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Sun Oct 2 1:00pm
California Leaving(Season 7, Episode 7) ID

The 2014 disappearance of former Harlem Globetrotter Rico Harris is examined.

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Sun Oct 2 2:00pm
Girl Interrupted(Season 7, Episode 9) ID

A 24-year-old woman in Orlando, Fla.., goes missing; and her car is found abandoned not far from her home.

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Sun Oct 2 3:00pm
A Family Man(Season 7, Episode 8) ID

The disappearance of Robert Hoagland of Newtown, Conn. A 50-year-old married man with three children, he was last seen at a Newtown gas station on July 28, 2013.

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Mon Oct 3 9:00am
The Wedding Ring(Season 4, Episode 13) ID

The 2000 disappearance of Tina McQuaig is discussed.

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Mon Oct 3 10:00am
At the Crossroads(Season 6, Episode 15) ID

An 18-year-old vanishes from his grandmother's home in Mississippi, and his father sees similarities to another family member's disappearance.

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Tue Oct 4 9:00am
A Lost Soul(Season 1, Episode 4) ID

The disappearance of 18-year-old Lee Cutler in 2007, who vanished after leaving for work.

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Tue Oct 4 10:00am
Breaking News(Season 6, Episode 10) ID

The 1995 disappearance of a TV newsanchor is investigated.

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Wed Oct 5 9:00am
The Soldier's Wife(Season 6, Episode 2) ID

A National Guard soldier's pregnant wife vanishes.

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Wed Oct 5 10:00am
Missing Valentine(Season 4, Episode 5) ID

The disappearance of Patricia Viola, a wife and mother who vanished on Feb. 13, 2001, is discussed.

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Thu Oct 6 9:00am
Royal Secrets(Season 1, Episode 12) ID

The disappearance of Colorado lawyer Royal "Scoop" Daniel III.

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Thu Oct 6 10:00am
Unfinished Business(Season 2, Episode 9) ID

A 45-year-old CFO vanishes after leaving his Little Rock home for work, prompting speculation about an impending work-related deal.

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Fri Oct 7 9:00am
The Long Drive Home(Season 1, Episode 7) ID

A college student leaves her son with a close friend and vanishes. Her abandoned car is found a week later and a warrant for her arrest is issued.

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Fri Oct 7 10:00am
Mystery on Lake Seminole(Season 4, Episode 10) ID

The case of a duck hunter who mysteriously vanished after he purportedly visited a Florida lake is discussed.

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Tue Oct 11 6:00am
City of Angels(Season 6, Episode 6) ID

A Tennessee mother frantically searches for her 24-year-old daughter, an aspiring actress who went missing in Hollywood.

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Tue Oct 11 7:00am
One Way Ticket(Season 6, Episode 5) ID

A woman goes missing after leaving for a romantic trip with her boyfriend.

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Tue Oct 11 8:00am
Gone on the 4th of July(Season 3, Episode 5) ID

The case of Roxanne Paltauf, who disappeared in July 2006 after leaving a motel in Austin, is discussed.

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