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2006, TV Show

Dexter Episode: "Take It"

Season 5, Episode 8
Episode Synopsis: Dexter and Lumen (Julia Stiles) take the opportunity to track a vicious murderer while attending a self-help seminar. Meanwhile, fallout from the Santa Muerte homicides puts Debra in hot water and places Batista in a difficult situation.
Original Air Date: Nov 14, 2010
Guest Cast Julia Stiles: Lumen
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Season 5, Episode 8
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Length: 53:00
Aired: 11/14/2010
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Dexter Episode Recap: "Take It" Season 5, Episode 8

Dexter attends Jordon Chase's self-help seminar in order to track Cole. Meanwhile, Laguerta finds herself in trouble following the Fuentes fallout, and she throws a teammate under the bus in order to save her own skin.

This week's episode begins with Jordan Chase giving one of his motivational speeches to a horde of followers. Amongst the cheering crowd is Dexter, who catches Cole's eye. Lumen calls to let Dex know she found out Cole was discharged from the Marines for beating up a superior. As soon as he hangs up, Cole approaches Dex to bring him up to meet with Chase — who tells Dex he knows he's at his seminar because he's looking for a way to cope with Rita's death. He knows quite a bit about Dexter, actually — an unsettling amount. He tells Dex he wants to discuss his tragic situation in-depth because he has a theory about how he can help. Or perhaps he's trying to rattle Dex with how much he knows about him?

Back at the house, Lumen picks up her cell and it's her fiancé, Owen. (Side note: Why has no one else tried to reach her if she has the same number?) He tells her he's in Miami and wants to see her. She agrees to meet him at noon at a café, just before she has to deliver the supplies for Dex's kill room that he's setting up in the hotel next door to Cole's room.

The next day, Lumen has a painfully awkward meeting with Owen, and he tells her he's not going back home and he wants her to travel around the world with him. Owen tells her to take the night to think on it, because he's going with or without her. Frazzled after hearing the proposition, Lumen backs into Liddy's car, or rather, Liddy strategically pulls behind her to make it look like it's her fault. Liddy demands her insurance info, and he digs up her story from there. Liddy tells Quinn Lumen's name, and says she showed up in Miami one week before Rita's murder. Liddy demands even more money to get more dirt on Lumen, and Quinn says he's not paying anymore. Liddy, being the shady cop he is, turns the tables on Quinn and says he'll tell Deb about everything if Quinn doesn't keep paying him.

Back at the station, Laguerta is getting all sorts of heat for the Fuentes shootout in which bystanders were killed. Laguerta calls Deb in to tell her she wants put Manzon on disciplinary leave to give the public a face to blame. Deb is disgusted that she would throw her under the bus to cover up her mistake and says they need to stick together. So what does Laguerta do? Tell the press that Deb was in charge when the chaos broke out and that she has been put on immediate suspension. Wow. Deb confronts Laguerta, and she tells Deb "other people" are backing her side of the story. Deb assumes Batista is vouching for his wife, but when she sees Manzon moving into the station as she's moving out, Deb realizes Manzon sold her out and is backing Laguerta. Again, wow. As Deb goes to her car, Batista pops up and says he's going to back Deb up with the truth. Finally someone with character! 

Meanwhile, Lumen brings the supplies up to Dexter at the hotel and tells him about Owen's proposition. He says she can go if she wants to, but you can see in his eyes that he doesn't want her to leave him. Dexter wants her to stay in the room that night to avoid the chance that Cole may see her in the lobby. So together they prepare the room for the kill.

Right after Lumen tells Dexter she knows he's killed people before Boyd, we hear Cole enter his room next door and the screams of a woman. Dex creeps in to sedate Cole. And it turns out the screams from the woman are from kinky sex, not bloody murder, so he waits for the woman to leave. And he helps Lumen get a full night's sleep as well by putting the syringe to good use (or so we're led to believe). She wakes and we learn Dex never got to kill Cole because the screamer spent the night. He tells her he plans to grab him during one of his service rounds.

During the seminar that morning, Dexter sees Cole leave for his rounds. But just as Dexter is about to follow Cole, Chase calls him to the stage to discuss his loss. He asks Dex to relive the moment of Rita's murder, and Lumen stops on her way out to hear Dexter describe the traumatic night. She turns to leave, and there's Cole in her face. And clearly he recognizes her. She makes a break for it, calls Dex, and rushes back up to the room.  Cole plows through the door, strangles her and Dex intervenes with a sleeper hold. He puts Cole on the table, and as expected, he won't give up the names of the others involved. As Dex goes through his ritual of forcing him to look at his victims, Cole shoots a look over to Lumen — as she knows more than we think. But it all comes to an end when Dex stabs him. Dex thinks about how his killings just didn't make sense since Rita's death "until now." He gives Lumen the blood slide and she takes it. "Is Lumen what will make me whole?" he asks himself.

Dex wheels his "luggage" out, but Chase catches him before he leaves  and gives him a few parting words of encouragement. Dex seems to gloss over everything Chase says, but when the "tick, tick, tick" line comes up, his ears perk up because he knows he's another one of the men.

Lumen is back home looking at the blood slide, and at the same time, we see a fed-up Owen ripping up his extra ticket and leaving. Later, Dexter and Lumen are on his boat dumping Cole's body. Just as you think they're sharing a moment over the bags of body parts, we learn Liddy has caught a few snapshots of them in the act.

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Dexter attends Jordon Chase's self-help seminar in order to track Cole. Meanwhile, Laguerta finds herself in trouble following the Fuentes fallout, and she throws a teammate under the bus in order to save her own skin.

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