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Sep 15, 2012 Season 9 Episode 14 watch on (Paid)

Kelly and Hyrum Lai always knew their picture-perfect life together would include a dog. They adopted an adorable Lab puppy named Holly, but early on Holly began displaying disturbing behavior - food aggression. The Lai's biggest concern is for their 18-month old son Griffin, who they fear could be bitten just for having food in his hand, so Cesar is their last hope to help Holly before they make the hard decision to send her away. Cesar's next case brings him to a washed out river bottom where dozens of society's neediest and most forgotten live. Pregnant and homeless, Lenie Pictou has the amazing opportunity to move into a newly opened women's shelter that will take both her and her pit bull, Tucker. The only problem is that Tucker has become very protective of Lenie as a result of living at the river bottom. Will Cesar be able to help both dog and owner make a positive change in their lives?

Amber, Snoopy and Schroeder--Show 320

Aug 07, 2007 Season 3 Episode 20

Cesar visits Peter and Barbara Beer, a mild mannered couple who can't seem to control their high-strung Golden Retriever mix; Snoopy, a belligerent Bearded Collie; and Schroeder, an adopted a Lhasa Apso/Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix with a bad case of separation anxiety.
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Cotton, Ricky, Lila and Duke--Show 319

Jul 30, 2007 Season 3 Episode 19

Cesar meets Cotton, an American Eskimo watchdog who takes his role too far; a Shiba Inu with a mean streak named Ricky; and Lila, a boxer who was attacked by another dog one day in the park, and has since become more aggressive. Will Cesar be able to block this belligerent boxer's bad attitude?
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Various dogs, Chuy, Jack and Carmine--Show 318

Jul 10, 2007 Season 3 Episode 18

When several tenants? canines can't seem to get along, Cesar is called in to restore some peace to a dog friendly apartment. Also, Cesar meets two Chihuahuas and a Jack Russell Terrier who can't seem to get along. Will Cesar be able to pacify this unruly mob?
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Various dogs, Chloe--Show 317

Jul 09, 2007 Season 3 Episode 17

Cesar Millan joins the brave volunteers of United Hope for Animals in their mission to rescue stray pets, and to educate the citizens of Tijuana about the serious problem of overpopulation of dogs and cats in Mexico. Later, Cesar meets Chloe, a Cocker Spaniel who needs to learn to respect her owner.
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Bodhi, Bojo, Maggie and Molly--Show 316

Mar 30, 2007 Season 3 Episode 16

Donna's Bloodhound/Catahoula mix, Bojo, is aggressive when it comes to food- attacking Tippy, a rescued female stray during meal time. Also, Molly and Maggie, two territorial Malteses and a Kerry Blue Terrier in need of some calm assertive energy.
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Joe, Penny, and Promise--Show 315

Mar 09, 2007 Season 3 Episode 15

An Australian shepherd is so devoted to his owner he breaks leashes to be with her; a neurotic beagle makes trouble for a pack of foster dogs; and an Italian mastiff puppy fears riding in cars. Can Cesar help this troubled trio?
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Titan, Candy, and Bella--Show 314

Mar 03, 2007 Season 3 Episode 14

A new puppy has "Young and Restless" soap star Michael Damian's cat cornered, MTV's "Downtown" Julie Brown wants to unspoil her Yorkie, and a 120-pound Rottweiler needs anger management training.
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Calvin, Rudy, and Milo--Show 313

Feb 23, 2007 Season 3 Episode 13

A ridgeback mix needs help recovering from a car accident that left him with three-legs and odd behaviors; a manic Jack Russell chases motorcycles; and a border collie's herding instincts are out of control. Cesar steps in.
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Dexter and Nasir--Show 312

Feb 16, 2007 Season 3 Episode 12

Singer Patti LaBelle is afraid of her guard dog, an aggressive 150-pound South African boerboel. A Chicago art teacher wants to unify her adopted Rottweiler/shepherd's dual personality. Cesar takes creative control.
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Skyler, Cassie and Tori--Show 311

