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Dexter Boss Gets Sexy, Lost Execs Speak and More

Daniel Cerone by Eric Charbonneau/

Going from bloodbaths to cash flow, Dexter showrunner Daniel Cerone is making a move to ABC, as an exec producer on Dirty Sexy Money. It's part of a deal he made with the studio to develop new projects.... For those lucky folks planning to attend their National Association of Broadcasters' April conference, you might just get to hear Lost chiefs Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse discuss digital spin-off plans for their ABC series.... The dynamic duo that gave us The Simple Life will now beget Web series for Ripe Digital. First up? Model Dating: Hawaii, in which models date viewers who write in — so get in line! — Anna Dimond read more

PTC Sees Red Over Dexter and Goes Green with Fury Over Vegas

Michael C. Hall in Dexter by Peter Iovino/(c)2007 Showtime/CBS

The Parents Television Council has recently had a bone to pick with Dexter on CBS, but now it's filing a complaint against yet another show: NBC's Las Vegas.Despite the fact that the series has likely ended, the organization still filed a complaint with the FCC following the airing of the show's Feb. 15 episode. In the ep, three partially nude women are seen in the shadows on security monitors. The Council, whose complaint comes on the heels of the ABC pay-out for a similar FCC issue, accuses NBC of testing the FCC's "resolve to fine stations for violating broadcast indecency laws," as well as maligns the show's airtime, which was at 9 pm in central and mountain zones, and at 10 pm elsewhere. NBC has not yet responded.The PTC's sentiments about Vegas follows the latest episode in a similar campaign against CBS, with whom the group is dissatisfied over the clean-up job on its rebroadcasts of Showtime's blood-soaked Dexter. "Despite countless public calls for restraint and corporate ... read more

Ratings: Knight Rider on Track for a Series Pickup?

Justin Bruening in Knight Rider by Chris Haston/NBC Photo

Sunday's Knight Rider TV-movie reboot/backdoor pilot may have generated enough RPMs to earn itself a series pickup for the 2008-09 season. Not only was its audience of 12.7 million second only to Sunday night's Extreme Makeover, but KITT's latest adventure delivered the best 18-49 numbers of any TV-movie since March 2005's Their Eyes Were Watching God.Elsewhere, CBS' slightly tamed Dexter slayed 8.14 mil, or more than 10 times the audience the same series premiere drew during its original Showtime run. In the same 10 o'clock hour opposite Knight Rider, Brothers & Sisters took a hit, mustering just 8.5 mil. (But at least the bitter-stepchild storyline was nipped in the bud.)Related:• Matt Roush: Knight Rider Was Stuck in Reverse• Cheers & Jeers: A Not-so-good Knight Rider• Five Reasons We Love Dexter read more

Dexter Hits Basic TV

Michael C. Hall as Dexter by Peter Iovino/Showtime

There was a lot of talk going around about whether or not Showtime’s gruesome hit series Dexter was too much for CBS, but with a little editing here and there, the 12- episode series is ready to air on network TV. Fans are less than thrilled about the slicing and dicing of this bloody drama’s original form, but desperate times (of no scripted series to be found) called for desperate measures! Watch it now! | More online videos read more

Five Reasons We Love Dexter

Michael C. Hall, Dexter

He had us at the first drop of blood. Thirty-three seconds into the opening credits of Dexter on Showtime, the title character nicks his neck with a razor and the red stuff starts to ooze. Next he spears his breakfast meat with a brutal jab. Eggs are cracked without mercy. Nobody prepares breakfast like Dexter Morgan and nobody makes forensic science — not to mention serial killing, Dexter's side gig from the Miami police department — such a turn-on. With the cult drama's first season (albeit with the naked and deadlier moments sliced out) coming to network TV this week (Sundays at 10 pm/ET, CBS), we thought we'd gush about what makes Dexter such grisly fun. It's in our veins. As Miami's top blood-spatter specialist, Dexter (Michael C. Hall) sees artistry where others only see arteries. "Dexter finds everything in a crime read more

