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Online Clinic Reverses Type 2 Diabetes?
01:19 — Internist Dr. Sarah Hallberg shares how Virta Health’s new approach to managing diabetes has been successful for so many people battling the disease.
Substitute Teacher Caught Drinking Box of Wine at School?
01:32 — The Doctors discuss a recent incident where a substitute teacher was allegedly caught drinking while at work. Find out what the school did about the e (more…)
Surgery via Snapchat?
01:51 — Is broadcasting a surgery via Snapchat the future of medicine or a bad idea? The Doctors weigh in.
Kid Birthday Parties with Alligator Rides?
04:19 — Would you want an alligator at your child’s birthday party? A Chicago-based company has an alligator available for parties that kids can ride – but is (more…)
Mom Takes Photos of her Son’s Birth during Delivery!
02:13 — See the amazing photographs taken by a New York mom who captured her son’s birth while she was in the middle of her delivery. Do The Doctors think thi (more…)
Is Netflix Tearing Couples Apart?
01:59 — Forget Netflix and chill, now couples have to contend with “Netflix and cheat.” Learn why watching your favorite show without your loved one can cause (more…)
Around the Clock Allergy Tips
01:11 — When it comes to keeping your allergies at bay, timing is everything. The Doctors reveal how to manage your allergies from morning until night.
Derek Hough Talks ‘World of Dance’ & ‘Move Beyond: Live on Tour’
03:21 — “Dancing with the Stars” pro Derek Hough joins The Doctors to chat about his new show “World of Dance” with Jennifer Lopez and Ne-Yo and his summer da (more…)
Drs. Rx: Drink THIS to Help Regulate Blood Sugar
02:19 — Drinking this could help keep your blood sugar levels in check – but can you stomach the bold taste?
College Fires President for Giving Homeless Student Shelter?
04:28 — A college president was fired after he allowed a homeless student to sleep in the library and The Doctors weigh in.
Company Responds to Worker's PTSD Claims from Watching Videos at Work
02:17 — The Doctors and attorney Areva Martin discuss Microsoft’s response to the suit from two employees claiming they are suffering PTSD as a result of bein (more…)
First-Ever Approved Drug for MS
02:14 — The first treatment for primary progressive multiple sclerosis (PPMS) has been approved by the FDA giving hope to people suffering from MS, something (more…)
Russell Crowe Fat-Shamed?
03:48 — Find out how Russell Crowe responded to online critics who dissed the Oscar-winning actor's body!
‘Saved by the Bell’ Star Goes Blind?
05:05 — Isaac Lidsky, who starred as Weasel on NBC's “Saved by the Bell: The New Class,” has a genetic condition that has left him blind.
No Downtime Neckline Results
01:36 — Drs. staffer Karyn shows off the amazing results of her No Downtime Neckline fix and plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon details how this procedure diffe (more…)
Restaurant Refund for a Rat Sighting?
02:06 — Would a refund on your restaurant bill make up for a spotting a rat?
Are Your Sleeping Habits Aging You?
01:42 — Could how you sleep affect your skin? The Doctors look at ways to get a good night’s sleep and wake up with your skin looking its best.
Sex Shot for the Brain?
03:47 — Could a shot be the answer to better sex? The Doctors discuss a new approach to keeping it hot and heavy in the bedroom.
DIY Dermatology Trend Dangers!
02:45 — Dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra warns against some popular at-home skin care treatments. Find out if you are putting your skin at risk.
A March Madness Vasectomy Boom?
02:34 — Are men scheduling their vasectomies to coincide with March Madness? The Doctors discuss the increase in the procedure seen at one Cleveland clinic du (more…)
Cancer from Breast Implants?
05:47 — The Doctors discuss the latest findings from the FDA, which has made a connection between breast implants and cancer.
Death by Turmeric?
02:12 — The Doctors discuss how one woman died following an injection of a solution containing turmeric. Should you be concerned about ingesting the popular s (more…)
Do Multiple Kids Increase Heart Disease Risk?
02:45 — Could have more than one child contribute to a greater chance of problems with your heart?
What Are Social Media Companies Doing to Prevent Live-Streamed Suicides?
04:07 — Find out what is being done to get help for people who make suicide posts on social media outlets.
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