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Latest Episode: They Got Chops / Poetic Injustice / Comedy of Feathers

Nov 19, 2003 Season 6 Episode 13 watch on (Paid)

"They Got Chops" (7 minutes) When Dee Dee starts layin' the judo on Dexter, he learns to fight back.

Last But Not Beast

Jun 15, 1998 Season 2 Episode 108

"Last But Not Beast" (22 Minutes) In Japan for a student exchange program, Dexter shows off his robot suit to a couple of the local school kids, and ends up awakening a monster buried deep within a volcano. It's up to the Justice Friends, Monkey, Mandark, and Dexter's entire family to try and stop the monster from destroying the world.
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Dee Dee's Rival / Pslyghtly Psycho / Game for a Game

Apr 29, 1998 Season 2 Episode 104

"Dee Dee's Rival" In an episode that mirrors "Dexter's Rival," Dee Dee goes head to head with the new student in her dance class, Olga - Mandark's sister. After they have a dance-off, the teacher decides they will both perform in the recital together. Their respective brothers help them to compete with robot suits. "Pslyghtly Psycho" On Mother's Day, the family takes away Mom's cleaning gloves. She suffers major anxiety watching them perform her housework very badly. "Game for a Game" Dee Dee is stuck in the house on a rainy day and has no choice but to play games with Dexter. She wins every time! In his anger, Dexter challenges her to compete with him in the Dextatorium, his electronic game tower.
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Sdwarkacb / The Continuum of Cartoon Fools / Sun, Surf and S...

Mar 25, 1998 Season 2 Episode 88

"Sdrawkcab" Dexter develops a reverse belt. While wearing the belt to get a snack in the kitchen, Dee Dee sneaks into the lab to play with the belt controls. "The Continuum of Cartoon Fools" Dee Dee's constant laboratory interruptions cause Dexter to seal off every entrance she uses. Ironically, in keeping his sister out, Dexter eventually locks himself out of the lab, too. "Sun, Surf, and Science" Mandark enters a surfing contest hoping to beat Dee Dee's boyfriend and win the girl's heart. When Mandark finds out that it's Dee Dee who's going to compete, he must save her by making himself the victim of his own booby traps.
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That's Using Your Head / Dad Is Disturbed / Framed

Mar 04, 1998 Season 2 Episode 79

"That's Using Your Head" Dexter brings home a mentally deranged man, who looks like a scientist and is trying to pick up radio signals through a hand made hat of Styrofoam and trash. Dexter makes the guy a real receiver, and the guy freaks out and is immediately zapped away into another dimension. "Dad is Disturbed" Dad prepares to watch a special game on television. After setting up for an afternoon of sports, he's interrupted by Dexter, Dee Dee, and Mom, who monopolize his space and the television. Cameos by Barney and Betty Rubble. "Framed" When Dexter's glasses break, he accidentally starts a new fashion trend at school and becomes very popular.
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Sassy Comes Home / Photo Finish

Aug 13, 1997 Season 2 Episode 13

While vacationing in the woods with his family, Dexter finds Sasquatch tracks and hopes to photograph the mythical beast.
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The Busboy / Things That Go Bonk In The Night / Ol' McDexter

Aug 13, 1997 Season 2 Episode 12

When Dexter is harassed by two bullies and forced to go into the back of a school bus chasing his #2 writing implement, he must brave the legend of little Billy Blumberg who disappeared back there years ago.
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Hard Day's Day / Road Rash / Ocean Commotion

Aug 06, 1997 Season 2 Episode 11

Dexter finds that his normal scientific zeal is squelched one day when everything that can goes wrong,
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Eww, That's Growth / Nuclear Confusion / Germ Warfare

Aug 06, 1997 Season 2 Episode 10

When the whole family goes to the carnival, Dexter can't go on a ride because he's too short. Using his lab, he makes himself grow taller, but can't stop.
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Snowdown / Figure Not Included / Mock 5

Aug 06, 1997 Season 2 Episode 9

Dee Dee keeps pelting Dexter with snowballs.
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Filet of Soul / Golden Diskette

Jul 30, 1997 Season 2 Episode 8

Because Dexter and Dee Dee can't bring themselves to flush their beloved dead fish, Fishy, down the toilet, Fishy's restless spirit haunts them.
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Labels / Game Show / Fantastic Boyage

Jul 30, 1997 Season 2 Episode 7

During a fight with his sister over the chair in front of the TV, Dexter gets the idea to start labeling his things.
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Dee Dee Locks and the Ness Monster / Backfire / Book'Em

Jul 23, 1997 Season 2 Episode 5

Dexter tries to entertain his ill sister by reading to her out of his science text. Bored by protons and neutrons, Dee Dee uses her imagination to make up a story of her own.
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Hunger Strikes / The Koos is Loose / Morning Stretch

Jul 23, 1997 Season 2 Episode 4

Dexter is denied dessert when he doesn't finish his vegetables. He decides to use gamma radiation to alter his tastebuds.
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D & DD / Ham Hocks n' Arm Locks

Jul 16, 1997 Season 2 Episode 3

Dee Dee wants to play Monsters & Mazes with Dexter and his friends. Against Dexter's wishes, she is made the game master!
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Mom and Jerry / Chubby Cheese / That Crazy Robot

Jul 16, 1997 Season 2 Episode 2

When Dexter's brain transplant experiment goes awry, his brain is switched with that of a mouse.
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The Beard To Be Feared / Quakor: The Fowl / Ant Pants

Jul 16, 1997 Season 2 Episode 1

Dexter decides to emulate his hero, Action Hank, and grow a synthetic beard to make himself more rugged.
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