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2006, TV Show

Dexter Episode: "Practically Perfect"

Season 5, Episode 3
Episode Synopsis: Dexter hires a nanny to help free up time so he can focus more on stalking murder suspects. Meanwhile, Debra finds her rookie partner to be intolerable, and the newbie disagrees with her theories on a double homicide; and Quinn has a theory that Trinity is not responsible for Rita's murder.
Original Air Date: Oct 10, 2010
Guest Cast Adam Harrington: Agent Walker Steve Eastin: Bill
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Season 5, Episode 3
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Length: 50:00
Aired: 10/10/2010
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Dexter Episode Recap: "Practically Perfect" Season 5, Episode 3

Dexter finds a nanny for Harrison and is worried his son will be affected because he witnessed his mother's murder. Meanwhile, the team deals with a murder tied to a cult-related decapitation. Plus: A few obstacles stand between Dexter and his next kill.

Dexter Wants the Best for His Baby Boy

This week's episode starts out with Deb interrogating a very timid blonde. At first, we think she's grilling the girl about something related to the cult-related murder case she's working, but the camera pans out and we see Deb's just conducting an intense Q&A session with prospective nannies for Harrison. Candidates include an obese woman who believes children need to eat boatloads of cheese, an old lady who swears by the a "knuckle slap" method in choking emergencies, and a frail boy who doesn't know self-defense but can scream like a little girl. Dexter, however, is sold on Sonya: a middle-aged Irish woman who Harrison really takes a liking to.

Dexter later attends crisis counseling with Harrison and tells the therapist he's concerned Harrison will be emotionally scarred because he witnessed his mother's murder. The shrink assures Dexter that luckily, Harrison is only 10-months-old and there's no way he has the cognitive abilities to grasp what happened. Dexter protests a little because of how deeply affected he was from witnessing his mother's murder at age 3, but she assures him Harrison will be fine and encourages Dexter to do something for himself. A kill perhaps?

Will a Kill Fill the Void?

Dexter struggles with the emptiness he's been feeling since Rita's death and isn't sure what will help. "I don't know if killing you will fill the void, but it's a place to start," he says to himself as he researches Boyd.

Ready to get his plan into action, Dexter strategically bumps into Boyd at a coffee shop he frequents and asks the sanitation worker to join him at his table. Dexter pretends he's searching for a job and is open to just about anything. Boyd bites and tells Dexter to join him on a road-kill ride-a-long to see if it's something he'd want to pursue. Obviously, Dexter takes him up on it, and later sets out to find a place that will serve as a kill room. He settles on a deserted tourist center and begins to set up when Harry shows up and warns Dexter to be careful because there will be mistakes if he tries to make this kill mean more than it should. That all but guarantees Dexter will face a speed bump in the process.

The Case of the Cult Decapitator

Deb and the team continue on a possible cult-killing case in which a head was found surrounded by candles. The victim's boyfriend is later found in his home with his brains literally blown out. Deb and the team try to get people in the Venezuelan neighborhood to talk, but no wants anything to do with it. They bring in a neighborhood cop to help out, and the two visit a religious relic store to question a man who can offer information. The man is hesitant to divulge anything in front of Deb, but when the neighborhood cop goes back on her own, she gets some key information. The only problem is that when they go to find out what else the man was able to find out, they discover his decapitated head on a pedestal, surrounded by candles. Cult killing it is.

Quinn's Gets Too Close for Comfort

Quinn still can't get over the uncanny resemblance between Dexter and the pieced-together sketch of Kyle Butler. Personally, I think the sketch is pretty generic. Masuka even thinks it looks like Justin Bieber!

Of course, Quinn pushes forward and calls a friend at the FBI to tell him he may have a lead on Kyle Butler. Quinn asks if he can show a picture (obviously of Dexter) to the Mitchell family at their safe home. The Fed asks why he can't just show them, and Quinn replies that it's too sensitive because if he's wrong, his you know what is on the line. The FBI agent tells him that he'll see what he can do.

Batista Finds Himself in Hot Water
Following a bar brawl with another officer, Laguerta demands her hubby tells her what  prompted the fight. Batista, clearly still touchy about Laugerta's secret account of riches, says the officer made a comment about Laguerta being his "sugar mama," along with some other crass remarks. And they settled it like men.

Laguerta seems to be over it, that is until an official from internal affairs stops by to deliver some troubling news. Turns out the man Batista beat the crap out of collapsed on the job the next day because of internal bleeding, and he wants to press charges. What a jerk. Apparently, Batista not only stands to lose his job, but also could do time for the altercation because two witnesses saw Batista kick the man while he was down (which is considered assault with a deadly weapon — something to note if you ever find yourself in a bar fight).

When a Kill Goes Wrong

When Dexter and Boyd arrive at the tourist center, Dexter creeps up from behind and injects him with his syringe of sedatives, but just as Boyd is about to drop to the ground, he shoots Dexter in the gut with a tranquilizer gun. And down goes Dexter.

Dexter awakes in an ambulance, and the EMT tells a groggy Dexter he was found unconscious. He turns his head and sees Boyd lying in the stretcher next to him. The two play it off as if it was just an accident, and they are brought to the hospital and separated. As soon as the docs leave, Boyd rips off all the medical wires, grabs a huge pair of scissors and heads to Dexter's bed. He rips back the curtain and, surprise, Dexter's gone.

Boyd arrives at his house, but hears a noise and quickly grabs his gun. He's no match for master stealth-artist Dexter, who gets Boyd with a syringe to the neck from behind. While he's down, Dexter makes a quick call to the nanny to say he's going to be late, and Sonya tells him she captured a pic of Harrison taking his first step and emailed it to him. Dexter takes a minute to look at the picture. "My son is walking, like a normal little boy," he says to himself. OK, back to the kill.

Boyd awakes in a newspaper-covered room (Dexter had to improvise). They exchange words, and Dexter says it's because of murderers like him that he now has to suffer. He stabs Boyd, waits for the pleasure part of his brain to kick in, but nothing happens. "No church bells, no Halleluiah chorus," he says to himself. "If anything I'm feeling emptier." But Dexter hears a sound coming from Boyd's attic. Dexter opens the door and finds a scared, battered woman (Julia Stiles) on the other side. He puts his knife down and tries to calm her down, but then he realizes what has just happened.

"She saw everything," he says. "She saw me."

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Dexter finds a nanny for Harrison and is worried his son will be affected because he witnessed his mother's murder. Meanwhile, the team deals with a murder tied to a cult-related decapitation. Plus: A few obstacles stand between Dexter and his next kill.... read more

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