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Dirty Sexy Money Episode: "The Organ Donor"

Season 2, Episode 9
Episode Synopsis: The Darlings cope with the impact of a shooting spree that resulted in a death, a coma patient and an amnesia victim; Nick and Lisa try to settle custody arrangements regarding Kiki; and Brian's relationship with Andrea leads him back to the pulpit.
Original Air Date: Dec 17, 2008
Guest Cast Bruce Nozick: Larry Brackman Ty Treadway: Pete Bradley Christopher Grove: Michael Collins Hannah Leigh Dworkin: Jillian Alexander Scott Holroyd: Chase Alexander Amy Stewart: Janine Alexander Roxanna Brusso: Marie Richard McGonagle: Bishop Bascombe Rafael J. Noble: Judge Firestone
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Season 2, Episode 9
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Aired: 12/17/2008
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Dirty Sexy Money Episode Recap: "The Organ Donor" Season 2, Episode 9

The final Dirty Sexy Money of the year had a lot of explaining to do after last week's "Who Shot JR?" ending. It started on a hilarious foot with Jeremy, having fallen down the stairs, (technically, Nick threw him, to get him out of the way of Chase's bullet) waking with amnesia. That's so 80's soaps.

The family was interviewed about the shooting. When asked how it would be to help Jeremy relearn everything, Letitia said it would be hard, "Jeremy wasn't the fastest learner the first time around."

Chase shot four bullets, one grazing Nick's shoulder; two missing in action, and sadly the last one was the fatal blow for the lovely Carmelita. I was really surprised that Patrick didn't seem more upset by her death. He did, however, liken her to Jackie O. after her husband's assassination, "Now she (sic) is a legend, when she would have preferred to be a woman." It was touching. It was a little creepy that Tripp was paying his respects to the weird religious icon dedicated to Carmelita. He never wanted her around, so why the sudden false compassion? I imagine it is mostly to manipulate Paddy into thinking he gives a rat's arse.

On top of Jeremy's amnesia, Chase fell into a coma after the cops shot him twice. He had a living will to take him off life support and Tripp completely agreed with it. Chase's wife showed up to nullify the will, because, according to her, a life, even lived in jail, is better than no life at all. Nick tries to persuade her otherwise. Just when she is right there with him, Chase opens his eyes and gasps — a simple and normal reaction during comas. But he's still in one. Well, that is, until he's not.

In the custody battle between Lisa and Nick, what looked like it might have been a convivial breakup became a nasty fight. When Lisa learned that Karen had watched Kiki during Daddy's weekend, she went ballistic and decided that mediation was no longer an option. I thought she was pretty irrational about the whole thing. It's not like she will be able to watch Kiki 'round the clock with her new gallery. But, what fun would it be if she were nice about it? Besides, Karen was just watching Kiki to prove to Nick that she could be "just friends" with him. Yeah, like that's gonna work! They were so flirtatious when she dropped Kiki off. More like a way to get back in his good graces.

Nola's red coat was sensational, but I must say the dress she wore in the courtroom was an interesting choice. She was vulnerable again with Jeremy. (Or does she play that vulnerability card just to manipulate him?) If she plays sad and sweet, she can get him to do anything she wants, or needs. I hope that some of it's real though.

Everyone wants someone else to kill Chase. Tripp alludes to it with Nick, but when that doesn't work he basically tells Paddy he is just a big pansy if he doesn't stand up and take some revenge on Chase for killing Carmelita. Simon threatens Nola with never seeing her brother if she doesn't do it. Nick finds Nola nearly in the act and stops her. Paddy stops himself in the act. Yet Chase finds his way to the pearly gates, only we don't know who did it. I think it was Jeremy since he said he would do anything for Nola. He may have set Nick up to get Nola out of there and after Paddy went in, he must have slipped in without our knowledge. Those Darlings, always killing, or trying to kill someone.

Simon does not want Chase to wake up and jeopardize his plan to have Paddy in Washington where he would be best positioned to help him.

Since Brian talked God into bringing his new wife back from the brink of death, they have been having problems, "Is that what you're wearing, to the Mass? You look like a piñata." Frankly, I have to agree with him. She was dressed inappropriately to attend her hubby's Church soiree. I figured he was pushing her away because he didn't believe he could have her. But she loves him. After being so mean to her, he seemed to turn a new leaf and told her he wanted to make their marriage work. Go figure.

Jeremy's amnesia, although ridiculous, provided some great comic moments, like referring to Nola as the "Chinese lady with the freckles." And when he let Nola in on the secret that he didn't really have amnesia, she slapped him and then hugged him. Terrific moment. He was just using it as a ruse to shake Simon off his trail. Which was a good thing, because Simon wouldn't think twice about breaking his skinny little neck like a twig.

Nick wouldn't cross examine Chase's daughter in court, even though he was quick to say he would be opposing counsel against Chase's wife. He let that streak of righteous indignation jump out again. Chase is a person, dammit! So it was hilarious to me when Tripp told him that Chase died and that his kidney went to save some little girl. I don't know how Tripp stomachs that part of Nick's personality when we all know it's a lot of hogwash. Chase said it best, (before the whole coma thing when he was still able to speak,) when he said that Nick was "the worst one of them all!"

Tripp felt betrayed that Nick once again accused him of killing Dutch. And though he admits to having wanted to kill him, he was never able to bring himself to do it. "Not everything is as it seems." Speaking of Dutch, someone donated a hefty amount of money to Brian's church and he thinks it was Tripp. But Nick assures him it wasn't. So they assume it must have somehow been Dutch, who's been dead for a while, or has he? I suppose we won't know the answer to that for some time.

A few good lines:
Karen — "I swear they rerun that thing more than the Beverly Hillbillies."
Brian — "It's just gonna be a lot of bad coffee and Jesus."
Jeremy — "More than once — maximum!"

Well folks, we're done with DSM for now. There's been no word as to when it will come back to finish off the remaining episodes. So for now, Happy Holidays. See you back here next year!

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The final Dirty Sexy Money of the year had a lot of explaining to do after last week's "Who Shot JR?" ending. It started on a hilarious foot with Jeremy, having fallen down the stairs, (technically, Nick threw him, to get him out of the way of Chase's bullet) waking with amnesia. That's so 80's soaps.

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