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Iggy Azalea Has Some Great V-day Gift Ideas for a Gal on a Budget
01:32 — No trip to the store required as you already have this 'gift' hanging around some place!
Katy Perry Is Doing Some Soul Searching and Wants to Change Her Name.
01:20 — The singer is reportedly thinking about going by her legal name Kathryn Hudson for the next stage of her life.
Michael Shannon Uses His Nose As a Wallet.
01:55 — The actor shares his horrifying talent with the world by pushing $2.10 in change up his nose.
Haley Joel Osment Throws a Fit at the Las Vegas Airport...
01:27 — and he proves once and for all he is not the cute kid who sees dead people anymore.
Michael B. Boring!
01:47 — The 'Black Panther' actor claims his healthy diet has forced him to have zero social life.
Ben Affleck's Dad Blames Hollywood for His Son's Addictions.
01:59 — Timothy Affleck claims the actor's alcoholism is fueled by the industry.
The 2018 Oscar Awards Just Released the Most Star Studded 'Class Photo' Ever!
01:11 — See who made the cut in the iconic who's who in Hollywood pic.
Martin Luther King Jr. Might Have Had a Dream But We Don't Think It Involved Owning a Ram Truck...
01:09 — Dodge runs an offensive ad during the Super Bowl and uses MLK Jr. to sell trucks.
Kylie Jenner Manages to Throw a Hail Mary and Almost Outdoes the Super Bowl!
02:00 — The reality star finally announces that she was pregnant and is now a mom to a little girl.
The Olive Garden Is Known for Breadsticks, Endless Salad and...nachos?
01:12 — The Italian chain restaurant releases nachos and people actually like them!
Super Bowl 52 Did Not Disappoint...Even if Justin Timberlake Did.
04:46 — We break down the big game and Tom Brady breaks down in tears
Tiffany Haddish Avoids a Fight by Asking WWBD? As in What Would Beyonce Do?
01:16 — Beyonce once convinced the comedian to drop a fight by offering to take a selfie with her.
Nancy Cartwright Talks About Keeping Her Work Out of the Bedroom.
01:27 — The Bart Simpson voice actor reveals the strangest question she's ever gotten from a fan.
Our BFF Andrew Freund Sits Down With Stars from Marvel's 'Black Panther'
04:52 — We chat with Lupita Nyong'o, Angela Bassett, Chadwick Boseman and so many more!
Jennifer Hudson Is On the Cover of Cosmo UK But She Still Faces Prejudice.
02:06 — The singer opens up about adversity she still faces in her day to day life.
When You're George Clooney Even True Love Makes House Calls.
01:22 — The actor opens up about meeting his wife Amal for the first time.
You May See Mayweather in a Whole New Arena!
01:31 — Boxer Floyd Mayweather hints he might accept an MMA deal.
Carrie Underwood Celebrates Hubby's Return to Hockey.
01:12 — Mike Fisher comes out of retirement to play for the Nashville Predators.
Michelle Obama Unboxes That Awkward Gift Moment With the Trumps.
01:46 — The former First Lady opens up about the exchange on the Ellen Show.
Making the Band? More Like Making the Gram!
01:21 — Diddy causes insta-cropping controversy again after erasing French Montana from group photo.
Quincy Jones Recalls Daughter Rashida's Chimpanzee Attack...
02:00 — The musician talks about the time Michael Jackson's chimp Bubbles bit his daughters hand.
Everyone Looked Amazing at the Premiere of "Black Panther'' and We Do Mean Amazing!
02:54 — Lupita Nyong'o, Donald Glover, and Janelle Monae are just a few of the stars who killed it on the purple carpet!
Lolo Jones Fouls Out With Blake Griffin!
01:12 — The Olympian opens up about the baller and says he is a terrible kisser.
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