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Daisies and Dexter Get their Due

Pushing Daisies and Dexter — two shows that could seriously keep each other in business, think about it! — on Sunday were named outstanding television comedy and drama at the annual Satellite Awards, handed out by the International Press Academy. Acting-wise, Michael C. Hall and Ellen Pompeo (Grey's Anatomy) took the lead drama categories, Stephen Colbert and America Ferrera (Ugly Betty) were the top comedy performers, and David Zayas (Dexter) and Vanessa Williams (Betty) walked away with supporting honors.On the feature side, No Country for Old Men and Juno were named top drama and comedy, while Viggo Mortensen (Eastern Promises), Ryan Gosling (Lars and the Real Girl), Marion Cotillard (La Vie en Rose) and Ellen Page (Juno) won the acting races.Related:• Cheers & Jeers takes a stab at Dexter's season finale read more

Cheers: Dexter's Killer Finale

Jaime Murray and Michael C. Hall by Randy Tepper/Showtime

Cheers to Dexter for finishing its second season with a flourish. Michael C. Hall's "Bay Harbor Butcher" lived to slay another day after his crazy ex-lover Lila murdered his pursuer Sgt. Doakes — making it morally justifiable for Dex to off her. (I love a happy ending.) The skillfully executed episode capped a stellar year for Showtime, which just saw the Golden Globes recognize several of its series (although, sadly, not its best, Brotherhood). Want proof Showtime is the new HBO? Dexter's finale was funnier and more entertaining than Ricky Gervais' bloated, dispiriting Extras swan song, which aired opposite it on HBO. In short: Dexter kills.Related:• Daisies and Dexter Get Their Due• Read and react to Bruce's opinions on 30 Rock, Project Runway and more!• Share your own raves and rants about other shows on the Reader Cheers & Jeers discussion board.• We may feature your Cheer or Jeer on or in TV Guide magazine! read more

“The British Invasion”

If it werent for the last four minutes of tonights final Dexter I might have sworn off the series forever How could he not kill Lila The screen went black I was flabbergasted That false ending gave me a heart attack But alas our dear writers once again rose to the occasion giving us the kill we had been waiting for nearly all season And what a way to go First of all who would open a door to a cabin in the middle of nowhere with someone inside shouting Let me out Thank goodness Lilas as crazy as she is nay was Poor James I understand why he had to go the way he had to go but I am going to miss the big lug He wasnt such a bad guy However Im his soul mate were probably not the comforting words Doakes wanted to hear come of his potential rescuers mouth He should have known it was curtains for him at that point Lila was certainly in her element when Doakes told her that her beloved Dexter was the Butche read more

Dexter Debrief, L Word Change and Other News Briefs

Michael C. Hall in Dexter by Peter Iovino/Showtime

Showtime is partnering with Meebo to present on-demand video of Dexter producers and talent discussing the season finale immediately following its Sunday airing.... The L Word this season will air Sundays at 9 pm/ET, starting Jan. 6.... Sean Kanan (Karate Kid III, the best A.J. Q.) has pleaded no contest to misdemeanor DUI charges stemming from his Aug. 18 arrest, and has been sentenced to 96 hours in county jail and five years' probation. In addition, says TMZ, he must participate in an alcohol education program.... As The Sarah Connor Chronicles' debut nears, Fox invites you to visit, where fans can upload transform a pic of themselves into a T-888 Terminator. read more

You say you don't know what ...

Question: You say you don't know what you think of Dexter possibly airing on CBS. I don't get Showtime and I've been looking forward to seeing Dexter on DVD (I haven't quite gotten to it on my rental queue). My opinion: There's no way I'm dropping it from my queue to watch a defanged version on CBS. Also, Leslie Moonves thinks Dexter "fits in" with CBS procedurals? Really? I haven't seen it, but that's not what I'd expect from the descriptions I've read. (And statements like that make me wonder if I should re-think my rental.) What do you think? Answer: Stick to your guns. (Or in this case, your instruments of dismemberment.) Diluting some of Showtime's series as a strike-contingency stopgap for CBS is a desperation move, and it may work better for some shows than others. I'd still recommend watching the unaltered versions. While much of Dexter's violent content can probably be tweaked without losing most of its impact — the series implies gore more often than it actually revels in it — ... read more

Will there be a third season ...

