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Physical Therapy for Your Pelvic Floor?
04:00 — The Doctors discuss the importance of pelvic floor exercises and how to avoid pelvic floor disorders.
Dr. Ordon’s Tahiti Tour!
03:52 — Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon visits some amazing locales with Maui, from Corallina Tours, and has an amazing visit to the island Moorea.
The Doctors’ Summer Special; Simple Summer Recipes; The Power Of Pineapple; Health Secrets Of The Islands
00:30 — The Doctors investigate restaurant fish fraud! What you need to know before you order sushi again! Is marijuana a gateway drug? A military mom turns t (more…)
Magnetic Eyelashes Put to the Test!
02:26 — The Doctors put a no-glue eyelash alternative to the test. Do the magnetic eyelashes live up the hype?
Help for Woman Who Never Lost Her Baby Teeth
04:42 — With the help of cosmetic dentist Dr. Joseph Goodman, Tyrica will soon have a whole new reason to show off her smile.
Drs’ Exclusive: Man Survives 2,000 Foot Fall; Medication Cost Controversy; Student Saves Friend From Choking
00:30 — In a Drs' Exclusive, a young man falls 2,000+ feet and survives days in a blizzard…how did he do it?! Are you paying different prices for the exact sa (more…)
Intervention for Mom Struggling with Alcoholism
03:21 — After 30 years of alcohol abuse, Elizabeth and her family have come to The Doctors seeking help.
Mistake at Daycare Leads to Missing Child
03:51 — A pick-up mistake leads to a Florida mother’s child being taken from a daycare by the wrong person. Find out how the daycare responded to the incident (more…)
Elizabeth Says She Is Ready to Finally Stop Drinking
04:00 — Addiction Medicine Specialist Dr. Damon Raskin from Cliffside Malibu joins the show to offer Elizabeth the treatment she’s been seeking for her issues (more…)
Does Tracking Your Sleep Actually Fuel Insomnia?
01:09 — Could keeping tracking of your sleep actually lead to less shut-eye? The Doctors discuss a new study.
Woman Spends 14 Years in Jail for Crime She Did Not Commit
04:17 — Nancy Smith spent 14 years behind bars for something she did not do. She comes to The Doctors to share her troubling story.
Trauma’s Lasting Impact on the Body
03:29 — The Doctors are joined by PTSD specialist Dr. Eugene Lipov who explains how something like an incarnation can take its toll on your health.
Rapper Siya’s Smile Makeover
03:20 — Rapper Siya is known to many of her fans as “Chipped Tooth Shorty” but after her smile makeover from Dentist Dr. Aamir Wahab she’s going to need to co (more…)
World’s Most Powerful Thighs?
03:57 — Does Kortney Olson have strongest thighs ever? See her fruit-crushing thighs in action!
Woman Covered in Tumors Undergoes Surgery
02:59 — Libby, who bravely came to The Doctors earlier this season to share her struggle with tumors, returns to have them removed by plastic surgeons Dr. And (more…)
Wrongfully Imprisoned Man’s Mission to Reform Police Investigations
02:46 — Clarence Elkins and Mark Godsey, co-founder of the Ohio Innocence Project, discuss their work on Ohio’s Senate Bill 77, which aims to reform how crime (more…)
Surprises for America’s Most Amazing Nurse Winner
03:12 — The Doctors and Barbara O’Dair, editor-in-chief of Prevention, surprise Forensic Nurse Laura Clary with an amazing trip as the winner of America’s Mos (more…)
New Acne Laser for Darker Skin?
03:12 — Dermatologist Dr. Glynis Ablon joins The Doctors to share a new acne treatment option for people with darker complexions.
App to Make Men Last Longer?
01:30 — The Doctors discuss a new app that claims to help men last longer in bed.
Pill Helps Alcoholics Drink Themselves Sober?
02:39 — Psychiatrist Dr. Domenick Sportelli and psychologist and addiction expert Dr. Adi Jaffe explain how Naltrexone can be used to combat alcohol abuse in (more…)
Exclusive: How the Groundbreaking Face Transplant Was Accomplished
02:44 — Plastic Surgeon Dr. Samir Mardini, the Surgical Director for Reconstructive Transplant Surgery at the Mayo Clinic discusses what went into the amazing (more…)
Should Students Be Learning More or Less When It Comes to Sex Ed?
04:44 — The Doctors are joined by Scott Phelps, who runs an abstinence-only education curriculum, and Dorian Solot, who teaches comprehensive sex education, t (more…)
How a Tweet Triggered a Seizure
01:54 — The Doctors discuss the case of the man arrested and charged with cyberstalking and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after allegedly tweeting a (more…)
Yeast Infection Prevention Tips
02:08 — The Doctors and Laura Govan discuss steps you can take to prevent a yeast infection.
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