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2012, TV Show

Doc McStuffins Season 1 episodes

Brontosaurus Breath Season 1, Episode 52

A brontosaurus toy learns to brush his teeth. read more

Bronto Boo-Boos Season 1, Episode 51

A brontosaurus toy named Bronty plays rough with some of the other toys. read more

Dusty Bear Season 1, Episode 50

A dusty teddy bear gets clean. read more

My Huggy Valentine Season 1, Episode 49

Lambie gets jealous of Doc's new Valentine's Day toy. read more

Through the Reading Glasses Season 1, Episode 48

An owl gets new glasses. read more

Chilly Gets Chilly Season 1, Episode 47

Doc teaches the toys the importance of staying warm out in the snow. read more

It's Glow Time Season 1, Episode 46

A glow-in-the-dark monster loses its light. read more

Boo-Hoo to You! Season 1, Episode 45

Doc helps a toy ghost overcome his fear of Halloween. read more

Hot Pursuit Season 1, Episode 44

A toy police car loses energy after being in the hot sun all day. read more

Doctoring the Doc Season 1, Episode 43

Doc gets the flu and is cared for by the toys. read more

To Squeak, or Not to Squeak Season 1, Episode 42

A toy duck loses its voice after its squeaker pops out. read more

Caught Blue-Handed Season 1, Episode 41

A toy monster inadvertently spreads a rash. read more

Loud Louie Season 1, Episode 40

Doc teaches her toy cell phone how to use an inside voice. read more

Get Set to Get Wet Season 1, Episode 39

Doc teaches a toy mermaid how to swim. read more

Shark Style Tooth Ache Season 1, Episode 38

A toy shark breaks a tooth while playing in a bathtub. read more

Hallie Happy Birthday Season 1, Episode 37

Doc throws Hallie a surprise birthday party. read more

Righty-on-Lefty Season 1, Episode 36

A superhero toy experiences leg problems. read more

Un-bur-able Season 1, Episode 35

Stuffy gets burs stuck to his fur while playing outside. read more

The Bunny Blues Season 1, Episode 34

Doc treats a stuffed bunny when its nose falls off. read more

Awesome Possum Season 1, Episode 33

Doc searches for a stuffed possum's three missing babies. read more

Walkie Talkie Time Season 1, Episode 32

Doc helps a toy walkie talkie locate its missing antenna. read more

The Rip Heard Round the World Season 1, Episode 31

Doc accidentally rips a hole in Lambie's fur. read more

A Whale of a Time Season 1, Episode 30

Doc advises a whale toy to be patient when she wants to grow up too quick. read more

Out in the Wild Season 1, Episode 29

Doc treats a broken arm on a toy robot during a camping trip. read more

Bubbly Monkey Season 1, Episode 28

A toy monkey that blows bubbles is examined. read more

Break Dancer Season 1, Episode 27

Doc treats a toy ballerina with a cracked leg. read more

Hallie Gets an Earful Season 1, Episode 26

Doc conducts a hearing test. read more

The Dark Knight Season 1, Episode 25

Doc helps a toy overcome a fear of the dark. read more

Busted Boomer Season 1, Episode 24

Doc treats a deflated soccer ball. read more

Blame It on the Rain Season 1, Episode 23

A stuffed cow gets wet when it is left out in the rain. read more

Keep on Truckin Season 1, Episode 22

A toy truck gets a new paint job and must rest to let the paint dry. read more

Rest Your Rotors, Ronda! Season 1, Episode 21

Rescue Ronda cracks one of her rotors and needs rest to get better. read more

Wrap It Up Season 1, Episode 20

Doc teaches a toy crane how to safely remove bandages. read more

The New Girl Season 1, Episode 19

Doc teaches a doll with stiff legs the importance of exercising. read more

All Washed Up Season 1, Episode 18

Doc treats a toy robot that gets wet. read more

Rescue Ronda, Ready for Takeoff! Season 1, Episode 17

Doc extracts a twig from a toy helicopter's propellers. read more

Stuck Up Season 1, Episode 16

Doc cleans sand out of a toy tractor. read more

A Good Case of the Hiccups Season 1, Episode 15

Doc treats a toy microphone that has hiccups. Lisa Loeb performs. read more

That's Just Claw-ful Season 1, Episode 14

A crab bath toy gets physical therapy after one of its claws falls off. read more

Ben/Anna Split Season 1, Episode 13

Doc treats a monkey doll that becomes unattached to his sister. read more

Starry, Starry Night Season 1, Episode 12

Doc repairs a toy telescope. read more

Arcade Escapade Season 1, Episode 11

Doc treats an arcade giraffe. read more

One Note Wonder Season 1, Episode 10

Doc repairs a broken xylophone. read more

Gulpy, Gulpy Gators! Season 1, Episode 9

Doc treats a stuffed gator. read more

The Right Stuff Season 1, Episode 8

Stuffy the dragon rips his tail and tries to hide it. read more

Engine Nine, Feelin' Fine! Season 1, Episode 7

Doc's toys learn about dehydration. read more

Blast Off! Season 1, Episode 6

Doc makes a seat belt for a toy pilot. read more

Tea Party Tantrum Season 1, Episode 5

Doc treats a cranky doll and suggests she gets more sleep. read more

Knight Time Season 1, Episode 4

Doc treats a toy knight that sticks to everything. read more

Run Down Race Car Season 1, Episode 3

Doc checks a toy race car after it loses its first race. read more

Out of the Box Season 1, Episode 2

Doc treats a scared jack-in-the-box. read more

A Bad Case of the Pricklethorns Season 1, Episode 1

A blow-up toy springs a leak. read more

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Premise: A 6-year-old girl communicates with and heals stuffed animals and toys in her backyard clinic.



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