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Jumpin Jehosephat that was a good Dexter We had intrique and murder and sex and scandal DeliciousRitas mother downplayed wonderfully by JoBeth Williams visited and though she was apparently supportive of the Bay Harbor Butcher she also inferred that Dexter has a secret and wouldnt she be surprised Rita didnt quite nod but I felt she was thinking Why yes he does Hes a drug addict Which of course we all know isnt true but whatever helps you sleep at night RitaDexters alien analysis of Ritas mom Gail was hilarious The funny voice he did when saying things like You have made me your sworn enemy evil woman and Perhaps I have misjudged you oh wise one made me laugh out loudI was however mortified that they were discussing the BHB at the dinner table with those two small children How did Cody know about him Was he watching gruesome news stories I guess he could have heard about it at school but not re read more

X-Files, Dexter and More Short Cuts

The X-Files - The Complete Collectors' Edition box set courtesy 20th Century Fox

The X-Files: The Complete Collectors' Edition, a 61-disc package, arrives on DVD Nov. 6 at a retail price of $329.98.... Dexter celebrates Halloween on Oct. 28 with an episode where our "hero" seeks to avenge his mother's murder.... Surf's Up topped last week's DVD sales and rental charts, besting Evan Almighty and Fantastic Four 2, respectively.... ESPN alum Dan Patrick has inked a deal to write a weekly column for Sports Illustrated, says Variety.... Twentieth Century Fox TV has signed L.I.E. director Michael Cuesta to develop, produce and direct series for the studio. Cuesta was behind the passed-on CBS pilot Babylon Fields and is helming the Fox pilot The Oaks. read more

I just recently got into ...

Question: I just recently got into Showtime's Brotherhood and I have to say, I am totally loving it. The whole cast is great, the stories are interesting, and I'm glad Showtime had faith to keep it going after subpar viewership. I should be caught up soon to start Season 2. In another recent addition to my list, I found Dexter this summer and was equally blown away. Michael C. Hall has found another terrific drama after Six Feet Under; I can't wait for what's in store for Dex this year. Add in the sexy yet funny Californication (and hopefully The Tudors, which is next on my list) and Showtime is really on a roll. Do you think Showtime is surpassing HBO in terms of quality and "buzz" programs, now that The Sopranos and other flagship series are gone? And what new projects are currently in development for Showtime? 'Cause I know I will be watching. Thanks. Answer: And you left out Weeds, which has been pretty sensational again this season. Yes, I think it's fair to say that Showtime is ... read more

Recently you've been letting ...

Question: Recently you've been letting the world know how great a show Dexter is. I think Hugh Laurie is incredible in House, but if Michael C. Hall doesn't win an Emmy for dramatic male performance, I have to believe that Emmy voters have never themselves acted. The man is a revelation. What I want to talk about, though, is Brotherhood, the show that follows Dexter. No one ever talks about it, even though it is better than 98 percent of all other television shows, from Annabeth Gish's powerful performance in Season 1 to Ethan Embry's hometown cop who is spiraling out of control this season. Please, please give Brotherhood some much needed publicity. Answer: Consider it done. And to be fair, I did include Brotherhood in my recent roundup of pay-cable dramas, but it's kind of hard not to lead with Dexter, which is what Showtime is doing in its promotions as well. Brotherhood is a great show that somehow has become as marginalized as The Wire is over on HBO. Like The Wire, it has a ... read more

Keith Carradine: From Serial Killer to Dexter Nemesis

Keith Carradine, Dexter

Fresh from playing a milkshake-sipping serial killer on Criminal Minds, Keith Carradine is now hunting for one on Dexter (Sundays at 9 pm/ET, Showtime), as an FBI agent assigned to Miami after bodies are discovered in a harbor. Carradine shares his thoughts on his new role, his famous family and his Deadwood experience. TV Guide: You play Agent Lundy, who is investigating the Bay Harbor Butcher. Tell us about him.Keith Carradine: I come in with this reputation as a star in the serial-profiling world. It makes Dexter sit up and take notice. He realizes he really has to watch himself now. TV Guide: What do you like about him?Carradine: He's not cocky read more

