Tue Dec 1 12:00pm
Innocence Lost(Season 4, Episode 14) ID

The 2008 disappearance of Jamie Fraley kicks off an investigation that turned her boyfriend's father into a person of interest.

I’ll Watch59 Watching
Wed Dec 2 12:00pm
Into the Bayou(Season 4, Episode 23) ID

The 2006 disappearance of Clinton Nelson in Louisiana is discussed.

I’ll Watch39 Watching
Mon Dec 7 9:00am
Final Season(Season 5, Episode 12) ID

A woman disappears after watching an NBA playoff game in Orlando.

I’ll Watch60 Watching
Mon Dec 7 10:00am
Missing By Design(Season 4, Episode 31) ID

The 2009 disappearance of William McGrath kicks off an investigation that exposes a deadly fraudster.

I’ll Watch248 Watching
Tue Dec 8 9:00am
Gone at 17(Season 2, Episode 13) ID

The case of Kara Kopetsky, a 17-year-old girl from Belton, Mo., who vanished in 2007, is discussed, along with the disappearance of another local teenager.

I’ll Watch125 Watching
Tue Dec 8 10:00am
At the Crossroads(Season 5, Episode 15) ID

An 18-year-old vanishes from his grandmother's home in Mississippi, and his father sees similarities to another family member's disappearance.

I’ll Watch129 Watching
Wed Dec 9 9:00am
A Father's Quest(Season 4, Episode 7) ID

The case of Leah Peebles, who vanished from Albuquerque in 2006 shortly after moving there to make a fresh start.

I’ll Watch10 Watching
Wed Dec 9 10:00am
Out of the Ashes(Season 5, Episode 9) ID

Two teenagers go missing after a house fire.

I’ll Watch78 Watching
Thu Dec 10 9:00am
Memory Lane(Season 4, Episode 8) ID

The story of Amber Gerweck, a former missing person who turned out to be an amnesiac.

I’ll Watch14 Watching
Thu Dec 10 10:00am
Breaking News(Season 5, Episode 10) ID

The 1995 disappearance of a TV newsanchor is investigated.

I’ll Watch46 Watching
Fri Dec 11 9:00am
Final Exam(Season 4, Episode 26) ID

The 1998 disappearance of Suzy Lyall is discussed.

I’ll Watch68 Watching
Fri Dec 11 10:00am
Radio Silence(Season 5, Episode 8) ID

A California ranger goes missing.

I’ll Watch47 Watching