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Four industrious little workers use their skills to solve problems and tackle projects together.

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Little Feats
11:50 — Being the smallest, Daisy Wheel has to make two trips to carry as much as the bigger kids, but she doesn't mind because more trips mean more time to e (more…)
Big Stars
11:50 — Molly wants to put on a show for the Doozer Creek! With the help of her friends and her enthusiastic dad, Molly turns her small puppet show into a spe (more…)
Three's a Team
11:50 — It's Contest Day at the Doozer World Expo: the day when all Doozers team up to test their invention skills. Spike accidentally promises to enter with (more…)
Doozers Re-Users
11:50 — Flex has broken his beloved hardhat and he doesn't want to get a new one, but the old one isn't safe anymore. Visiting a new friend, Doozer Re-User, F (more…)
Doozers on Parade
11:50 — The Doozer World Expo is underway and it's time for all the villages to present the shows they've prepared to tell everyone what makes their village u (more…)
Sky High Doozers
11:50 — During the Doozer World Expo, the Pod Squad and their visiting friends, Buzz, Tag and Zippa, all work together to create a Sky High Doozer tower that (more…)
Short Order Doozers
11:49 — Baker Timberbolt is swamped at the Bakery. His new Super Sammies are a huge hit and he can't keep up with the demand! The Pod Squad come to the rescue (more…)
The Legend of Doozer Creek
11:50 — It’s a big Pod Squad sleepover at Molly’s house! The gang wants to hear a spooky story! Baker Timber Bolt obliges, reading a classic: The Legend of Do (more…)
Picture Perfect
11:50 — Professor Gimbal has a special task for the Pod Squad today: collect a series of pictures without using any of their usual high tech tools like the Gr (more…)
Starry Night
11:50 — A comet is coming to Doozer Creek and the whole town is gathered to witness this special event. Unfortunately, the comet arrives past Daisy Wheel's be (more…)
Catch a Ride
11:50 — Everyone in the Pod Squad has their own vehicle except Molly. After trying out her friends' rides, the group decide to create a custom vehicle made es (more…)
The Blue Beaker
11:50 — Professor Gimbal has been searching for the elusive Blue Beaker bird to complete his collection of rare bird photos. The Pod Squad jump in to help, cr (more…)
The Pod Squad Pavilion
11:51 — Everyone is busy getting ready for The Doozer World Expo. Professor Gimbal assigns the Pod Squad a very important job: to create a pavilion that repre (more…)
Trouble Below
11:50 — The Pod Squad venture underground to the Doozer Tubes where they meet Doozer Dwight, the Tubes train conductor! But when their ride is cut short by an (more…)
Jetpack Away
11:50 — When Daisy Wheel's jetpack goes on the fritz, Flex volunteers to fix it. The problem is, he makes it sooo fast that it flies out of her reach and all (more…)
A Sticky Situation
11:50 — The Pod Squad is busy working away at a new playground in Doozer Creek when Professor Gimbal slips on the bridge and gets stuck in a termite mound for (more…)
Pod Squad Boogey
11:50 — The Pod Squad is performing in the Starlight Concert, but when they hear other Doozers singing, the group decides they need to do something unique to (more…)
Mystery Box
11:50 — Professor Gimbal gives the Pod Squad a curious present - a Mystery Box with a surprise inside. Now they just have to figure out how to open this stran (more…)
Doozer Derby
11:50 — Doozer Creek is hosting the Doozer Derby, a design-your-own Doozer Derby Cart race. The Pod Squad want to enter but they can't settle on just one desi (more…)
Follow Your Nose
11:50 — After a huge order at the bakery is cancelled, Molly's Dad, Baker Timberbolt, is left with 100 extra Smackleberry muffins. The Pod Squad run all over (more…)
11:48 — The Pod Squad is excited when Professor Gimbal gives them a Doozermahoozit, a strange-looking invention, and tells them he’d like them to fix it. The (more…)
Be-Leaf It
11:50 — The Fall Foliage Festival was a success, but now the Pod Squad needs to figure out what to do with all the spare leaves they've collected. With a litt (more…)
Cake Walk
11:50 — The Doozer Creek baking contest is about to start and Molly's family is sure they have a winning confection! But when they try to move the towering ca (more…)
A Gift for Gimbal
11:48 — The Pod Squad want to get Professor Gimbal a gift, but what do you give the Doozer that has everything? Playing detective, they follow him around Dooz (more…)
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  • Premiered: October 10, 2013
  • Rating: TV-Y
  • Premise: Four industrious little workers use their skills to solve problems and tackle projects together. (more)

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