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Dirty Sexy Money Episode: "The Plan"

Season 2, Episode 8
Episode Synopsis: Patrick invites Carmelita to his inauguration and faces a possible public accusation of murder if Chase makes good on his threats. Meanwhile, Jeremy figures out why Simon has a hold on Nola; Brian makes promises to God as Andrea's health suffers; and a dangerous intruder confronts Karen when she stops by Nick's place.
Original Air Date: Dec 10, 2008
Guest Cast John Rubinstein: Dr. Zwerling Scott Holroyd: Chase Alexander
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Season 2, Episode 8
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Length: 42:48
Aired: 12/10/2008
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Dirty Sexy Money Episode Recap: "The Plan" Season 2, Episode 8

Kidnappings and cancer, hostage situations, revelations and gunslinging. All this and more in the second to last Dirty Sexy Money before the break. God bless Craig Wright.

Karen's closet is bigger than my entire apartment. Including the outdoor areas. Jeez Louise, can you rent a girl a room? I'd like to know what size shoe she wears, because if she's going to toss those things out, I would take a pair or two off her hands. Karen is rightfully exasperated by Nick, but he very often gets the short end of the stick. The poor guy - he really does try to do the right thing and do right by the family, but it always seems to blow up in his face.

Nick's seconds away from turning Chase around, but his plan is undermined when the team sends out a posse to 927 him. Unfortunately, Chase thinks Nick set him up. Chase says he's the "worst one of them all," and it does look that way. Discredited once again.

Chase, Chase, Chase, what is the matter with you? You really are off your rocker.  He's willing to lose his wife and family in the name of justice. Nick keeps telling him that Patrick did not kill Ellen, (too true), but to no avail. He's eleven eggs short of a dozen. Or maybe he's just stupid.

Tish is precious handing out motherly advice to her babies. She tells Karen to get over Simon and Jeremy to go after Nola.

The fight between Jeremy and Nola is great, Nola yelling "He is a dimwit," and Jeremy responding, "she is a dungeon mistress." Nola finally admits to wanting Jeremy, "That is such a low blow, bringing up the thing!" Fashion aside, (literally), Nola's got some interesting get-ups. That white dress looked like an updated version of a nun's habit, only the hat was the sleeves.

Jeremy is wearing a red Kabbalah string, noticeable as he sips scotch while Karen and Tish convince him that Nola must be seeing someone else. Dangerous words — he stalks Nola and sees whom she's seeing - The Elderman. Jeremy doesn't know what he doesn't know.

Nola is caught, but she tells Jeremy she's not seeing him, seeing him, but that Simon has a hold over her because he's got her brother. I still don't exactly understand what's going on there.

Simon overhears Jeremy talking to Nick about Nola. And he's none to happy about it. He threatens Nola saying harm might come to her brother if their arrangement gets out. He does this weird thing where he's business-like, then mean, then sweet to her, saying she must be so proud of her son for his report card and then a split second later "I'm done," piercing her with a dangerous look. He's a little psychopathic. OK, a lot.

Karen is so wonderfully awkward in the scene with Chase. You could tell she's scared, but tries to cover it up. Guns in one's face, though, that sort of brings out the fear. I could take it when he hit her with the gun, but he crossed the line when he called her a slut.

Brian, who has been a hilariously nasty ass, has found some source of goodness in himself while coping with the impending death of his new bride. He has to go deep to awaken the decency in his heart. Sadly, Andrea makes him face her death. He's not ready for it. Broken down, he first blames and then turns to God to save Andrea's life, promising to go back to the Church if JC handles it. (He actually asked God to "step up".) Miraculously, Andrea gets better, and Brian accepts his fate of returning to God, saying he had a "revelation." That he should take the Bishop's job. And we're right back where we started from with Brian. The look on his face when the Bishop laughed at that, proved Brian was not joking. Darling Bishop Brian.

He's both hurt and disgusted that Tripp has sold half of the company to Simon and quits. Back to the sacred vestments for Brian.

I loved Carmelita's, "I need to see you, alone." That look she gives Nola iss clearly not in her favor. She comes back to tell Patrick all about Chase's psycho plea to her.

Patrick grows a pair and finally puts his foot down about Carmelita, inviting her to join him on the inaugural dais. Unfortunately, that very brave stance is for naught since Chase intends on killing him and the proceedings don't go as planned. Chase fires once, Nick pushes Jeremy out of the way and down the stairs of City Hall, and jumps Chase, Then Mr. Wright pulls the oldest trick in the book, a JR/Sopranos ending and the screen blacks out as Chase fires three shots, into whom, we have no way of knowing.  Although, I know you all have your theories, Let's hear 'em.

Phenomenal lines galore:

Karen: "Garbage, garbage, garbage, oh speak of the devil."

Nola: "You're such a little b*tch!"

Nick: "Oh, Nola, my ass!"

Jeremy: "Grande depresso, double grande."

Jeremy: "Get away from me, Trampolina!"

Brian: "At least give us K-12."

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Kidnappings and cancer, hostage situations, revelations and gunslinging. All this and more in the second to last Dirty Sexy Money before the break. God bless Craig Wright... read more

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