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Serial drama centering on the private lives of a talented medical team.

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Veterinarian Dr. Arvid Edward Donates Stem Cells to Brother Battling Leukemia
04:27 — After his brother Sylvan was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia, Veterinarian Dr. Arvid Edward, star of Amazon’s “Pet Doctors of Atlanta,” stepped (more…)
Drs. Rx: Freeze THIS for a Simple & Healthy Dessert Treat!
01:27 — The Doctors share a tasty and healthy dessert idea that is also fun to make!
Has the Woman Addicted to Eating Clay Pots Stopped?
04:54 — Tamika, who was addicted to eating 2 to 3 clay pots a day, returns to The Doctors to share an update on her unusual compulsion. Find out if she has st (more…)
Courtney Stodden Speaks out on Her Marriage & Miscarriage
03:16 — The model/actress, who got married when she was only 16 to actor Doug Hutchison, who was 60, opens up about her headline-making marriage and losing a (more…)
Exclusive: Dad’s Strep Throat Leads To Limb Amputations; Exclusive: Reality TV Star Reaches Out For Help; Doc’s Bone Marrow Tran
00:30 — In a Doctors Exclusive, meet the father who had to have his hands and feet amputated after an extremely rare case of strep throat! Don’t miss the mome (more…)
Drs. Investigate: Packaged Meat
01:49 — The Doctors look into 14 different brands of lunch meat to find out if the ingredients are what they purport to be. With the help of Exact Scientific (more…)
Surgery for Baby Born with Extra Limbs
01:51 — The Doctors discuss the stunning surgery performed on toddler Dominique from West Africa who was born 4 legs and 2 spines.
Healing the Pain of Wrongful Imprisonment
01:45 — Ricky Jackson, Nancy Smith, Clarence Elkins, and Mark Godsey share their final thoughts on wrongful incarcerations.
Can Our Memories Be Influenced by Trauma?
02:55 — While sharing her story, Jennifer Thompson – founder of Healing Justice – explains how the trauma of a crime can affect how we remember details.
Exclusive: Hero Who Took a Bullet for a Stranger Shares His Story
03:38 — Ian, the man who took a bullet for a stranger and stopped a shooter at a Kansas restaurant, and his family share their heroic and touching story with (more…)
Surprises for Man Who Took a Bullet for a Stranger & the Man He Saved
03:14 — The Doctors surprise Ian and Alok with a slew of amazing gifts, including tickets to see country star George Strait and a generous gift from Boat Ange (more…)
NeNe Leakes Co-Hosts; Romantic Robot Needs; University Removes Scales; Nail Salon Allegedly Charges Overweight Customers More
00:30 — NeNe Leakes co-hosts! A university faces an uproar after banning scales in the campus gym! Plus-size pedi - a nail salon is accused of charging overwe (more…)
Screw Stuck in Man’s Lung?!
03:38 — Pulmonary and sleep specialist Dr. Raj Dasgupta explains why you should never hold a screw in your mouth while reviewing the case of a man who had a s (more…)
Quadriplegic Woman Uses IVF to Have Baby?
04:48 — The Doctors weigh in on the news of a quadriplegic who used IVF to get pregnant.
Drs. Rx: Call Your Parents – It Could Help Them Live Longer!
01:29 — The Doctors discuss how keeping in contact with your older loved ones like your parents and relatives could help improve their health and extend their (more…)
How Far Would You Go to Get Out of Work?
02:24 — The Doctors discuss the disturbing report of a man in Japan stabbing himself in the hip in order to get out of going to work.
Drs. Rx: To Test or Not to Test?
01:12 — The Doctors discuss the importance of speaking with your doctor about which medical tests you need and when.
Live Prostate Exam Results
04:04 — Urologist Dr. Aaron Spitz shares the results of Andrew, Christopher, and Jermaine’s prostate exams and speaks about preventing prostate cancer.
John Salley & Dr. Ordon’s Live Prostate Exams
02:48 — Watch the NBA star and the plastic surgeon undergo a live prostate exam. Plus, find out why this is such an important exam for men to have.
Combating the Global Water Crisis
03:02 — Find out how artist Isabella Innis, actor Carlson Young and actor John Karna are helping some of the more than 600 million people worldwide without ac (more…)
Gym Bans TV News?
00:59 — Some gyms are banning TV news due to members getting into altercations. Find out what The Doctors think about this new trend.
What Is the #FierceFlaws Movement?
03:23 — The Doctors, Rosie Mercado and Hunter McGrady are kicking off the #FierceFlaws Movement, which is all about embracing your body and empowering people (more…)
#FierceFlaws Is Breaking the Body Image Mold
05:03 — Rosie Mercado, Hunter McGrady, and our #FierceFlaws models – Monica, Mike, Jessica, Stephanie, Erika – speak with ER physician Dr. Travis Stork about (more…)
#FierceFlaws; Hunter McGrady; New Trend: Bye-Bye Breasts Parties; What The New TSA Patdown Policy Means For You
00:30 — She’s turning heads in Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue as their curviest model yet and now Hunter McGrady joins forces The Doctors and Rosie Merca (more…)
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