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“Left Turn Ahead”

First of all 500 points to all the fish-head aficionados among you And 50 extra points to anyone who sang the song out loud when you read the words Secondly thanks to all of you eagle-eyed readers who caught my error when I inadvertently wrote that Dexter returned to the cabin to kill Doakes obviously more wishful thinking on my part I honestly dont know what Dex will do with Doakes but I will try to be more vigilant in my serial factsWith lines like Im the helpful handyman how evil can I possibly be this was one of the funniest Dexters yet Other good linesI always thought hardening arteries squeezed the life out of my father but it was meThats fine Tie me up put me in the trunk Lets goIve got a coworker in a cage things arent going so wellI really enjoyed our conversations James I lie to everyone I know except my victims right before I kill them Hard to establish much of a rapport there Sorry about the cageMas read more

Michael C. Hall Talks About Dexter's Dark World

Michael C. Hall, Dexter

In the first installment of our talk with Michael C. Hall, star of Showtime's hit Dexter (Sundays at 9 pm/ET), the actor told us about what makes the likeable serial killer tick. This time we hear about Dexter's closest allies and his biggest foe, his complicated relationship with his dead father, those evocative voiceovers, and what's up next for Hall. Tell us about Dexter and his sister, Debra (played by Jennifer Carpenter). It seems like she's the most steady person in his life.Michael C. Hall: From the beginning, he says, "If I had feelings for anyone, it would be for Deb." She was there from the beginning for him. And while the door was maybe closed in her face or she stayed home, she was around for all of the years of mentoring or whatever you want to call it, whatever went on between Harry and Dexter. And in a read more

Last week's Dexter compelled ...

Question: Last week's Dexter compelled me to write to you. I am a huge fan of the show and think it's probably the most thrilling hour in my packed TV week. The writing is just extremely well done: The characters are written very precisely and imaginatively, the atmosphere is always very dense and gripping, and I especially like Dexter's voiceovers — which are never melodramatic and are so cynical, crude and sometimes even humorous that they either leave me grinning or shivering. They also provide insight into his sick mind. The excellent cast adds only to the brilliance of this show, especially Michael C. Hall's terrific portayal of Dexter. In the episode where he discovers his blood trophies are gone, his performance felt so real, it just blew me away. What are your thoughts on the second season? In my opinion, it can effortlessly stand up to the first and is even better in terms of suspense. Dexter's showdown with Doakes in the Everglades was so shockingly unexpected that I ... read more

Will Lundy be back next ...

Question: Will Lundy be back next season on Dexter? Any new spoilers on whether or not his relationship with Deb continues?

Answer: All I'll say is it's not looking good for these two — and hallelujah to that. The Deb-Lundy romance was as ill-conceived as it was clumsily executed, and it dragged down what was otherwise a solid sophomore season. There were times I felt like the show's writers had handed their scenes off to someone at October Road to pen. Heck, the couples on The Hills have more nuanced dialogue than these two.

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What's going to happen on ...

Question: What's going to happen on Dexter? You never talk about this show — and there are only two episodes left! Come on, give me something!

Answer: Thanks to a little thing called a portable DVD player, I killed all 10 airborne hours flying to and from L.A. this weekend (fight on, Trojans!) watching the entire second season of Dexter — and that includes this Sunday's penultimate episode as well as the Dec. 16 season finale. And without giving too much away, I can tell you that A) the final two eps are bloody good, B) there are two major deaths — one of which shocked even me, and C) we'll see Dex do something he's never done before: tell someone he's close to that he's the Bay Harbor Butcher — five times, no less.

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Give me some Dexter prattle, ...

Question: Give me some Dexter prattle, or I may have to think of a couple of Dexter-ish schemes to use on you.

Answer: Lila's love affair with fire will be rekindled — and this time someone gets burned.

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Dexter Could Make a Killing for CBS

Dexter courtesy Peter Iovino/Showtime

If the WGA strike marches on into the new year, CBS — which on Monday unveiled a somewhat lackluster "strike schedule" for January/February — may solicit some Showtime programming to freshen its slate. According to the Hollywood Reporter, CBS Corp. president and CEO Leslie Moonves said at a Tuesday investor conference that "Dexter is probably the first one to go on — with some edits." (Gee, you think?) "It fits with our crime shows."At minimum, Dex might just be called upon to kill off the entire cast of Cane. read more

On a Busy Sunday, Praising Brotherhood

Jason Clarke and Jason Isaacs in Brotherhood by Jim Fiscus/Showtime

This Sunday, it sure didn't feel as if the sweeps month had already ended. Major pivotal episodes of ABC's hit series, a movie special on CBS (one of the better Hallmark Hall of Fames to air in a while) and, somewhat lost in the shuffle, a season finale of one of TV's more underappreciated dramas. That's a lot to digest.First off, the watercooler show of the night was unquestionably Desperate Housewives, capping an above-par season with the long-awaited arrival of a devastating twister. The circumstances were just about as far-fetched as most things that happen in this diverting comedic soap, but that final shot of a flattened Wisteria Lane was truly apocalyptic. Lynnette’s banshee screech would have been justified even if she hadn’t just realized the house where her family had hunkered down in the basement was buried in rubble. Outstanding.(For the record, I side with those who think that Ida, the owner of the wayward cat, is probably the “friend” referred to in... read more

“There’s Something about Harry”

Not the thrill-a-minute-ride that were used to but not half bad Yall were right this was the third of three Dexter episodes left Sorry my bad I guess I was just a little over zealous for the season finale which if the little teasers were any indication looks ridiculously goodLets start with some tasty lines Its okay to take a life so long as the city pays you for itWhat shall I do with my hostageOf course I have a conscience I left you a place to st didnt IYou cant play on my feelings I dont have anyLundy offhandedly told Debra he would be hitting the high road after the case It stunned poor Debra She was really hurt but I was happy to see them talk it out She was so honest and sincere when she told him her feelings about it Lundy thought the novelty of my AARP discount would wear off and youd get bored of me Debra told him Thats the sweetest read more

You don't say much about ...

Question: You don't say much about Dexter. Is there any show that is more riveting? I'm standing in front of the TV, jaw dropped, and then Doakes finds Dexter's slides, and then we realize Lila gave up Dexter's location. I don't think there is a better drama out there. What do you think?
Answer: Dexter is certainly in the top tier. These last few episodes have been a gas. I couldn't believe when Doakes found Dexter's blood-drop slide trophies. And then, in last week's episode, when the police find the slides and target Doakes as the Bay Harbor Butcher. Genius! And you should have heard my gasp when Dexter sneaks away from protective custody to dispose of his latest victim, only to be tracked down by Doakes, who's now Dexter's prisoner. What next? This show is on fire ... read more

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