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Fri Jul 1 8:00am
Ticket to Ride(Season 3, Episode 23) A&E

Duane and Beth shop for new SUVs for the team, and they break them in by hunting for a fugitive.

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Fri Jul 1 8:30am
Last Call(Season 4, Episode 14) A&E

Dog has an unusual day when fugitives turn themselves in.

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Fri Jul 1 9:00am
Secret Places(Season 5, Episode 39) A&E

Dog helps Leland on a case that takes them to a remote area of the Big Island.

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Fri Jul 1 9:30am
Photo Op(Season 8, Episode 11) A&E

Duane Lee is blamed for denting Dog's vehicle and tension mounts between them until the family unites to track down a repeat offender.

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Mon Jul 4 8:00am
Cops and Criminals(Season 3, Episode 13) A&E

Dog talks to school children on career day and later helps a law-enforcement official pursue an elusive fugitive.

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Mon Jul 4 8:30am
Playing Possum(Season 3, Episode 21) A&E

Dog helps Tim in the search for a fugitive who failed to appear in court.

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Mon Jul 4 9:00am
Let it Snow(Season 5, Episode 6) A&E

A blizzard hampers a hunt that was already difficult due to a lack of leads.

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Mon Jul 4 9:30am
Father of the Bride(Season 5, Episode 40) A&E

Lyssa's getting married in three days and wants Dog to be involved in the preparations, but a case has him finding it difficult to balance work and family responsibilities.

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Mon Jul 4 10:30am
Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?(Season 7, Episode 20) A&E

Dog asks a fugitive's siblings to help him catch their brother, who has a history of violence.

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Tue Jul 5 8:00am
To Capture One's Own(Season 2, Episode 12) A&E

Dog searches for a friend who used to work for him and who is now being tracked by another bounty hunter.

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Tue Jul 5 8:30am
Judgment Day(Season 3, Episode 3) A&E

Dog and his team travel to an elementary school to judge a talent contest; and later they pursue a fugitive.

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Tue Jul 5 9:00am
No Luv Still(Season 4, Episode 23) A&E

A pursuit leads to a confrontation that could turn violent, and Dog has to rely on his negotiation skills.

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Tue Jul 5 9:30am
Ties That Bind(Season 8, Episode 16) A&E

An erotic dancer is sought in Honolulu as the team welcomes Duane Lee back into the fold.

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Wed Jul 6 8:00am
The Mystery of Mona Lisa A&E

Dog and Beth receive a painting of Dog's late daughter; and, when Dog learns that a female fugitive shares his late daughter's birth date, he takes the case personally, and is determined to catch her and help her avoid his daughter's mistakes.

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Wed Jul 6 9:00am
Up on the Roof(Season 5, Episode 2) A&E

Dog tackles a dangerous case in Colorado.

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Thu Jul 7 8:00am
A Friend in Need(Season 4, Episode 16) A&E

Dog relies on his charm to extract information from tight-lipped community residents who, he believes, have information that can help his case.

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Thu Jul 7 8:30am
Inside Out(Season 3, Episode 30) A&E

Dog helps a friend in Colorado track down a man who skipped out on a $10,000 bond; later, Dog gets a lead on the fugitive's whereabouts, and the trail leads to an interesting hiding place.

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Thu Jul 7 9:00am
All My Children(Season 6, Episode 20) A&E

A fugitive has a connection with Dog's family. Also: Dog looks for a gift for his daughter Cecily's 16th birthday.

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Fri Jul 8 8:00am
Suga on my Cuffs(Season 2, Episode 22) A&E

Dog gets sentimental over a fugitive for whom he has empathy.

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Fri Jul 8 8:30am
Bustin' with Justin(Season 3, Episode 18) A&E

Dog and the team hunt a traffic offender with more than 20 violations. Later, Dog calls back his nephew, Justin, to help on a job when Duane Lee is sick, but Tim and Leland don't think Justin is a team player.

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Fri Jul 8 9:00am
Island Hopper(Season 5, Episode 19) A&E

Dog helps a bondsman from Washington state when a fugitive goes to Hawaii for a vacation.

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Fri Jul 8 9:30am
Love on the Run(Season 6, Episode 24) A&E

Two fugitives are sought when one woman teams up with another who's a known criminal.

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Mon Jul 11 8:00am
Vegas or Bust(Season 3, Episode 20) A&E

Dog is the keynote speaker at the Profession Bail Agents convention in Las Vegas, but first he has to handle two cases.

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Mon Jul 11 8:30am
Mother Knows Best(Season 3, Episode 24) A&E

Dog appeals to fugitives' mothers and asks for their help in catching their offspring.

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  • Premiered: August 31, 2004
  • Rating: TV-PG
  • Premise: A reality series follows bounty hunter Duane 'Dog' Chapman and his companion and partner, Beth. Chapman first appeared on A&E in the reality series 'Take This Job...' (more)

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