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A kind surgeon has controversial ways of punishing irresponsible co-workers.

Science Says Dirty Coffee Cups Okay?
00:49 — According to an infectious-disease expert, it’s completely fine to re-use your coffee cup with a few important stipulations.
The Reality of Recovery
04:01 — Christina and her sister Claire join The Doctors to share what life post-rehab has been like for Christina. Is she still using drugs and purging?
Health Intervention: Extreme Weight Gain
04:54 — Jermaine's mom Gretchen and sister Anita join The Doctors to have a health intervention for Jermaine, who's struggling with weight gain.
Which is Worse: Gel or Acrylic Manicures?
04:15 — Ladies: You love getting your nails done, but could your beauty routine be putting your health at risk? The Doctors reveal which manicure is worse for (more…)
Health Intervention: Struggling with Weight Gain
02:23 — Jermaine’s struggle with weight had gotten so out of control, he hid it from his own family. Check out his story.
Cutting-Edge Surgery Helps Woman Finally Breathe Through Her Nose
03:52 — Erika says she has never been able to properly breathe through her nose and often finds herself out of breath as a result. Watch as she undergoes a cu (more…)
Salesperson Body-Shames a 13-Year-Old Girl?
01:50 — The Doctors discuss the story of a woman who says a salesperson at an upscale department store told her 13-year-old daughter she needed to wear Spanx (more…)
Could This “Magical Tonic” Keep You Healthy?
03:57 — The Doctors test out a “magical tonic” that claims to help you maintain a healthy immune system and fight off the common cold!
Pronuts: The New Healthy Donut?
02:21 — A new, healthy donut known as “the pronut” is the making waves as the latest must-have, post-workout food. But does it taste any good? Find out as The (more…)
How to Enjoy Christmas Like a Kid Again
02:28 — Christmas is a magical time for children and The Doctors show you how to play like one to get into the spirit.
Migraines Used to Ruin My Life: Meet the New Emilie!
02:58 — Migraine sufferer Emilie and Dr. Kenneth Reed, founder of Reed Migraine Centers, join The Doctors to discuss Emilie’s remarkable recovery.
Birth Control Shot for Men?
03:47 — The Doctors discuss a birth control shot for men. Find out why the study was stopped due to its side effects.
Secret Bulimic Returns with an Inspiring Update
04:22 — After undergoing treatment, Michelle returns to The Doctors with an amazing update on her eating disorder. Her mother, Bette, and Internist Dr. Jorge (more…)
Doctor Asks Patients to Fund His Retirement?
03:59 — The Doctors weigh in on the physician who asked his patients to help pay for his retirement. Do they think this was appropriate?
A Margaritaville Retirement Community; Does Sex Improve Job Performance?; Teen Survives Violent Attack; The Dangers Of Humans T
00:30 — Some retirees are going out with a bang! But do their wild twilight years come with health risks? Can an orgasm a day improve your job performance? A (more…)
Is This Honey Better Than Antibiotics?
01:05 — Could Manuka honey be liquid gold from Mother Nature? It has awesome antibacterial properties and in some cases is even more powerful than traditional (more…)
Botched Mastectomy…Fixed!
03:33 — Last season we met Michelle, a breast cancer survivor who received an unfinished mastectomy due to a stop in medical insurance. Check out her story.
Baby's Photo Used For Mean Viral Meme
01:25 — The Doctors speak with mom Ashton, whose daughter's photo was used as a hateful meme online.
Hairstyling Classes for Dad
02:10 — The Doctors are joined by Phil, who started daddy hairstyling classes to teach other dads how to care for their daughter's hair.
Gwyneth Paltrow's Sweat It out Flu Approach - Does It Work?
01:33 — The Doctors weigh in on Gwyneth Paltrow's approach to fighting the flu by sweating it out in the sauna.
Toad Licking to Get High?
02:12 — The Doctors weigh in on the case of a man who was reportedly arrested after police found him licking a toad. The Doctors share how some types of the a (more…)
Male Enlargement Injection Leads to Death?
01:13 — The Doctors discuss how a man died of an embolism after injecting silicone into his penis.
Caffeine Bracelet Put to The Test!; Dangerous Drug Trend: Anti-Diarrhea Meds?!; Scarred by Dog Attack!; Chef Rocco DiSpirito’s M
00:30 — Trade your morning cup of coffee for a caffeine bracelet?! We put it to the test! A dog attack leaves a young girl scarred. Can The Doctors help? Chef (more…)
Extreme Hoarding!
00:59 — The Doctors examine an extreme hoarding case involving an 83-old man whose windows and doors were blocked due to all of his possessions.
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  • Premise: A kind surgeon has controversial ways of punishing irresponsible co-workers.