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Dirty Sexy Money Episode: "The Watch"

Season 1, Episode 9
Episode Synopsis: Letitia's affair with Nick's father is revealed through flashbacks, and Simon and Karen flirt at the hospital while visiting Patrick. Meanwhile, Brian is busted for bribing the arbiter in his custody case, and Jeremy gets Lisa to help him continue to fake being poor for Sofia. Dutch: Peter Strauss.
Original Air Date: Nov 28, 2007
Guest Cast Alan Blumenfeld: Judge Sofia Vergara: Sofia
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Season 1, Episode 9
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Length: 05:19:13
Aired: 11/28/2007
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“The Watch” Season 1, Episode 9

It's all happening. Oh, how I hate to gloat, but way back in the second episode of Dirty Sexy Money, "The Lions", I offered the following: Did we see a tiny glimmer of kindness from the bitter Brian when he sent the boy to bed? Perhaps he and Nick are half-brothers? Or could it be that Tish and Dutch had two children, Brian and Nick, the other set of twins? Hmmm. Tooting one's horn is so unbecoming, but "TOOT, TOOT"! Many of you had the same idea as well, so I'm sure I wasn't the first to think it, I just got to point it out. Good to know we're all on the same track. I'm still not 100% certain that Tish isn't somehow Nick's mom as well. The boys are the same age. And Nick's mother was quick to dismiss him. Once again, I say, Hmmm So we have confirmation that Brian and Nick are brothers; if we didn't know before the show started, we should have been able to tell as they strode side by side into the courtroom before the Reverend was arrested for a class "C" felony. It's their bickering that gives them away. As if that wasn't enough proof, Letitia and Tripp had a nasty fight over Brian. She was not convinced that Tripp's harshness towards his "son's" criminal act had nothing to do with his being a ba*tard child. Tripp later defended Nick as if he was his son. The family tree(s) in this show are very convoluted. Poor Patrick is a victim of his wife, his lover and his father, (and now Simon Elder). They all rule his life, leaving very little for him to decide for himself. The only decision he did make was that he wanted Carmelita in his life. Their love story is the truest one in this whole show. Somehow Carmelita makes Patrick honest. Karen was hilarious. Her "Death, I'm coming for you!" monologue cracked me right the heck up. And with lines like, "I never go to Mozambique on a second date," how does she not get more airtime? That Simon is a slippery eel, though, he's better looking than one. I don't trust him, no way, no how. Can't wait to find out what he's got against Tripp that he's willing to do to him and his family what he did to Darling Plaza. Lisa was fantastic as Jeremy's "beard" in his silly ploy to make Sofia think he's poor. (He bought a brownstone to prove it.) Btw, Sofia is built like a brick house - does it matter if he's rich or poor? More kudos to Seth Gabel, his physical comedy with the red sculpture in the art gallery was hilarious. A ridiculously long list of fantastic lines, (Thanks, writers!!!): "You got me sunshine, we're screwed." "I feel like I'm filled with lime green neon." "That is like, financial racism." "The firearm chapter of my marriage is over." "I just love giving." "Let's nude it up!" "I've had quite a day; I've lost two fathers and a son. Please get the hell away from me." "Crossed my mind Karen might have been my sister. Thought it best to leave that alone." "It's just me and my paints, and my other paints." This was the first ep I felt Peter Krause actually got to color his own canvas. First, when Tish explained the problems with Darling paternity, and Nick had to admit, "Brian is my brother," I finally felt he was in the same acting class as the rest of them. And the Where the Red Fern Grows story was great. His "No one says everything" scene with Tripp when he said, "I lost my mother. I lost my father. I lost my whole childhood to your family. You owe me the truth," was moving. When Tripp got up after him and slammed the door, I was speechless. The scene with Dutch was equally as heart wrenching. Dutch, played by Peter Strauss, was trying to get away from the Darlings just before he was found dead in the Long Island Sound. Peter Krause. Peter Strauss. (Wasn't it fitting that the Strauss fathered the Krause?) I've loved Peter Strauss since Rich Man, Poor Man. I almost died when Tish asked Brian if it would have made a difference if she'd told him about Nick and Brian said, "Yeah." It completely broke my heart. It was very Pulp Fiction when Brian gave his son Dutch's father's watch and told the story of the generations of fathers who had worn it. I did however cry for about a 1/2 hour when they hugged before Brian Jr. got into the cab. "You don't have to say it, Daddy. I know," cried BJ. That rotten, self-serving mother of little Brian forced a quick good-bye. What a witch! She is mean. Meaner than Brian, if you ask me. How could you take a man's son from him? (Oh, wait, didn't Tish do the same thing?) Brian ran after the cab and the song that took us through that emotional moment, Nothing Left to Lose by Mat Kearney, made me cry even harder. Listen to it here. We ended as we began with the brothers arguing. "Fine, I hate you. Sit down, please," Brian's said with a little smirk. I hope they'll be OK. I don't know if I can handle seven days off without Dirty Sexy Money, so I'm headed over to our Online Video Guide to watch clips. show less
Its all happeningOh how I hate to gloat but way back in the second episode of Dirty Sexy Money The Lions I offered the following Did we see a tiny glimmer of kindness from the bitter Brian when he sent the boy to bed Perhaps he and Nick are half-brothers Or could it be that Tish and Dutch had two children Brian and Nick the other set of twins Hmmm Tooting ones horn is so unbecoming but TOOT TOOT Many of you had the same idea as well so Im sure I wasnt the first to think it I just got to point it out Good to know were all on the same track Im still not 100 certain that Tish isnt somehow Nicks mom as well The boys are the same age And Nicks mother was quick to dismiss him Once again I say HmmmSo we have confirmation that Brian and Nick are brothers if we didnt know before the show started we should have been able to tell as they strode side by side into the courtroom be read more

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Premise: A wealthy and unscrupulous family become the headache of a lawyer who takes over as their counsel when his father passes away.



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