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Finding Jeans That Fit!
01:21 — Would you try a smart legging that utilizes an app to measure your body in order to help you find the perfect pair of jeans for you?
World’s Hottest Doc?!
04:34 — ER Doctor, army ranger, and Men’s Health cover star Jedidiah Ballard joins The Doctors to talk about becoming the Ultimate Men’s Health Guy.
The Importance of Using Correct Terminology for Female Genitalia
02:33 — OB/GYN Dr. Leah Millheiser, from the Legalize V campaign, discusses the importance of using the correct name for female genitalia in the media.
Lamar Odom Update - His Team Reacts
01:48 — Lamar Odom's team reacts to his candid interview with Dr. Travis Stork.
Protect Yourself from Facial Injection Disfigurement
04:28 — Carol wants to make the disfigurement she’s suffered from facial injections never happens to anyone else. She joins The Doctors with craniofacial surg (more…)
Lamar Odom’s Battle with Addiction
04:38 — NBA star Lamar Odom has struggled with personal loss and drug addiction. From his public marriage and divorce from Khloe Kardashian and ending up in a (more…)
Drug Test Investigation!
02:31 — An Arkansas couple spent a month in jail after a bag of baking soda was mistaken for cocaine. The narcotics ID kit used in the field gave 2 false posi (more…)
Drs. Rx: Put THIS in Your Coffee Mug for a Boost?
01:02 — The Doctors share putting this in your coffee mug could make you happier and more energetic.
App Sniffs out Spoiled Food?
00:57 — A new phone app claims to instantly sniff out your fish, meat and chicken to tell you if it’s fresh or spoiled!
Lamar Odom’s Last Day of Rehab
03:00 — The Doctors are with Lamar at the end of his 30-day treatment program at Casa Palmera. Find out how Lamar is doing as he enters back into his life.
Phone Calls during Your Flight?
04:14 — A new proposal by federal regulators could give you the chance to call your loved ones mid-flight. But should this be allowed?
The Pee-Free Ovulation Test?
01:12 — There’s a new saliva-based ovulation monitor, which means no more peeing on a stick! But does it really work?
Wheelchair Bound Man Tours Europe by Backpack
02:40 — Kevan has spinal muscular atrophy that keeps him wheelchair bound. So when he wanted to tour Europe, his amazing friends created a tailored backpack t (more…)
David Cassidy’s Struggle with Addiction
04:55 — Former teen heartthrob David Cassidy of “The Partridge Family” fame joins The Doctors to talk about addiction, staying sober, and his new album!
Do Millennials Need “Adulting School”?
01:36 — The Doctors discuss a new school for millennials who are struggling to do grown-up things. Katie Brunelle, co-founder of the school in Portland, Maine (more…)
Dog Puts Owner in Coma?
02:21 — One man was hospitalized for 5 months all because his furry friend licked him? Hear his incredible story.
Surprises for Domestic Violence Survivor
03:35 — Donna suffers from a severe nose deformity from years of domestic abuse. Check out the amazing surprises The Doctors and Face Forward have in store fo (more…)
Mom Lost 113 Pounds without Surgery
05:01 — Christina was always overweight. She was bullied at school and shamed by adults as she got older. But after a lifetime of obesity, this mom turned her (more…)
Guy Fieri Shares Family Food Recipes
04:48 — Celebrity chef Guy Fieri joins The Doctors to share some family friendly recipes from his new book, “Guy Fieri Family Food.”
Drs. Rx: Doing THIS Can Make the Most of Your Heater
01:07 — Make the most of your heater this season with this one simple trick.
Homeless Veteran Tries to Rebuild Her Life
04:00 — Debra joins The Doctors to share how her physical pain, PTSD and sexual assault trauma have made it hard for her and her two kids to find footing afte (more…)
Surprises for Homeless Veteran Mom
04:51 — Debra joins The Doctors to share about her life after returning from service. Check out the amazing surprises The Doctors have in store for this homel (more…)
Is Marijuana a Gateway Drug?
03:09 — Karen O’Keefe, director of the “Marijuana Policy Project” and addiction expert Paul Auchterlonie join The Doctors to discuss the pros and cons of mari (more…)
Are You Eating Fake Fish?
04:32 — Is the sushi you’re eating comprised of fake fish, or even worse, fish that will make you sick? The Doctors investigate potential fish fraud with Larr (more…)
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  • Premise: A kind surgeon has controversial ways of punishing irresponsible co-workers.

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