"An Inconvenient Lie"

Ridonkulous The thirds the charm This being the third installment of Season 2 of Dexter and weve hit a gold mine This ep was funny clever and totally satisfying like steak after a good kill So many inconvenient lies where to start Dexters told he is a bad liar and a very good liar to which he responds Not good enough Who else might be lying Well the very bad car salesman for one Oh but he got his Lets get right to the point why is Laguerta covering for Esmee Is it really a women-in-solidarity thing Or does she want to look really good when she finally takes over Esmees job Its hard to trust anyones motives in this show Doakes has been busy spying on Dexter and has done his homework He has learned quite a lot about our boy but not the real stuff So why wrap up the Doakes subplot so neatly Now that hes found Dexter in a 12-step program hes convinced I dont know a little clear-cut for my read more

First of all, I want to thank ...

Michael C. Hall, Dexter

Question: First of all, I want to thank you for all that you do. It's wonderful to have a sane voice in this crazy world of television (especially when it comes to the Emmys). I agree with practically all of your insights (though I'll admit that I'm a Dwight fan) and I appreciate your recommendations. I just started the first season of Dexter and I have to say that I'm blown away. It's an amazing show, and though House is still my favorite, Michael C. Hall is giving Hugh Laurie a run for his money. Maybe it's just the Miami flavor (who would have known Miami would be such a great spot for awesome television?) or the freelance geniuses using their "unique" cache of knowledge to make the world a better place, but there seem to be several similarities between Dexter and Burn Notice. And then there are the voice-overs: the often humorous narration offering helpful hints and insights into their respective worlds. Try a mini-marathon of each back-to-back — even if you don't see the ... read more

Dexter's Buddy Previews this Season's Surprises

David Zayas and Michael C. Hall, Dexter

On the irresistibly creepy Showtime hit Dexter (Sundays at 9 pm/ET), David Zayas plays nice-guy Detective Angel Batista, and the role is hardly a stretch: Zayas, a Bronx native, was an NYPD officer until less than a decade ago. Currently appearing in George Clooney's Michael Clayton, as — what else? — a detective, Zayas has also played his share of guys on the other side of the law, most notably as the Latino-gang boss Enrique Morales on HBO's prison-drama Oz. Zayas shares his softer side with us and explains how he came to change his life so drastically. Let's talk about Angel Batista — he seems like kind of a softy. I love that he's been spouting Oprah-esque "create y read more

Ratings: Monday Night Football Tackles Record

A few miscellaneous ratings highlights from wherever and whenever:• This week's Monday Night Football barnburner between the Bills and Cowboys gave ESPN the honor of the most-watched cable television outing of 2007 to date. MNF sacked the record held by High School Musical 2.• Dexter (889,000 total viewers) dipped a bit from its premiere, but lead-out Brotherhood (517,000) saw a 30 percent boost, thanks to the elimination of a seven-minute break between the Showtime shows.• TBS' coverage of MLB's divisional playoffs averaged 5.3 million viewers, giving the 31-year-old cabler its best week ever. (And they say everyone hits their prime at age 27.) read more

"Waiting to Exhale"

Ever since Dexter killed his brother hes been all Jekyll and no Hyde But the opening scene with Dexter lying in bed and the fan slicing through his image sing a different tune Its a great image that shows a distorted image of him both the Jekyll and the Hyde Just the way we like him The 50 recap Dexter was drifting and unable to find his sea legs since killing his brother His sister was also having a difficult time getting back into her work Bombarded with images and talk of the ITK Deb lost her composure and scared the bejesus out of a young boy but ended up landing a lead on the drug trafficking of Chinos gang Dexters previous handiwork his beautiful bodies of work were found in the harbor The FBI sent Special Agent Rock Star Frank Lundy to help solve the puzzle of the Bay Harbor Butcher a moniker both he and Dexter abhor Rita decided to bury her dead husband Dexter lied to Rita about his nonexistent drug addiction and manage read more

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