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Sep 15, 2012 Season 9 Episode 14 watch on (Paid)

Kelly and Hyrum Lai always knew their picture-perfect life together would include a dog. They adopted an adorable Lab puppy named Holly, but early on Holly began displaying disturbing behavior - food aggression. The Lai's biggest concern is for their 18-month old son Griffin, who they fear could be bitten just for having food in his hand, so Cesar is their last hope to help Holly before they make the hard decision to send her away. Cesar's next case brings him to a washed out river bottom where dozens of society's neediest and most forgotten live. Pregnant and homeless, Lenie Pictou has the amazing opportunity to move into a newly opened women's shelter that will take both her and her pit bull, Tucker. The only problem is that Tucker has become very protective of Lenie as a result of living at the river bottom. Will Cesar be able to help both dog and owner make a positive change in their lives?

Seven, Macy and Lex

Jan 28, 2011 Season 7 Episode 14

Cesar helps calm down a dog-crowded household, cleans up Lex's bad behavior, and cures a poodle of her screen door fear.
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Mufasa and Tucker

Jan 21, 2011 Season 7 Episode 13

Two aggressive dogs wreak havoc with their owners. Can Cesar bring back the peace in these divided households?
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Diego and Berkeley

Jan 14, 2011 Season 7 Episode 12

Diego has developed an aggression toward other dogs, while Berkeley goes nuts, lunging ferociously and biting at his family when he's packed into his travel carrier.
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Viper and Diesel

Jan 07, 2011 Season 7 Episode 11

Owner and dog handler at All States K-9 Detection, Chief Harlen "Lamb" Lambert adopted and trained his dog Viper to be a K-9 detection dog. However, Lamb has been unable to take Viper into a real prison because of Viper’s fear of people.
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Stella & Nala and Phoebe

Dec 27, 2010 Season 7 Episode 10

A house divided... by dogs...cannot stand. Nate and Charnae's Australian shepherd/collie mix named Stella, and chow/Labrador mix Nala, are literally at each other's throats.
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India, Jagger, and Axl

Dec 06, 2011 Season 7 Episode 9

India, a Manchester Terrier, terrorizes the whole family, while Jagger, a Wheaten Terrier is suspected of being born in a puppy mill due to his poor social skills with dogs and humans, alike.
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Snickers and Maury

Jun 17, 2011 Season 7 Episode 8

Snickers not-so-sweet behavior has his owners worried, while an energetic rescue dog's tendency to bite has led to several failed adoptions
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Neco & Yona and Justice

Nov 19, 2010 Season 7 Episode 7

Responsible for handling search and rescue dogs, Marcy and Nick are the owners of German shepherd pups that have a shadowy track record.
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Howie Mandel's Lola and Bebe and Sadie

Oct 08, 2010 Season 7 Episode 1

Howie Mandel and his wife Terry are being terrorized by their Chihuahua's aggressive behavior, and they call Cesar in to save the day.
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