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Dirty Sexy Money Episode: "The Summer House"

Season 2, Episode 7
Episode Synopsis: Karen's wedding to Simon nears, and Lisa plans on bringing Jeremy to the nuptials to provoke jealousy in Nick. Elsewhere, Patrick gives Jeremy a job, despite Nola's objections; Brian bonds with Andrea; and Letitia wants houseguest Wrenn to leave after she sees Tripp is growing fond of her.
Original Air Date: Dec 3, 2008
Guest Cast Bella Thorne: Margaux Darling John Rubinstein: Dr. Zwerling Sarah Carter: Wrenn
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Season 2, Episode 7
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Length: 43:20
Aired: 12/3/2008
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Dirty Sexy Money Episode Recap: "The Summer House" Season 2, Episode 7

Will they or won't they? That's the question on everyone's mind going into this episode of Dirty Sexy Money. Tripp makes it clear, "This wedding cannot take place." But a wedding does take place, just not the one we expected.

Simon, evil-doer that he is, sells Karen out for ownership of Darling Enterprises. She's sweet, but she's not worth all that. However, Tripp sees it differently. He is more than willing to sell the company to get his darling girl out of the clutches of Mr. Elder.  Of course, Tripp has a plan. He didn't get to be the head of a $35 billion company by sleeping in is shoes, for goodness sake. He calls the shareholders and gently reminds him that Darling isn't worth a hill of beans without the Darling of them all at the helm.

Both Tripp and Nick want Wrenn, (why, exactly?) and Letitia and Lisa want her gone, (I agree). Tripp asks Nick to set up a secret rendezvous between himself, Wrenn and Nick and then asks Nick to kindly not show up. However, Nick has other plans. He wants Wrenn all to himself, as proven by the kiss in the last ep. I said it then, and I'll say it again, geez, Louise, the bed's not even cold. Seriously, I'm surprised the self-righteous Nick George bothered to wait so long.

Some sadder notes are sprinkled throughout the show. Another trip to the oncologist shows that Andrea's cancer has spread. Brian begins to realize losing Andrea may be harder than he'd thought. He asks, "What are we gonna tell the shrimp?" and it rings both humorous and devastating at the same time. That he kneels down to ask for her hand in marriage is really too much. I only half believe he wants to be with her. Of course, she doesn't have long to live, so he's not having to commit long term. That's the Brian we all know and love.

Another really emotional scene takes place between Karen and Nick when he comes to tell her the wedding is off. He actually looked pretty upset himself. She was sad, but then got angry. Angry because it's over, angry because Simon is such a Massengil product and angry that Nick isn't coming to sweep her off her feet. Karen now has the impetus to do something very bad.

And yet a third touchingly sad moment came when Karen tells Simon he just doesn't get it. That she really loves him. A flicker of remorse flashes over his face momentarily and then is gone as fast as it came. Money and power are so much more his thing than love.

To stay close to Nola, though she seems rather over him, Jeremy gets a job with his brother. Nola is none too happy. Just when Patrick has agreed to fire his little brother, Jeremy pulls out the stops and calls his bud, DJ Pillowhead. Completely random name. Anyhow, he saves the day with the deal with McConnell. He's staying, at least for Monday. 

Tripp and Nick's conversation over Wrenn is so funny and full of half-speak. They say what they say without saying it. Loved it. But Tripp is not conciliatory and he confesses his feelings for Wrenn to Letitia, knowing she is one marble away from losing them all. Within minutes, Tish sends the girl packing. She's not about to let some little accident-prone waif run her household into the proverbial gutter. Good for you Tish! Kick her to the curb. Most sensible thing she's done all season.

Enter Clark. Poor thing has to hide all the skeletons and tell Tripp that Simon has arrived. A deal soured, or is it? Tripp offers to partner up with Simon and I wonder what's up his sleeve. I thought Nick was supposed to be running the company, but I guess he gets little say in the matter. 

Lisa tries to have a nice conversation with her estranged husband telling him their love feels like the summer house that you drive to and it has been abandoned and torn down. Just as they're both sort of commiserating, he leaves to talk to Wrenn. He's really got a screw loose. Lisa's a heck of a lot more woman than that chick. But he surprises me when he says that their meeting, "Started as an accident and (we'll) leave it at that. There is the potential for her to start some trouble, too. I wonder if she'll be back.

Karen slaps Nick when she should have slapped Simon. What's the matter with everyone? I mean, Nick needs slapping, don't get me wrong, but Simon could have used a good sock in the eye, too. I guess she's madder at Nick for letting it happen because she's known and trusted him for so long. And because he is the one who got away.

Lines, please!
"Don't you Letitia me."
"I'm glad to see mourning our marriage hasn't gotten in the way of your dating."
"You love me?" (Pause) "You'll do anything to win an argument."
"I'm happy. It's unfamiliar."
"We're married 18 minutes; you're already nagging me?"
"You barely even occur to me." That Nola sure is mean.

I thought Juliet was supposed to be back this week, but seems like she wasn't in the stars. Hopefully soon, since DSM has been cancelled, there's not that much time left.

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Will they or won't they? That's the question on everyone's mind going into this episode of Dirty Sexy Money. Tripp makes it clear, "This wedding cannot take place." But a wedding does take place, just not the one we expected.
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