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Emmy Gets Our Hopes Up Again

Lee Pace and Anna Friel in Pushing Daisies by Scott Garfield/ABC

At least now we know which shows don't have the proverbial snowball's chance in Hollywood of getting best-series nomination. Underdogs like Battlestar Galactica, Breaking Bad and The Shield (to name the top drama snubs from my own cheat sheet) and How I Met Your Mother, The New Adventures of Old Christine, The Big Bang Theory (three superior CBS comedies passed over for Two and a Half Men, again) as well as Desperate Housewives (whose creative comeback failed to sway the Emmy nominators) and the beyond-edgy Californication.All were shut out when the TV Academy released its list of top-10 contenders for best drama and comedy series, which now submit themselves for inspection this weekend by a blue-ribbon panel whose rankings will help narrow the cut to roughly five in each category. The lists are heavy on hip cable fare: four in comedy, and fully half of the 10 drama contenders. Critics' darlings that have survived so far include Friday Night Lights, The Wire, Dexter, Mad Men, Damage... read more

As a fan of the Dexter ...

Question: As a fan of the Dexter franchise, I had a question about the Season 2 DVD. I know you don't usually talk about DVD stuff, but I thought you might make an exception. After not watching the first two seasons, I decided to give myself a nice Christmas gift last December by purchasing the first season of Dexter. As you can imagine, I fell in love with the show right away. I was eagerly awaiting the second season's release (which I thought was supposed to be a few weeks ago) and I now find out that the DVD has been pushed back to late August. Since I assume the third season will begin in September as the show has done in the past, doesn't this release date seem a little close to the next season premiere? Do you think this is just a case of Showtime trying to score some pre-season buzz and remind fans to tune back in a few weeks later? Personally, I find it a bit frustrating since I might not be able to finish the entire DVD before season three starts and don't want anything ... read more

Jimmy Smits on Dexter: Could You Just Die?

JImmy Smits by Dimitrios Kambouris/

Emmy and Golden Globe winner Jimmy Smits has joined the cast of Showtime's Dexter, and will be featured in 10 of Season 3's dozen episodes, premiering this fall. Smits will play Miguel Prado, an "ambitious and charismatic assistant district attorney" who comes from one of Miami's most politically powerful and beloved sugar cane dynasties families. Our boy Dex will join forces with crime-buster Prado to track a murderer who affects both of their lives directly. — Matt Mitovich read more

OMG, Says Parents Council to Gossip Girl's OMFG

Blake Lively and Penn Badgley in Gossip Girl by Giovanni Rufino/The CW

It was only a matter of time. Media watchdog group Parents Television Council is hot on the Louboutin heels of the CW's "OMFG" marketing campaign for Gossip Girl, saying it's just too sultry. The print and online campaign has been heating up for the past few weeks (you can take a peek here!).The Council takes issue in particular, with what they say is a "sexually suggestive photo showing a teenage boy kissing a girl's cleavage." In a statement, PTC said it "deplores the CW's deliberate use of profanity and sexual imagery to exploit and further corrupt young viewers." Further, the Council adds, GG "glamorizes casual sex and drug use among teens. Storylines have featured a would-be teen rapist, threesome among teens, and teenage girls having sex with adults."Gossip Girl and the CW are only the latest target, however, of PTC wrath. In the past, the Council has also taken issue with shows including Dexter, America's Next Top Model and Las Vegas, among other targets, such as the networks... read more

Dexter Star Warns Serial Killers 'Practiced' on Animals

Julia Benz may not be a serial killer, but she just happens to play the girlfriend of one on Dexter. In PETA’s brand-new PSA for animal rights, the actress is raising awareness of the link between animal abuse and violence against humans. Check out the 30-second ad below — it’s definitely worth watching! read more

Mad Men, Dexter, 30 Rock: Love Those Peabodys!

Michael C. Hall as Dexter by Randy Tepper/Showtime

Emmys, schmemmys. When it comes to rewarding the very best of TV (and radio), I tend to look at the annual announcement of the prestigious Peabody Awards as my guidepost. Administered through the University of Georgia, the Peabodys is hardly a stuffy institution. This year’s eclectic list of honorees, released earlier today, ranges from terrific critical breakthroughs like NBC’s 30 Rock and AMC’s Mad Men to such deliciously offbeat choices as Showtime’s darkly delicious Dexter and Bravo’s stylish Project Runway, the first reality show ever to make the cut. (For a full list of this year’s and past years’ winners, go here.)I have come to know Peabody director Horace Newcomb through our joint participation on many AFI Awards jury panels, and he’s as serious, and seriously open-minded, about quality in both news and entertainment programming as it gets. This year’s Peabody Board chose from more than 1,000 entries to select this year’s 35... read more

Surprisingly, I have quite ...

Question: Surprisingly, I have quite enjoyed the edited version of Dexter on CBS. What a darkly mesmerizing show and performance by Michael C. Hall! Now that the strike is over and TV is back, are there any plans for the second season to air on CBS? I figure it's probably a long shot, but it's the only place I'm going to get Dexter and so I'm trying to stay optimistic. Answer: I agree that it's probably a long shot, but you never know. I doubt CBS would have put Dexter in its own prime time in the first place if the strike hadn't opened up so many holes on the schedule. But I see it as a win-win for the show, and possibly for Showtime, because the awareness of Dexter has increased quite a bit (if my mail is any indication) and the appetite to see more is clearly out there. But unless you take the plunge to get Showtime (or find a friend who gets it), you'll probably have to get your next fix of Dexter by renting the next seasons on DVD as they come out ... read more

Exclusive: Dexter: Season 2 Release Date

Dexter Season 2 by Jill Greenberg/Showtime

New releases announced today, March 22:Dexter - The Complete 2nd Season will be coming out August 19 Visit for the complete stories on these and other news items. read more

Yo, You're Dead: Dexter Gets a Video Game

Dexter by Christian Weber/Showtime

In one of the more surprising creative partnerships in recent memory, Showtime/CBS' dark Dexter will become a video game, thanks to the minds at Mark Ecko Entertainment.With a lead cop character who goes after serial killers himself, Dexter is tough enough to imagine as a video game. But the series, which is now enjoying major net audiences after its jump to the Eye, is an even bigger enigma in its game guise with input from the Ecko franchise. Mark Ecko, you may recall, not only popularized the ubiquitous mid-1990s rugby shirt among hip-hop fans and artists, but also helped bring hip-hop style to the masses, with labels that now include lines like G-Unit Clothing.The announcement raises more questions than it answers. Does the collabo mean that 50 Cent will make a cameo in the game? That instead of Latin music in the series' Miami b-roll, we'll get hip-hop? Or that Dexter will have to assume an alias, like DJ Dex (get it? Decks?) and trade his khakis for hipper threads? How do you ... read more

During the strike, I had the ...

Question: During the strike, I had the chance to watch Dexter on DVD, and I have to say I was kind of disappointed after all of the critical raves. Don't get me wrong, I watched multiple episodes at a time and enjoyed the premise, the character of Dexter, the cinematography and the acting... for the most part. That's what ruined it for me. From the first episode, I thought there were a few weak performances — most notably his sister, Lt. Laguerta and Sgt. Doakes, although the former two progressed along the way. The actor who plays Doakes, however, made me cringe every time he was on-screen, to the point where I had to force myself not to fast-forward through those scenes. There were multiple points in each episode where I hoped that his character would be killed off. None of the reviews I read after watching the show mentioned this issue, and I've desperately searched for validation. Now that it's airing on CBS (which I haven't caught), I wonder if you've gotten other mail regarding ... read more

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