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2006, TV Show

Dexter Episode: "Everything Is Illumenated"

Season 5, Episode 6
Episode Synopsis: Striving to bring some normalcy back into his shattered life, Dexter figures the answer lies in finding a new serial killer to bring down. His quest gets thrown off course, however, when his troubled new acquaintance requires his help. Meanwhile, Batista uncovers a revealing new lead in the Santa Muerta homicides, and Quinn gets a tip about Dexter but isn't sure he can trust his source.
Original Air Date: Oct 31, 2010
Guest Cast Jessica Camacho: Yasmin Julia Stiles: Lumen Mos Def: Brother Sam Maria Doyle Kennedy: Sophia Chad Allen: Lance Peter Weller: Stan Liddy
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Season 5, Episode 6
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Length: 51:00
Aired: 10/31/2010
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Dexter Episode Recap: "Everything Is Illumenated" Season 5, Episode 6

Dexter gets a call from Lumen when she's in trouble and tries to help her clean up her mess while he's in the middle of his own kill.

This week's episode of Dexter was by far the most exhilarating of the season. The episode begins with Dexter packing up his and Rita's house because he's selling the home and is settling back into his old apartment. We know he finally feels at home when he puts his blood slides back in their original home inside the air conditioner — just like old times. He tries to get back into the swing of things by scoping out his next kill, Lance. This guy's deal? He meets up with other men and lets his fantasies become deadly.

Dexter rents an RV, Lance answers his ad, and Dex gives him the syringe treatment as he preps to get the killing party started. But just as he's about to get Lance on his table, he gets a surprise call from Lumen. She never left Miami, as Dexter thought, and she decided to go undercover as a brunette to try to catch one of her rapists. She tells Dexter she shot one of the men, and doesn't know what to do now that there's blood everywhere. Such a novice. And needless to say, Dex is not happy to hear she's still around and just popped her murder cherry.

After throwing an unconscious Lance in his trunk, Dexter sets out to clean up Lumen's mess. He arrives and the two bicker over the fact that the body is gone. He's not too keen o the fact that Lumen shot a man based on just a feeling that he was one of the men who raped her (she was blindfolded). The code says you need to be 100 percent sure about these things, and her gut is not good enough. Dex then goes into Dexter mode and starts to recreate the scene and track where the man would have gone based on his blood trail. He finally finds the man hiding under a grate, drags him up and handcuffs him.

Dexter looks at the man's wound, and Lumen is appalled that he's helping the guy. The man claims he's never seen Lumen in his life, and Dexter doesn't know what to believe. Dexter pulls Lumen aside, and as they are talking, they overhear him on a cell telling someone "that last f---ing bitch is alive." Well, that's answer enough for Dexter, so he snaps the guy's neck.

But now, the two have a bigger problem. Someone must have heard the gun shot and called it in. Now Deb and the team are on their way, and they only have minutes to get everything cleaned up. Dexter makes Lumen hose down all the blood, and as Dexter goes to his car, he sees that Lance has woken up and is now making a break for it (naked and wrapped in Saran wrap, mind you). Dexter sprints after him, and he is literally inches away from crashing into Deb & Co., who are walking up from the other side. With only seconds to spare, Dexter grabs Lance and drags him back to the other crime scene. He gives Lumen the keys to his and Rita's house, and thinks fast.

Deb and the team see Dexter's car, and as they get closer, Dexter pops out and says they'll never believe what he just found. They walk in and find two dead bodies lying next to one another: Lance and Lumen's rapist. The fact that one guy is tied up and one is naked in plastic wrap makes the team wonder what sort of kinky sex act went on. Luckily, Masuka is well-versed in what he describes as "autoerotic mummification." He even provides demonstrations as he runs through what he thinks happened. The team is convinced, and Dexter is off the hook yet again. I have to say though, that one was too close for comfort, and my stomach is still in a knot.

Dexter heads back to the house to find Lumen sleeping the tub, which makes him obviously flashback to Rita's murder. The two talk and Dexter tells her about what happened to Rita. She also shows her vulnerability by telling him about how she had a panic attack on her wedding day and left for Miami to "find something more." She also says that she thought at one point she deserved what happened to her, and added that she feels peace knowing another one of her captors is dead and won't come back. She doesn't know what to call the feeling. "I do. The dark passenger," Dex says to himself.

What did you think of this week's episode? Was your stomach in as many knots as mine when Lance got away?

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Dexter gets a call from Lumen when she's in trouble and tries to help her clean up her mess while he's in the middle of his own kill.

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