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Doc McStuffins Season 2 episodes

Rockstar Ruby and the Toys Season 2, Episode 57

Ruby, a rock star doll, is unable to perform when her microphone button breaks. read more

The Flimsy Grumby Bat Season 2, Episode 56

A cardboard bat gets wet and is unable to stand. read more

Commander No Season 2, Episode 55

Gloria starts a tickle game but Commander Crush doesn't like it and starts transforming uncontrollably. read more

Shell Shy Season 2, Episode 54

Doc helps a turtle named Theo overcome his shyness. read more

Sproingo Boingo Takes the Leap Season 2, Episode 53

A wicked king dares Donny's toy, Sproingo Boingo, to jump off a really high block tower. read more

Training Army Al Season 2, Episode 52

Doc encourages her toy friends when Army Al is called to duty. read more

Let the Nightingale Sing Season 2, Episode 51

Doc and the toys magically travel back to 19th century England where they meet a young Florence Nightingale and help her realize her dream of becoming a nurse. read more

The Supper Amazing Ultra Hoppers Season 2, Episode 50

A new toy gets discouraged because of his height. read more

McStuffins School of Medicine Season 2, Episode 49

Doc hires a stuffed polar bear to be an intern. read more

Hide and Eek! Season 2, Episode 48

Donny and Alma pretend to be mad scientists and create a toy monster that frightens the other toys. read more

Mirror, Mirror On My Penguin Season 2, Episode 47

Doc care for a penguin. read more

Wrong Side of the Law Season 2, Episode 46

Doc helps Officer Pete realize that his eyesight is being hindered by a dirty windshield. read more

Doc's Busy Day Season 2, Episode 45

Doc's cousin visits and breaks some toys. read more

There's a King in Your Tummy! Season 2, Episode 44

A squeezable water toy accidentally swallows the Wicked King with a large gulp of water. read more

Oooey Gablooey Springs a Leak Season 2, Episode 43

An alien starfish toy gets a puncture in one of his tentacles. read more

Take a Stroll! Season 2, Episode 42

Doc encourages a baby doll toy to get up and move instead of being pushed in a stroller. read more

The Wicked King and the Mean Queen Season 2, Episode 41

The Wicked King and the Mean Queen compete in a race. read more

Sir Kirby & Plucky Princess Season 2, Episode 39

A brave princess challenges Sir Kirby to a playoff competition to prove that princesses can do anything knights can do. read more

Serpent Sam Makes a Splash Season 2, Episode 40

Doc helps a clogged water toy that gets filled with sticky green soda instead of water. read more

Chilly and the Dude Season 2, Episode 38

Doc meets a charismatic snowman who looks a lot like Chilly. read more

Dad's Favorite Toy Season 2, Episode 37

Doc finds her dad's favorite toy and helps get it back into working condition. read more

Spritzy Mitzi Season 2, Episode 36

Doc's octopus sprinkler ignores some small holes in her hose that then turn into one huge hole. read more

The Big Storm Season 2, Episode 35

Doc evacuates the toys from the clinic when a big storm approaches. read more

Blazer's Bike Season 2, Episode 34

Doc suggests a new helmet for a toy that keeps crashing a rocket bike. read more

Take Your Doc to Work Day Season 2, Episode 33

Doc spends the day at her mom's office and meets a toy in need. read more

Rootin' Tootin' Southwest Sal Season 2, Episode 32

Donny and Tamara play with Southwest Sal, a cute cowgirl toy who throws a perfect lasso. read more

Crikey! It's Wildlife Will Season 2, Episode 31

Wildlife Bill encounters a Chihuahua who takes his legs. read more

Rosie the Rescuer Season 2, Episode 30

Rosie panics when she's called to a real accident. read more

A Fairy Big Knot Season 2, Episode 29

Frida Fairy Flier's strings get tangled. read more

Run Doc Run! Season 2, Episode 28

Doc sprains her ankle and learns the importance of getting adequate rest following an injury. read more

Celestial Celeste Season 2, Episode 27

Doc brings home a space toy from school to help with her solar system project. read more

Peaches Pie, Take a Bath! Season 2, Episode 26

Alma's new doll Peaches Pie gets dragged through the mud, so Doc prescribes a warm bath to clean her up. read more

Big Head Hallie Season 2, Episode 25

Hallie becomes arrogant when her toy gets its own TV show. read more

No Sweetah Cheetah Season 2, Episode 24

The toys mistakenly believe that Donny's new cheetah action figure is sick because she is covered with spots. read more

The Big Sleepover Season 2, Episode 23

Doc gets homesick during her first sleepover at a friend's house. read more

The Doctor Will See You Now Season 2, Episode 22

Doc goes for a wellness visit and reconnects with some old toy friends. read more

L'il Egghead Feels the Heat Season 2, Episode 21

Donny leaves an electronic quiz machine out in the sun too long. read more

A Very McStuffins Christmas Season 2, Episode 20

Doc and the toys visit Santa's workshop at the North Pole to find a replacement part for a broken present. read more

You Crack Me Up Season 2, Episode 19

Doc uses cream to help heal a toy gorilla's cracking leather tummy. read more

Professor Pancake Season 2, Episode 18

Doc helps professor Hootsburgh get her stuffing back in shape after she gets trapped under her toy box. read more

Bubble Monkey, Blow Your Nose! Season 2, Episode 17

Doc teaches Emmie's Bubble Monkey how to use a tissue to blow her nose. read more

Kirby and the King Season 2, Episode 16

Sir Kirby and the Wicked King get stuck to each other. read more

Disco Dress Up Daisy Season 2, Episode 15

Lambie gets jealous of Daisy's new outfit. read more

The Glider Brothers Season 2, Episode 14

A toy glider plane accidentally crashes into a wall inside the house. read more

Don't Knock the Noggin Season 2, Episode 13

Super Stuntman Stan learns the importance of wearing a helmet when riding a motorcycle. read more

Doc to the Rescue Season 2, Episode 12

Dress-Up Daisy gets stuck in a tree after a parachuting accident. read more

Karate Kangaroos Season 2, Episode 11

A toy kangaroo gets nervous before taking part in a karate contest. read more

Leilani's Lu'au Season 2, Episode 10

Doc learns that a new hula girl toy is solar powered and needs sunlight for energy. read more

Think Pink Season 2, Episode 9

Chilly turns pink when he accidentally gets washed with Doc's red scarf in the washing machine. read more

A Tale of Two Dragons Season 2, Episode 8

Stuffy becomes envious of a Robo-Dragon toy. read more

Frida Fairy Flies Again Season 2, Episode 7

Frida rips her wing and fears that she is no longer beautiful because she must now wear a patch to mend it. read more

Bronty's Twisted Tail Season 2, Episode 6

Bronty's tail becomes twisted. read more

Diagnosis Not Even Close-Is Season 2, Episode 5

Hallie and Stuffy examine Robot Ray by themselves, but they come up with two different diagnoses and need Doc's help to find out what is really wrong with him. read more

Lamb in a Jam Season 2, Episode 4

Lambie gets grape jam on her and can't attend "Take Your Toy to School Day." read more

Awesome Guy's Awesome Arm Season 2, Episode 3

Awesome Guy hurts his arm lifting too many toys. read more

Chip Off the Ol' Box Season 2, Episode 2

Little Jack gets nervous about performing by himself at a birthday party. read more

Doc McStuffins Goes McMobile Season 2, Episode 1

Doc and her dad build a mobile clinic so she can fix toys when she is away from home. read more

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Premise: A 6-year-old girl communicates with and heals stuffed animals and toys in her backyard clinic.



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