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You don't say much about ...

Question: You don't say much about Dexter. Is there any show that is more riveting? I'm standing in front of the TV, jaw dropped, and then Doakes finds Dexter's slides, and then we realize Lila gave up Dexter's location. I don't think there is a better drama out there. What do you think?
Answer: Dexter is certainly in the top tier. These last few episodes have been a gas. I couldn't believe when Doakes found Dexter's blood-drop slide trophies. And then, in last week's episode, when the police find the slides and target Doakes as the Bay Harbor Butcher. Genius! And you should have heard my gasp when Dexter sneaks away from protective custody to dispose of his latest victim, only to be tracked down by Doakes, who's now Dexter's prisoner. What next? This show is on fire ... read more

"Resistance Is Futile"

The first rule of Serial Killer Club Dont get caught Everyone repeat In yet another fabulously put-together Dexter our hero found himself dreaming dead-on dreams Cant leave this s--t lying around bro while sleeping in a lawn chair at his exs The show had everything Keith Carradines backside Lundy shook down LaGuerta The trophy slides were found in Doakes car Dexter became the FFTHeart to hearts everywhere Dex and Rita x2Deb and Dex LaGuerta and DoakesLila and DexterLundy and DebraDexter and the FBI agents in the backseat of the carDexter and the FBI lab techsAngel and DexterLaGuerta and DebraDoakes and DexterSee the list keeps growingMichael C Halls expressions in between dialogue were award worthy Not much has been said here about this versatile actor but last season I did mention his hotness Its still intact as is his talent All that self-reflection its unhealthy But the killing makes him sexier than read more

Dexter Makes a Killing for Showtime

Michael C. Hall as Dexter by Randy Tepper/Showtime

Wow. I thought I was the only one who was psyched to see the serial killer's kid sis go on her first date with Special Agent Lundy. But no, apparently not. Sunday's installment of Dexter was the most-watched episode of a Showtime series ever. It drew 1.23 million viewers at 9 pm/ET and a total of 1.63 million when you add in its 11 pm broadcast. It was also up a whopping 41 percent from the previous week. Dag, can you imagine the numbers it's gonna get when Dex is forced to kill his psycho girlfriend Lila? ('Cause you just know he's gonna have to.) — Ben Katner read more

Cheers: Has Dexter Met His Match?

Keith Carradine by Randy Tepper/Showtime

Cheers to Keith Carradine for turning up the heat on Dexter. As Special Agent Frank Lundy, the skillful character actor is pursuing the titular avenger with the same eerie singlemindedness he brought to his own role as a serial killer — also named Frank! — on Criminal Minds. (The fact that Lundy's dating Dexter's cop sister only makes him more threatening.) The suspended Sgt. Doakes seems too hotheaded to catch the coolly calculating "Bay Harbor Butcher," but Lundy could bring him down — if Dex's creepy ex-lover Lila doesn't do him in first, that is.• Read and react to Bruce's opinions on The Office "finale," Project Runway and more!• Share your own raves and rants about other shows on the Reader Cheers & Jeers discussion board.• We may feature your Cheer or Jeer on or in TV Guide magazine! read more

“Morning Comes”

This is the eighth episode of the phenomenally brutal and fantastic Dexter We are a mere four weeks away from the demise of the second season and the beginning of a long wait until the third The thought is paralyzing I take my TV watching very seriously And this episode was a shining example of why this show is so good and entertaining and why the next four weeks will be worth staying tuned If you thought Dexter was finding himself through his recovery program with Lila and Narcotics Anonymous think again Dexter came into himself through his life-long necessity to kill one of his mothers killers When Jimenez showed up Dex knew what he had to do The prep was the same as all his other traps but the kill so much more apropos When he leaned over I was hoping he would pull out a chain saw and my wish was granted Another moment of perfection But the real question was why he had showed up when and where he did The little slip of paper that Dex found in J read more

Michael C. Hall Reveals Dexter's Inner Secrets

Michael C. Hall, Dexter

On a rainy day, in the dark, lushly appointed Hudson Hotel in Manhattan, Michael C. Hall — the star of Showtime's addictive hit show Dexter (Sundays at 9 pm/ET) — sat down behind a chess table and talked to about playing the most likable serial killer around. In Part 1 of our interview, he talks about Dexter's steamy love affair, what made him the way he is and why people want him to get back to his old habits. In the next installment, he'll share his thoughts on Dexter's nemesis and his oldest ally, plus the new movie Hall is working on. Dexter is such an unlikely hero — I mean, he's a serial killer, but you can't really help rooting for him.Michael C. Hall: The show allows for that empathy to exist on the part of the audience, in that he's taken this unique responsibility for his read more

Any idea how long Lila will ...

Question: Any idea how long Lila will be sticking around on Dexter? I am really not a fan of the character.

Answer: I think next Sunday it will become pretty obvious that Lila's Dexter days are numbered. And I'm with you: The character is beyond irritating.

read more

"That Night, a Forest Grew"

Though I have no idea how the title related to this ep a better one might have been Requiem for Demonic Dexter Dexter continued to try to alter the monster within and with each week of recovery gets closer and closer to taming the wild beast I must say they are pulling out all the stops in the second season of Dexter This is the antithesis of the sophomore slump If anything Dexter has gotten even better this time aroundDexter decided to control the actions of Lundy and his task force with his Presto Manifesto In an action designed to force the force to run scattershot Dex offered them the scent of another dog that led them down a dead-end trail However it really didnt matter because with Chopins help Nocturne No 2 in E flat major to be exact Lundy put some of the pieces together and figured out the Bay Harbor Butcher is in law enforcement Wow hes goodSay what you will Lila but Dexter not only took control of his feelings but those of read more

"Dex, Lies and Videotape"

I know Ive said this a hundred times before but this was perhaps one of the best Dexters ever written Ever I watched this ep a few days ago and have not stopped thinking about it since I thought we had already made the connection between Harry and Laura and the possibility that Dexter is Harrys biological son Dexter wanted to know if Harry planned to have him settle the score on behalf of his mother Perhaps Harry felt guilty for basically leading the murderers right to Laura and her two sonsLila was certain Dexters newfound discovery that even though he built everything in my life on what Harry told me to be and learned that Harry didnt follow his own code was part of a fresh start so he could figure out who he is She assured Rita and Gail at dinner that Dexter was doing well in recovery How well he was doing in recovery took most of the ep to find out Lila left an incriminating message on Dexs machine referring to Rita as Very Martha read more

I've noticed a recurring ...

Question: I've noticed a recurring theme in a lot of this season's shows that I like to call "the Alias effect": a protagonist with enhanced abilities who disappoints the people he/she loves because he/she can't tell them about a secret life/world-saving mission. Chuck, Journeyman, Reaper, Pushing Daisies and Bionic Woman all come to mind. And it also shows up in some second-season shows as well, like Dexter and Heroes. Do you think this says something about the national psyche in 2007, or is it simply an overused genre situation? Answer: While there may be some sort of wish-fulfillment element in the zeitgeist, I'd vote for the latter. When this fall lineup went hero-crazy in the wake of Heroes, the ubiquitous secret-identity twist came along for the ride. How well this "Alias effect" plays out depends, as usual, on execution, because unless you really care about the person living the double life (questionable in the case of Bionic Woman and Journeyman so far, in particular, and maybe ... read more

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