Question: Will there be a third season of Dexter?

Answer: Yes, but the name of a series regular will be missing from the opening credits. And you'll find out which one when the second-season finale airs this Sunday.

read more

AR Ep 41: Major Spoilers on Grey's, Bones and More!

I've got good news and bad news about the latest installment of my Ausiello Report vodcast, now available for your viewing pleasure via this handy link.Let's get the bad news out of the way first: After this week's episode, AR is going on a little end-of-year hiatus, with fresh episodes returning in early January.Now for the good news: Befitting a fall finale, we're going out with a bang. I did the math and this is, by far, our biggest, most scoop-filled show ever. In addition to details on how Grey's will resolve the Mer/Derek/Rose triangle, AR 1.41 contains major-ass intel on the upcoming series finale of The Shield, a looming cliff-hanger on Bones, and this Sunday's stunning Season 2 conclusion of Dexter. And I haven't even gotten to the most shocking thing about this week's show. To say more would ruin what could go down as the biggest watercooler moment of '07.Enjoy! read more

Human-bone Instruments Make Dexter Even Creepier

Elisabeth Waldo and Daniel Licht

It's wholly apropos that Dexter composer Daniel Licht chose pre-Columbian instruments — from both human and animal bones — to energize his evocative score. On Showtime's much-acclaimed series, Michael C. Hall plays Miami police forensic-scientist Dexter Morgan, who moonlights as a dismembering vigilante, satisfying serial-killer instincts and applying a strict moral code enforced by his late foster father. In Dexter's world, no one gets away with murder. Licht sought out musical-archaeologist Elisabeth Waldo and was the first composer since legendary Maurice Jarre (Dr. Zhivago) allowed to play her pre-Columbian instruments. It's made from a human femur bone­, "probably one that was sacrificed," Licht tells TV Guide, "then painted, with notches carved into it." The composer describes the sound of read more

“Left Turn Ahead”

First of all 500 points to all the fish-head aficionados among you And 50 extra points to anyone who sang the song out loud when you read the words Secondly thanks to all of you eagle-eyed readers who caught my error when I inadvertently wrote that Dexter returned to the cabin to kill Doakes obviously more wishful thinking on my part I honestly dont know what Dex will do with Doakes but I will try to be more vigilant in my serial factsWith lines like Im the helpful handyman how evil can I possibly be this was one of the funniest Dexters yet Other good linesI always thought hardening arteries squeezed the life out of my father but it was meThats fine Tie me up put me in the trunk Lets goIve got a coworker in a cage things arent going so wellI really enjoyed our conversations James I lie to everyone I know except my victims right before I kill them Hard to establish much of a rapport there Sorry about the cageMas read more

Michael C. Hall Talks About Dexter's Dark World

Michael C. Hall, Dexter

In the first installment of our talk with Michael C. Hall, star of Showtime's hit Dexter (Sundays at 9 pm/ET), the actor told us about what makes the likeable serial killer tick. This time we hear about Dexter's closest allies and his biggest foe, his complicated relationship with his dead father, those evocative voiceovers, and what's up next for Hall. Tell us about Dexter and his sister, Debra (played by Jennifer Carpenter). It seems like she's the most steady person in his life.Michael C. Hall: From the beginning, he says, "If I had feelings for anyone, it would be for Deb." She was there from the beginning for him. And while the door was maybe closed in her face or she stayed home, she was around for all of the years of mentoring or whatever you want to call it, whatever went on between Harry and Dexter. And in a read more

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