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2010, TV Show

Dino Dan Season 1 episodes

The Time Traveler's Dino Season 1, Episode 40

Dan relates a tale about Time Traveler Cory and his robot companion as they go back through three ages of the dinosaurs to photograph a T. rex. read more

Down on the Farm Season 1, Episode 39

While on a visit to a farm with Mom, Dan discovers some downy feathers and tries to identify the creature they came from. read more

Roaring Good Time Season 1, Episode 38

Dan becomes interested in dinosaur sounds and tries to record a triceratops snort. read more

Hard Hat, Long Neck Season 1, Episode 37

Dan and his pals sculpt a sand castle and discover that some dinosaurs had impressive building skills. read more

Dino Doug Season 1, Episode 36

Dan goes to the grocery store with his mom, leaving it to Doug to save a baby Edmontosaurus from a Dromaeosaurus. read more

Fishing for Dinosaurs Season 1, Episode 35

Uncle Jack tries to teach Dan how to fish, but Jack lacks fishing skills. read more

Where's Dino? Season 1, Episode 34

Doug gets lost in the park while Dan is busy tracing a feather to a particular dinosaur. read more

Name-a-Saurus Season 1, Episode 33

Dan learns about the process of naming dinosaurs. read more

Training Wings Season 1, Episode 32

Trek's mom teaches him how to ride a bike while Dan teaches a baby pterodactylyus how to fly. read more

Dino Party Season 1, Episode 31

Dan's birthday celebration includes a dinosaur cake, a scavenger hunt and a piƱata-stealing dromaeosaurus. read more

Ready, Set, Dino! Season 1, Episode 30

Dan tests the speeds of two dinosaurs using bait during gym class. read more

Prehistoric Zoo Season 1, Episode 29

Dan finds a lost baby T. rex during a visit to the zoo with his grandmother. read more

Cops & Dinos Season 1, Episode 28

Dan uses his mom's radar device to determine how fast a dromaeosaurus is. read more

To Catch a Dino Season 1, Episode 27

Dan has a sleepover with Corey and Ricardo, and he tells them a bedtime story about a baby T. rex. read more

Dinosicles Season 1, Episode 26

Dan creates a triceratops decoy to learn how carnivorous dinosaurs attacked their prey. read more

Tooth or Consequences Season 1, Episode 25

Dan's dentist visit gives him insight on how dinosaurs' teeth affected what they ate. read more

Stop Motion Dino Season 1, Episode 24

Dan's art class makes a stop-motion movie about a T. rex, and Dan and Angie have a disagreement over it. read more

Moody Dino Season 1, Episode 23

Dan learns about the changing colors of a stegosaurus. read more

Gasosaurus Season 1, Episode 22

Dan, Kami and Ricardo learn about a new dinosaur-extinction theory. read more

The Case of the Mystery Dino Season 1, Episode 21

Dan and his friends determine which dinosaur left something behind. read more

Active Imagination Season 1, Episode 20

Dan witnesses a T. rex back down from a triceratops. read more

Dino Dent Season 1, Episode 19

Dan tries to deduce who dented a school bus. read more

To Flee or Not to Flee Season 1, Episode 18

A substitute teachers encourages Dan and his classmates to engage in dinosaur role-playing. read more

'Twas a Dinosaur Season 1, Episode 17

Dan recites a holiday poem at school, and he adds a dinosaur element to it. read more

Lunch Bag Bandit Season 1, Episode 16

A Dromaeosaurus snatches Cory's snack. read more

Copy Dino Season 1, Episode 15

Dan teaches self-defense to a young Triceratops. read more

Art for Pterosaurs' Sake Season 1, Episode 14

The winged Quetzalcoatlus inspires Dan and his buddies to make a kite. read more

There's a Compsognathus Under My Bed Season 1, Episode 13

Dan has trouble sleeping thanks to an inconsiderate Compsognathus. read more

Big Bad Spinosaurus Season 1, Episode 12

Dan reimagines the tale of "Little Red Riding Hood" with a Spinosaurus instead of a wolf. read more

Dino Trap Season 1, Episode 11

Dan traps the wrong dinosaur while protecting his mother's garden. read more

A Winter Tail Season 1, Episode 10

Dan hopes to witness a Euoplocephalus use its tail; Trek longs to see snow. read more

He Shoots, He Roars Season 1, Episode 9

Jim assists Dan in determining which dinosaurs were warm-blooded. read more

T-Rex Bedtime Season 1, Episode 8

Dan camps out in the backyard with his pals, and they test a T. rex to see if he's nocturnal. read more

Dino Trackers Season 1, Episode 7

Dan's mom makes him take his little brother, Trek, along with him on a hunt for a stegosaurus. read more

Trouble Clef Season 1, Episode 6

Dan uses a French horn to connect with two Corythosauruses. read more

Masked Confusion Season 1, Episode 5

Dan seeks art-class assistance from Angie in order to gain a dinosaur herd's trust. read more

A Model Dino Season 1, Episode 4

Dan has a camera in a nest of baby Triceratops, who are in danger because of a T. rex. read more

A Pterosaur in the House Season 1, Episode 3

Dan's family tries to get rid of a Pterodactylus in their home. read more

Bones in the Backyard Season 1, Episode 2

Dan puts an art project to good use when figuring out where a dinosaur bone belongs. read more

The Chicken or the Dino Season 1, Episode 1

Dan thinks his class's mystery egg is a dinosaur egg. read more

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Premise: A 10-year-old budding paleontologist explains all there is to know about dinosaurs in this blend of live action and animation.



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