Dog the Bounty Hunter

  • 2004
  • TV Show
  • TV-PG

A reality series follows bounty hunter Duane 'Dog' Chapman and his companion and partner, Beth. Chapman first appeared on A&E in the reality series 'Take This Job...'

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Mon Sep 25 8:00am
Bustin' with Justin(Season 3, Episode 18) A&E

Dog and the team hunt a traffic offender with more than 20 violations. Later, Dog calls back his nephew, Justin, to help on a job when Duane Lee is sick, but Tim and Leland don't think Justin is a team player.

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Mon Sep 25 8:30am
Ticket to Ride(Season 3, Episode 23) A&E

Duane and Beth shop for new SUVs for the team, and they break them in by hunting for a fugitive.

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Mon Sep 25 9:00am
Seeing the Light(Season 5, Episode 15) A&E

Dog and Leland shop at the police-supply store for gadgets; and the team pursues a fugitive who is known for her explosive temper.

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Mon Sep 25 9:30am
Secret Places(Season 5, Episode 39) A&E

Dog helps Leland on a case that takes them to a remote area of the Big Island.

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Tue Sep 26 8:00am
Rainy Day Woman(Season 3, Episode 22) A&E

The team members have cabin fever due to incessant rain, so Dog plans a hunt to cure them.

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Tue Sep 26 8:30am
Let it Snow(Season 5, Episode 6) A&E

A blizzard hampers a hunt that was already difficult due to a lack of leads.

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Tue Sep 26 9:00am
Cats & Dogs(Season 2, Episode 16) A&E

A case involving drug charges is followed.

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Tue Sep 26 9:30am
Bosco the Clown(Season 2, Episode 6) A&E

A fugitive is found and Dog becomes fond of the man, who seems to have turned his life around.

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Wed Sep 27 8:00am
Bait and Switch(Season 6, Episode 11) A&E

A case in which things aren't as they appear to be finds a fugitive's girlfriend offering to help Dog.

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Wed Sep 27 9:00am
Friends and Neighbors(Season 5, Episode 32) A&E

Dog travels to Colorado to try an catch an alleged drug dealer who's been on the run for 10 months.

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Wed Sep 27 10:00am
The Set-up(Season 5, Episode 35) A&E

Dog chases an alleged drug dealer and concocts a plan to catch him that involves using another fugitive.

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Wed Sep 27 11:00am
The Searchers(Season 5, Episode 34) A&E

Dog enables four arrests while chasing his own fugitive in Colorado, and he gets a tip that may help him and his team finally catch the man.

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Thu Sep 28 8:00am
Prodigal Son(Season 7, Episode 4) A&E

Dog gets some help from Tim Chapman and Sonny Westbrook to pursue a thief who's on the run.

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Thu Sep 28 8:30am
Last Call(Season 4, Episode 14) A&E

Dog has an unusual day when fugitives turn themselves in.

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Thu Sep 28 9:00am
Baby Lyssa Steps Up(Season 3, Episode 28) A&E

In Colorado, Dog takes his family and crew horseback riding; and helps a bail-bondsman friend in the search for a fugitive.

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Thu Sep 28 9:30am
A Family Feud(Season 1, Episode 13) A&E

“Dog” helps a bondswoman by searching for a fugitive wanted on drug charges, then goes after the fugitive's mother and stepfather, who are also wanted.

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Fri Sep 29 8:00am
The Montrose Files: The Million Dollar Man Pt. 1(Season 7, Episode 16) A&E

Dog helps a bondsman in Colorado who is hunting a fugitive in Wyoming who is a survivalist, and most likely armed.

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Fri Sep 29 9:00am
The Montrose Files: The Million Dollar Man Pt. 2(Season 7, Episode 17) A&E

Dog continues his efforts to help a bondsman in Colorado.

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Fri Sep 29 10:00am
Dead of Night(Season 7, Episode 14) A&E

Dog helps a fellow bondsman who could lose his business if he can't find his fugitive soon.

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Mon Oct 2 8:00am
Vegas or Bust(Season 3, Episode 20) A&E

Dog is the keynote speaker at the Profession Bail Agents convention in Las Vegas, but first he has to handle two cases.

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Mon Oct 2 8:30am
A Friend in Need(Season 4, Episode 16) A&E

Dog relies on his charm to extract information from tight-lipped community residents who, he believes, have information that can help his case.

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Mon Oct 2 9:00am
Tricks of the Trade(Season 5, Episode 21) A&E

A fugitive wanted on domestic-abuse charges is sought by Dog, who makes an appointment when he learns the suspect is an escort.

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Mon Oct 2 9:30am
Mister Mom(Season 6, Episode 17) A&E

Tim Chapman helps Dog on a case, but he's been out of practice since retiring to focus on raising his family.

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Tue Oct 3 8:00am
Trouble in Paradise(Season 7, Episode 2) A&E

Dog goes back to Hawaii to find a fugitive who is being protected by friends and family.

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  • Premiered: August 31, 2004
  • Rating: TV-PG
  • Premise: A reality series follows bounty hunter Duane 'Dog' Chapman and his companion and partner, Beth. Chapman first appeared on A&E in the reality series 'Take This Job...' (more)

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