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2006, TV Show

Dexter Episode: "Circle Us"

Season 5, Episode 7
Episode Synopsis: By aiding Lumen (Julia Stiles), Dexter puts himself on a collision course with Debra and the homicide division, and things get worse when he's brought in to work a horrific crime scene. Elsewhere, Debra's investigation into the Santa Muerte murders leads to a deadly confrontation with the killers.
Original Air Date: Nov 7, 2010
Guest Cast Mos Def: Brother Sam
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Season 5, Episode 7
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Length: 49:00
Aired: 11/7/2010
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Dexter Episode Recap: "Circle Us" Season 5, Episode 7

Dexter's two worlds collide when Deb and the team start searching for the same people that he and Lumen are hunting for. Meanwhile, the homicide division is even closer to capturing the Santa Muerte killers.

Dexter asks Lumen to try to remember any significant details that would help him track down the other men involved in her capture. She says she remembers two more guys: Watch Guy and Suit Guy. Watch Guy, would always put his watch up to her ear while she was blindfolded and whisper, "Tick, tick tick. That's the sound of your life running out." Then Suit Guy would take his jacket off and carefully fold it after taking her blindfold off. Lumen says she wants to be a part of finding and bringing them down, but Dexter isn't too keen on it.

All the while, a well-dressed man — obviously Suit Guy — pulls up to the swamp where Boyd dumped his victims. The man has a handful of workers gather up all the body-filled barrels. He drives away with the barrels in back, and the next thing you know, Suit Guy gets blindsided by a drunk driver. Formaldehyde-soaked bodies are all over the road, and the driver of the truck is nowhere to be found.

Deb gets called in while at Quinn's place, but she makes it clear to him she wants to keep their relationship under wraps. Oddly enough, though, Quinn is ready to buy a new place with her. He's pretty hot-to-trot, no?

At the crime scene, and Quinn gets a call from Stan, who says Dexter has a cute little blonde living at his house. Just as Stan's telling him, Quinn looks over and sees Dexter talking to a cute little blonde at the crime scene. Yep, Lumen showed up. Dex quickly sends her home, but Quinn has already put two and two together and tells Stan to find out what he can about her.

The team finds out the truck is registered to Jordan Chase, famed motivational speaker and writer — and the same guy who voiced the tapes Boyd was obsessed with. Jordan Chase arrives to the station with his security guard, Cole — who we know was driver. The team is quick to match up his fingerprints and they start to focus their energies on Cole.

Dex tells Lumen the update, and shows her a picture of both Cole and Chase. She recognized Cole as Suit Guy, but not Chase. He tells her that now it's only a matter of time before the police bring down Cole and anyone else involved. Somehow, Lumen doesn't consider this good news because she doesn't want the police to deal with it. "I want to take care of it," Lumen says. She convinces Dex to help her get the guys before the police do. And the only way to do that is to derail the investigation.

Lumen and Dex break into Boyd's, clean up the attic for anything that would lead the team to Lumen, steal Boyd's wallet, and plant it in the truck. Masuka finds it the next day during his last once over. The team arrives at Boyd's house and find all the evidence they could ask for. Looks like they got a new prime suspect. Very clever, Dex.

Batista brings in Chase and Cole for questioning about Boyd, and Cole makes up a story about that he's was a one of Chase's stalkers, but they never considered him dangerous. The two leave, and Chase compliments Cole on steering the cops to Boyd (even though it clearly wasn't his doing). How about that?  Mr. Motivation is involved too (and he has a nice watch!)

Dexter and Lumen stake out Cole's house, and once the neighbor is asleep, Dex heads inside, instructing Lumen to wait in the car. Dex sneaks inside and finds a picture of young Boyd, Cole, Dan the dentist (from last week) and some other teenage guys. Cole sneaks up behind Dexter and gets him in a pretty good choke hold, but Lumen beats him over the head and frees Dexter. So much for waiting in the car. But at least now, Dex looks at her more as a partner than a nuisance. He even brings Harrison over to meet her, combining his worlds even more.

Meanwhile, the Fuentes case is still kicking, and this time, Laguerta wants to grab the brothers before they enter the club. And to add a little pressure, the chief threatens her job if she doesn't get it right this time. Just before Quinn heads out for the sting operation, Stan stops by and says he wants more cash in exchange for using unethical measures to dig up dirt on Lumen. Quinn is reluctant at first, considering he's sleeping with Deb, but he ultimately agrees.

The team assumes their positions at the club, but somehow the brothers are already inside. When one of the Fuentes brothers calls over Officer Manson while undercover, Deb tells her to ignore him because they are too dangerous, but Laguerta overrules her. Manson goes up with him, but he catches a glimpse of the heat she's packing under that dress, and before we know it, everyone is shooting everyone. The informant winds up dead, as does one of the brothers (killed by Deb).

Laguerta has to tell the chief what went down and he is livid. But when Batista tries to console her about her mistake, she refuses to acknowledge that she's to blame.

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Dexter's two worlds collide when Deb and the team start searching for the same people that he and Lumen are hunting for. Meanwhile, the homicide division is even closer to capturing the Santa Muerte killers.

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