A wry, hip-for-its-time sitcom that charts the hopes, dreams and frustrations of a typical teen (if sitting under the statue `The Thinker' while pining for the megacute Thalia Menninger could be considered typical). Based on stories by humorist Max Shulman, the series lasted four years, during which Dobie's hair turned from blond to brown. A year after finishing his role as Dobie's goateed friend Maynard G. Krebs, Bob Denver segued into another iconic 1960s show---`Gilligan's Island.'


Guest Stars

Burkhardt, Dr. Burkhardt, Dr. Burkhart, Mrs. Adams
Aphrodite Mullican, Elspeth, Hazel, Linda Sue, Myrna
McGuffy, Mr. Atwood, Wayzack
Mr. Quimby, Police Chief, Police Sergeant, Zibinski
Brooklyn, Hogan, Malcolm, Mr. Mulcahey
Prof. Dartmoor, Trembley, Trembly
Betsy, Eloise, Pearl
Cheever, Mr. Bean, Mr. Wurts
Dean, Dean Magruder, Magruder
Virgil, Virgil T. Gillis
Daphne, Linda
Gisele Hurlbut, Giselle Hurlbut
Hugh Sanders
Mr. McCurdy, Sergeant
Bottemly, Freddy
Eddie, Edwina Cagle
Cynthia, Pamela
Hawley, Officer
General, Mr. Krebs
Mrs. Ellingboe, Mrs. Finchely
Charlene, Miss Dorritt
Gunnison, Willy
Appleby, Brinkerhoff
Emily Klauber, Valentine Van Voon
Mrs. Gilroy
Valerie Brown
Mr. Ellingboe
Mr. Callahan
Mrs. Lapping
Telephone Operator
Mrs. Gilroy
Cecily Atwood
Poppy Herring
Mr. Sullivan
Anastasia Dimitrov
Mrs. Zibinski
Esme Lauterbach

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