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Scents That Make You Spend!
00:39 — Could the way your home smells increase its sale price by thousands of dollars? One study says yes!
Drs. Rx: Tone Your Entire Body for $5
01:11 — The Doctors reveal the $5 exercise tool that can help tone your whole body!
Fashion Guru Carson Kressley on What Trends to Wear
05:06 — TV personality and author of the new book “Does this Book Make My Butt Look Fat,” discusses what trends to wear right now, and which ones to avoid.
Junk Food Glamorized?!
04:36 — The childhood obesity rate is at an all-time high in U.S. and The Doctors discuss a clothing line from a big box retailer that seems to be glamorizing (more…)
Death by Pimple Popping?
02:46 — The Doctors discuss the claim that if you pop a pimple on your nose you can actually die. But could this be true?
My Entire Body Is Covered in Tumors
04:23 — Libby was born with a rare genetic disorder called neurofibromatosis that has caused tumors to pop up all over her entire body.
Wasp-Stung Lips?
04:42 — Check out this guy’s solution for getting those full “Kylie Jenner” lips without surgery.
The $5 Secret to Adriana Lima’s Long Hair
01:11 — The Doctors reveal the $5 trick that Adriana is using in the shower on those long locks.
Father Posted Video Telling Son of His Mother's Fatal Overdose
01:14 — Brendan and his mom Denise join The Doctors to talk about Brendan’s own struggle with drug abuse and why he decided to post a video of his son hearing (more…)
Argument Leads to Million Dollar Payoff!
01:57 — Annoyed with her husband’s lottery ticket obsession, Glenda bought a scratcher to prove to him that they were a waste of money. Her $10 scratch-off ti (more…)
Women Drink as Much as Men?!
04:44 — Historically men are more than twice as likely to drink as women and 3 times more likely to develop an alcohol-related problem. The Doctors discuss a (more…)
Marijuana in Bars and Restaurants?
04:48 — Denver will become the first city to allow people to use marijuana in bars, restaurants, and public places. Would you go to a weed bar?
Zika Found in Woman's Vagina?
02:46 — Recently it has been found by Emerging Infectious Diseases journal that a woman infected with the Zika virus had carried the virus in her vagina for w (more…)
Modern Day Bloodletting?
02:30 — A video has recently gone viral showing a treatment technique commonly used in Chinese medicine to relieve pain, swelling or disorders related to bloo (more…)
Artificial Sweeteners Increase Infertility?
04:36 — The Doctors discuss a new study that suggests artificial sweeteners may be reducing your chances of getting pregnant. Can low-calories sweeteners affe (more…)
I Lost 180 Pounds, but I Have a Secret!
03:59 — Michelle lost 180 pounds, but she joins The Doctors today to reveal to everyone including her mom Bette just how she lost all that weight.
Drs. Rx: Can Doing THIS Increase Your Happiness?
01:17 — The Doctors reveal a simple way to make you smile more.
Drs. Exclusive: Taboo’s Health Secret
03:50 — Six-time Grammy winning member of The Black Eyed Peas has been fighting a life-threatening diagnosis. Check out his incredible journey.
Surprising Reasons for Body Odor
01:02 — Could having a mineral deficiency be the cause of your body odor?
Drs. Exclusive: Taboo’s Message from The Black Eyes Peas
03:51 — Throughout his health struggles, Taboo was not alone. His family and friends were with him every step of the way, and his bandmates Fergie and Will.I. (more…)
Drs. Exclusive: Taboo Performs ‘The Fight’
04:36 — Taboo performs the world premiere of “The Fight” live on the show, which will be released on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon. With every download, you’ (more…)
Man Gets Hepatitis from Energy Drinks?
03:50 — One man’s energy drink habit gave him acute hepatitis. Could this happen to you?
80-Year-Old Runway Model!
02:16 — The Doctors discuss Deshun also known as China’s “hottest grandpa,” who is 80 and making headlines for his runway swagger.
$43 Million Slot Machine Malfunction?
02:19 — After seeing that she won $43 million at a slot machine, one woman was told the machine malfunctioned and walked away with a free steak dinner. What w (more…)
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