Tue May 5 1:00pm
The Flimsy Grumby Bat; Rockstar Ruby and the Toys DISNEY

A cardboard bat gets wet and is unable to stand; Ruby, a rock star doll, is unable to perform when her microphone button breaks.

Tue May 5 1:30pm
Doc's Busy Day; Wrong Side of the Law DISNEY

Doc's cousin visits and breaks some toys; Doc helps Officer Pete realize that his eyesight is being hindered by a dirty windshield.

Wed May 6 9:30am
Big Head Hallie; Peaches Pie, Take a Bath! DISNEY

Hallie becomes arrogant when her toy gets its own TV show; Alma's new doll Peaches Pie gets dragged through the mud, so Doc prescribes a warm bath to clean her up.

Wed May 6 10:00am
Tea Party Tantrum!; Blast Off! DISNEY

Doc treats a cranky doll and suggests she gets more sleep; Doc makes a seat belt for a toy pilot.

Wed May 6 1:00pm
Kirby and the King; Bubble Monkey, Blow Your Nose! DISNEY

Sir Kirby and the Wicked King get stuck to each other; Doc teaches Emmie's Bubble Monkey how to use a tissue to blow her nose.

Wed May 6 1:30pm
Frida Fairy Flies Again; A Tale of Two Dragons DISNEY

Frida rips her wing and fears that she is no longer beautiful because she must now wear a patch to mend it; Stuffy becomes envious of a Robo-Dragon toy.

Thu May 7 9:30am
Shell Shy; Commander No DISNEY

Doc helps a turtle named Theo overcome his shyness; Gloria starts a tickle game but Commander Crush doesn't like it and starts transforming uncontrollably.

Thu May 7 10:00am
Celestial Celeste; Run Doc Run! DISNEY

Doc brings home a space toy from school to help with her solar system project; Doc sprains her ankle and learns the importance of getting adequate rest following an injury.

Thu May 7 1:00pm
Hallie Happy Birthday; Shark Style Tooth Ache DISNEY

Doc throws Hallie a surprise birthday party; a toy shark breaks a tooth while playing in a bathtub.

Thu May 7 1:30pm
Awesome Guy's Awesome Arm; Lamb in a Jam DISNEY

Awesome Guy hurts his arm lifting too many toys; Lambie gets grape jam on her and can't attend "Take Your Toy to School Day."

Fri May 8 10:00am
The Rip Heard Round the World; Walkie Talkie Time DISNEY

Doc accidentally rips a hole in Lambie's fur; Doc helps a toy walkie talkie locate its missing antenna.

Fri May 8 1:00pm
Professor Pancake; You Crack Me Up DISNEY

Doc helps professor Hootsburgh get her stuffing back in shape after she gets trapped under her toy box; Doc uses cream to help heal a toy gorilla's cracking leather tummy.

Fri May 8 1:30pm
The Big Sleepover; No Sweetah Cheetah DISNEY

Doc gets homesick during her first sleepover at a friend's house; the toys mistakenly believe that Donny's new cheetah action figure is sick because she is covered with spots.

Sat May 9 7:30am
Awesome Possum; The Bunny Blues DISNEY

Doc searches for a stuffed possum's three missing babies; Doc treats a stuffed bunny when its nose falls off.

Sun May 10 7:00am
Take Your Doc to Work Day; Blazer's Bike DISNEY

Doc spends the day at her mom's office and meets a toy in need; Doc suggests a new helmet for a toy that keeps crashing a rocket bike.

Mon May 11 9:30am
Diagnosis Not Even Close-Is; Bronty's Twisted Tail DISNEY

Hallie and Stuffy examine Robot Ray by themselves, but they come up with two different diagnoses and need Doc's help to find out what is really wrong with him; Bronty's tail becomes twisted.

Mon May 11 10:00am
Mirror, Mirror On My Penguin; Hide And Eek! DISNEY

Doc care for a penguin; Donny and Alma pretend to be mad scientists and create a toy monster that frightens the other toys.

Mon May 11 1:00pm
Chilly Gets Chilly; Through the Reading Glasses DISNEY

Doc teaches the toys the importance of staying warm out in the snow; an owl gets new glasses.

Mon May 11 1:30pm
Ben/Anna Split; That's Just Claw-ful DISNEY

Doc treats a monkey doll that becomes unattached to his sister; a crab bath toy gets physical therapy after one of its claws falls off.

Tue May 12 9:30am
Crikey! It's Wildlife Will!; Rootin' Tootin' Southwest Sal DISNEY

Wildlife Bill encounters a Chihuahua who takes his legs; Donny and Tamara play with Southwest Sal, a cute cowgirl toy who throws a perfect lasso.

Tue May 12 10:00am
Leilani's Lu'au; Karate Kangaroos DISNEY

Doc learns that a new hula girl toy is solar powered and needs sunlight for energy; a toy kangaroo gets nervous before taking part in a karate contest.

Tue May 12 1:00pm
The New Girl; Wrap It Up DISNEY

Doc teaches a doll with stiff legs the importance of exercising; Doc teaches a toy crane how to safely remove bandages.

Tue May 12 1:30pm
Rest Your Rotors, Ronda!; Keep on Truckin DISNEY

Rescue Ronda cracks one of her rotors and needs rest to get better; a toy truck gets a new paint job and must rest to let the paint dry.

Wed May 13 9:30am
Doctoring the Doc; Hot Pursuit DISNEY

Doc gets the flu and is cared for by the toys; a toy police car loses energy after being in the hot sun all day.

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  • Premise: A 6-year-old girl communicates with and heals stuffed animals and toys in her backyard clinic. (more)

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