Parents' Group Wants CBS to Kill Dexter

Michael C. Hall as Dexter by Randy Tepper/ Showtime

Parents Television Council, a non-partisan nonprofit group, has formally asked CBS to kill its plans to air Dexter.In a press release, PTC describes the series as a "graphically violent show about a hero who is a serial killer." The series, which is in its second season on Showtime, is set to air on CBS starting Feb. 17. PTC, which was launched in 1995 by conservative activist L. Brent Bozell III, has previously campaigned against shows including Nip/Tuck and for shows like Joan of Arcadia. What do you think about the Council's efforts to ax Dexter from the CBS lineup? Do the PTC's efforts potentially infringe on the First Amendment, or are they right on target? Are there any other ways to deal with cultural discontent than how the PTC is approaching this? Let us know. — Anna DimondRelated: • Dexter Star Reveals Rambo's True Message• Watch video of Dexter read more

Dexter Star Reveals Rambo's True Message

Julie Benz, Rambo IV

We first loved/hated Julie Benz as the sweetly malevolent vamp Darla in Buffy, now she's loving a serial killer in Showtime's Dexter, which CBS will start airing in reruns on Sundays at 10 pm/ET, starting February 7. Benz also makes forays onto the big screen with a couple of action flicks: Rambo IV (opened on Friday, Jan. 25) and The Punisher: War Zone. She gives us the lowdown on working with Dexter star Michael C. Hall and Sylvester Stallone, plus some memories from the Buffyverse. TV Guide: Congratulations on Dexter coming to CBS. I bet you didn't think this quirky little cable series with a serial killer hero would ever go wide on network TV, did you?Julie Benz: No! It definitely was a big surprise. Because of the writers' strike, it's kind of bittersweet, but at the same time it's a read more

I read your response to ...

Question: I read your response to Marques' Dexter issue, regarding the difference between the novels and the show itself. I personally don't think the show needs to follow the books exactly. That would make for some predictable seasons, since we'd know how it all ends — but it would be really cool to see them brought to life. I understand your position on changing up the storylines in the transition from novels to TV, and I'd be OK with that to an extent — though I prefer the novel version myself — but my fundamental problem is with the characters. I know your position on transforming stories, but what about changing the very nature of the characters? I found the first season absolutely fantastic and couldn't wait for the second. Until it began. Many of the characters diverged so far from the novels in how they were portrayed that it was a chore for me to watch every week and I considered stopping altogether. Let me point out a couple of examples: Harry's mysterious involvement with ... read more

I was in the middle of ...

Question: I was in the middle of watching CBS Football and saw that Dexter is moving to CBS! Please tell me this is not the case. I foresee a major watered-down version of this show that is going to turn off a lot of the people who originally watched this on Showtime. Please tell me this isn't something permanent?! Answer: Welcome to StrikeWorld, Jonathun, where none of the normal rules apply. Dexter is airing on CBS starting February 17 for one reason only: the strike. (And no, this isn't permanent. Not any more permanent than the strike itself, that is.) CBS and Showtime are part of the same company, and this synergy is CBS' way of filling a time period with something other than Shark repeats while giving Dexter some broader exposure. Showtime execs even now are overseeing the editing of the first-season openers, with the trims reportedly coming mainly in the language department. A few of Dexter's more grisly butcheries will probably also see the knife, but the audacious premise of a ... read more

When a movie or a TV show is ...

Michael C. Hall, Dexter

Question: When a movie or a TV show is based on a true story, or based on a book as in the case of Dexter, why does Hollywood change the storyline and the plot around? What's the purpose of basing a show on a book or true story if it's going to change things around and not convey the original story? I know you've said before that complaints have reached epic proportions, but I feel mine are legit. Everyone was excited about the plots and storylines on Dexter and what was happening with Doakes, but I wasn't. Why? It wasn't in the book! You've said that you've read the books, so you know what I am talking about. I may not watch Dexter next season! Answer: Couldn't disagree more, I'm afraid. What excites me most about the way the Showtime version of Dexter has developed is the very fact that it has chosen to diverge from the books and is now telling its own stories. Dexter is based on a terrifically enjoyable series of novels by Jeff Lindsay, but once the first season wrapped (having hewed ... read more

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