• 2001
  • TV Show
  • None

Dramatic six-part miniseries about murder and gambling in a small Canadian university town.

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Ego Season 1, Episode 6 Dec 18, 2001 Paid

After a sex quiz reveals that Dice and Carmen only "sizzle" in bed, Dice makes it his mission in life to make his girlfriend "boil." Meanwhile, an Academy Award winning actor Adrien Brody asks Dice if he can research him as part of his 'method' while studying for an upcoming Broadway performance.

Sal Maldonado Season 1, Episode 5 Dec 11, 2001 Subscription

Milkshake uses a fake name at a steakhouse to sound 'mobbed up.' Meanwhile, Dice is replaced by a slick new Hollywood agent as the manager of his kids' heavy metal band. After the agent screws his sons over, Dice sets out for revenge.

Elvis Season 1, Episode 4 Nov 26, 2001 $1.99

Dice is given the task of going to the casino to get Carmen's brother a wedding gift but instead gets distracted by the casino's new $5 ATM fee.

Prestige Season 1, Episode 3 Nov 19, 2001 $2.99

Dice gets upset when a plaster molding of his penis goes missing from an art show.

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Dice Season 1
The six-episode series will follow the renowned comedian, Andrew Dice Clay, as he works in Vegas to resurrect his career while supporting his family. (more…)