Face Guy" is a Beverly Hills doctor at the top of his game, with a famous celebrity clientele. But even the famous faces have to wait for the chance to go under his knife. We meet one lucky patient, Lauren, a 16-year-old girl, who desperately wants a nose job. She has been waiting three years and her family has finally agreed she is old enough. Also, we get a glimpse into Dr. Kanodia's home life as he prepares to host an intimate dinner party.
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Hollywood Models: Staying Beautiful

Aug 22, 2004 Season 1 Episode 7

Dr. Rey performs surgeries on two models. His first patient, Kymme, is a 28-year-old former model looking to get back into the game and wants a complete makeover! Dr. Rey give her the works: a breast augmentation, lift, rhinoplasty, chin implant and collagen to an existing facial scar. His second patient is Victoria, a 50-year-old former Playboy model who poses nude on her pay website. Victoria gets Alloderm put into her lips. Back at home, Hayley finally decides it's time to buy maternity clothes.
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Aug 15, 2004 Season 1 Episode 6

Dr. Yamini, one of Dr. Ellenbogen's protégés, is helping a mother, Gina, who wants to get back into the dating scene. Four years ago, Gina gave birth to a big baby that did a number on her stomach and self-esteem. She wants a tummy tuck, so she can go back to wearing bathing suits and showing off her otherwise slim physique. Also, we get an update on Dr. Rey's wife, Hayley, and her pregnancy. Will she get a tummy tuck from her husband? And why is Dr. Rey so nervous about having a son?
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Aug 08, 2004 Season 1 Episode 5

See the conclusion of the Reys' family ultrasound and a very different side to the doctor's plastic surgery practice. Also, meet Dr. Ellenbogen and his "boys" who are attending a plastic surgery expo in Vancouver. Dr. Ellenbogen has been in practice for almost 30 years and has taken two doctors under his wing so he can pass the torch onto them when he retires. Dr. Ellenbogen shows his surgery skills by giving Sara Gwyn an extreme makeover. It's definitely a shocker when Sara flies home to surprise her family with her new look.
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Is Bigger Better?

Jul 25, 2004 Season 1 Episode 4

Dr. Rey performs breast enlargements on Ana Vehidi, a young, attractive mother, and Jackie Oates, a mother with a remarkable weight loss story. Ana previously had breast implants, but had them removed so she could breast feed her child. But now she wants her implants back. Jackie had a previous tummy tuck and breast augmentation with Dr. Rey four years ago, but with her new slimmed physique of she's looking to increase her assets--with some double-D implants!
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The Fountain of Youth

Jul 18, 2004 Season 1 Episode 3

Does where you work define who you are? For Dr. Rey it might. He set his sights on working in one of the most prominent surgical buildings in the "Golden Triangle." But how long will it take him to reach his goal? Plus, Dr. Kotler gives his publicist a chemical face peel, just weeks before an important day for her.
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