Feb 03, 2007 Season 3 Episode 11

An adopted miniature schnauzer compulsively spins in circles, four French bulldogs revolt against their owner, and an abused Lab/chow/shepherd mix needs help accepting love.
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Woody, Wally and Kane--Show 310

Jan 27, 2007 Season 3 Episode 10

Cesar shows mail carriers in Roswell, Georgia, how to deal with close encounters of the four-legged kind. Next, Cesar meets a pair of Pomeranians that flip out when left alone and a Swiss mountain dog that turns vicious at feeding time.
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Bella, Big Boy, and Gracie--Show 309

Jan 19, 2007 Season 3 Episode 9

After the death of his star companion Marley, Marley and Me author John Grogan gets a new yellow Lab. Just like Marley, Gracie needs lessons in respect. Ultra-cool Paul Frank Industries lets employees bring their dogs to work, but Bella and Big Boy are making office life "ruff." Cesar steps in.
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Fondue, Chip, Hope, JoyJoy and Elmer--Show 308

Jan 12, 2007 Season 3 Episode 8

A Hollywood couple had to turn down work because their French bulldog failed the Doggy Daycare entrance exam. Three Jack Russells began to fight each other when their owner got a serious boyfriend. A couple of beagles were fine walking together until one started howling at other dogs. Cesar works his canine magic.
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Dasher, Riley and Fosse--Show 307

Jan 06, 2007 Season 3 Episode 7

An Italian greyhound bites the hand that touches his toys; a 125-pound mastiff expands his grudge against the mailman to include skateboarders and other dogs; and a Yorkie has a shocking dislike of home appliances. Can Cesar help?
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Sophie and Riley, Aussi and Sasha, Bebe and Lulu-Show 306

Dec 11, 2006 Season 3 Episode 6

A couple of adopted basset hounds have a bad case of sibling rivalry over food, treats and their owners' attention. A dingo mix from Australia hasn't adjusted to her new life in California, and takes it out on other dogs. An overly protective poodle has it in for a pair of new puppies. Can Cesar help these troubled pets?
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Maya, Sara and Lilly--Show 305

Nov 20, 2006 Season 3 Episode 5

Diana is the proud owner of Maya, an adopted Border Collie/Spring Spaniel Mix who loves to jump. Maya's jumping causes a whiplash motion, which is detrimental to Diana who recently had major neck surgery. Can Cesar keep Maya grounded? Next, Cesar meets Sara, an overly-aggressive Shepherd mix and Lilly, a pushy Poodle.
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Wilshire & Butch--Show 304

Nov 13, 2006 Season 3 Episode 4

Wilshire, a hyperactive Dalmatian in Los Angeles, runs amuck in Firehouse 29 and the city attorney threatens to take him away if he doesn't shape up. Cesar tries to clear Wilshire's spotty past and make him a role model for fire dogs everywhere. Next, Cesar travels to the Lone Star state, where he meets Butch, an overly aggressive English bulldog and tries to rein in his out-of-control behavior.
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Molly, Jane, & Genoa--Show 303

Nov 07, 2006 Season 3 Episode 3

Cesar helps Molly, a blue heeler in Nebraska, get over the trauma caused by an accident involving her owner's pickup truck. Jane, an American Eskimo/border collie mix in Chicago, fears the outside world and just won't go for a walk. Genoa, a golden retriever that seems to be trapped in a nightmare, rampages throughout the house every time her owner comes home.
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Buster, Holli, Spike & Belle--Show 302

Oct 30, 2006 Season 3 Episode 2

Cesar cures Spike's depression with a new friend. Buster, an eight-year-old blue heeler/Australian shepherd mix, is supposed to play the role of family alarm dog, but he does his job a little too well. An American Staffordshire terrier's unconventional skin graft gives Cesar ideas for a different kind of rehabilitation?as a "Biker Dog."
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Kobe, Banjo, and Kisses--Show 301

Oct 23, 2006 Season 3 Episode 1

An aggressive one-eyed Australian shepherd needs special treatment. Banjo, a traumatized black and tan coonhound is terrified of people, and Kisses, a not-so-pretty-in-pink Maltese gets a little too excited when guests drop by.
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