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Dirty Sexy Money Episode: "The Verdict"

Season 2, Episode 5
Episode Synopsis: Nick discovers a secret about Nola and learns something surprising about his wife. Meanwhile, Karen wants Nick to inform Tripp of her impending nuptials; Tripp has an opinion about whom Patrick should select as his chief of staff; and Brian and Andrea hear shocking news from a doctor. Good Charlotte's Joel Madden guest stars as himself.
Original Air Date: Nov 5, 2008
Guest Cast Laura Margolis: Daisy Roxana Brusso: Maria Ron Glass: Dennis Ford Thomas Kopache: Dr. Little
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Season 2, Episode 5
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Length: 42:17
Aired: 11/5/2008
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Dirty Sexy Money Episode Recap: "The Venture" Season 2, Episode 5

This may be one of the best episodes of Dirty Sexy Money. Fantastic music, unbelievable scenarios, pink ties, lies, lust and Joel Madden! Mistakes are made, everyone is playing everyone. I can hardly keep score. Did you see that ending coming?

What Nola wants, Nola isn't necessarily getting. Nick finds out about Nola and Jeremy and practically beats Jeremy into admitting it. Little did we know that little tryst was something Letitia and Jeremy conjured up. Nola really lays into Jeremy, since she is about to lose everything. I almost feel bad for her. But I felt worse for Jeremy when he cries on Letitia's shoulder about actually having falling in love with Nola, the self-proclaimed "attack-dog".

I love Karen's bangs.

Nick and Tripp think they are being all clever when they feel they have thwarted Simon's takeover plan. Oh, but just you wait. Nick puts his foot down on this one and tells Tripp to cut her out. It actually works well for Simon because he can now make Karen depend on him totally. (One wonders, however fleetingly, if Tripp is setting Nick up to get him back together with Karen.)

Nick is glib and gloating when he gets the judge to throw out the case against Letitia based on Nola's sexual proclivities.

The gallery is having a successful opening until Joel Madden, (lead singer of Good Charlotte and Nicole Ritchie's baby daddy), spills the beans to Nicky that Jeremy is the owner of said gallery. Party pooper. Lisa had way too much art in her gallery anyhow. It was overcrowded and chaotic. Oh well, it may all she has to comfort her now. 

More sparring between "the dwarf's" parents had me bent over in stitches. One moment, they are worries about Brian Jr.'s red throat, the next, we find out that what's her knuckle, Andrea, has cancer. This is what I love about Brian, he doesn't yell at Andrea or flip out. He just listens to her and tells her to stay so he can take care of her.

Loved the Wii game between the Brians. Their banter was hilarious and is quoted in part under awesome lines. I love their bond and hope that Brian Jr. gets to stay in the picture.

Nick and Lisa are taking some time off, Nick's idea, and Lisa seems none too happy about it.  The song, Low's "Laser Beam", was playing during their "I'll miss you, talk" and was so mournful, it made me cry. Or maybe I'm still emotional from Tuesday.

Nola is forced to resign - professional misconduct, I should say so! But somehow manages to worm her way into the Chief of Staff position in Paddy's new administration. Although Paddy had earlier told Tripp he wanted "someone without colostomy bags". Nola's definitely not ready for Depends.

Simon and Karen throw themselves an engagement party and Karen has to beg for her brothers to attend, which they do skulkingly, so as not to incur the wrath of Tripp. While listening to Simon's "New kind of family" speech - "A family with no secrets, no loyalty tests", all I could think was,  "What fun would that be?"

Tripp shows up at the party, like death to a village plagued with sickness, (I know, so poetic), and gives Karen a parting/engagement gift. The crystal swan... Duh da duh da....And all the Darling boys file out after him like little ducklings. This crystal swan was the same one that Karen took from Simon's joint way back when, so does that mean that Tripp is divorcing Karen of her duty to spy on Simon?

Nick says "we know Letitia is innocent," but the look she smiles into her glass of celebratory champagne says she knows otherwise. Hmmm. So with Letitia off the hook, she has time to sympathize with Jeremy about his broken heart. Another touching moment in our campy soap drama.

So if, Jeremy played Nola, Nola played the Darlings and Simon played Nola, who's playing Nick? As I said, everyone plays everyone in this fabu show. In Jeremy's words, it's maximum!"

Finally! Nick goes to see Karen and tells her the company isn't his first priority but that "You, and me" is his priority.  Karen "can't leave Simon for a distraction, Nick, I can only leave him for you," and then she lays the ultimate ultimatum on Nicky. And his response? Nothing. Some lame hand gesture. Get it together Nicky, you know you want her!

Some awesome lines:
• Brian: "Hostage? That's what you call staying at the largest private residence in
• Manhattan with a staff that waits on you hand and foot?" Brian: "Save that trash talk for somebody who can't spank you with the hand of impunity."
• Jeremy: "Easy, Miss Cleo."

Dirty Sexy Money will not be on next week so ABC can bring you the CMAs, but come back in two weeks mdash; I think the next ep will be the best DSM ever.

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This may be one of the best episodes of Dirty Sexy Money. Fantastic music, unbelievable scenarios, pink ties, lies, lust and Joel Madden! Mistakes are made, everyone is playing everyone. I can hardly keep score. Did you see that ending coming?< read more

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